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The 20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City Media (15-11)

Yesterday, we began our countdown of the 20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City News Media.  Here are the girls we ranked 20 -16:

20. Amanda Guerra, Reporter, KOCO Channel 5
19. Danielle Vollmar, Weekend Meteorologist, KOKH Channel 25
18. Amanda Taylor, Evening Anchor, KWTV Channel 9
17. Bobbie Miller, Reporter/Anchor, KFOR Channel 4
16. Brittany Baldy, KAUT Fox 43

After the jump we have 15 -11.

15. Maggie Stokes, Reporter, KOCO Channel 25

I’m pretty sure that Maggie Stokes is on the left in that picture. The picture was sent to us a by an Ogle Mole who wrote:

Rumor has it that this is her twin sister, i know she has a twin, i don’t know if this is her. unfortunately I have no pics of Maggie in the maroon sweater.

I think what the Mole is trying to say is that the girl pictured with Maggie could possibly be her twin sister.  That’s nice, I guess, but what’s this business about a maroon sweater?  Does some crazy picture of Maggie Stokes dressed like Grimace exist?  If you know about this picture, email it to us and we’ll send you $5.  Yes, $5.

14.  Kelly Krull, Thunder Sideline Reporter, Fox Sports Oklahoma

Kelly Krull has the unfortunate job of having to listen to Brian Davis — arguably the worst announcer in the NBA — call at least 82 games for the Thunder.  Before that, she worked for Channel 5 and had the unfortunate job of getting Mark Rodgers and Daniel Holdge their coffee.  According to an Ogle Mole, Holdge likes his coffee with mocha creamer.

Anyway, despite her crummy jobs, Kelly still finds the time to put on a white bikini and prance around in the pool with girls in brown and white polka-dotted bikinis.  Good for her.

13. Ali Meyer, Morning Anchor/Reporter, KFOR Channel 4

During our 2011 Winter Weather Death Watch Armageddon Live Blog, I sent Ali Myer a tweet and notified her that we would move her up in our rankings if she gave us a shout out on the air.  This is what happened:

Ali Myer we salute you.  And somehow, despite having eight kids, you remain miraculously hot!

12. Lauren Craun, Traffic Reporter, Citadel

Usually rankings like this don’t include people from radio because, well,  they are on radio.  I mean most people in radiothis guy, for example — do choose radio for a reason.

That being said, Lauren Craun totally debunks the whole “face for radio” cliche.  She’s hot!  Plus, she’s on radio.  That means she’s much more obtainable than the ladies on the TV news media.  Radio girls like to hang out at bars and do shots and get guys in wheel chairs drunk.  TV girls just like to look in mirrors and smile and prance around Lake Arcadia in bikinis.

11. Lacey Lett, DeeJay, TheSpyFM.com

Hold on…another radio girl!  That’s a record.

Anyway, what makes Lacey Lett so hot is that she is sweet, wholesome and allegedly a virgin.  She’s also quite the good Samaritan.  Need proof?  Just look at all the time she spends volunteering and mentoring special needs adults like Brent Skarky.  It’s not an easy job.  Especially when he tries to do weird things in public like he’s about to do in that picture above.

Here’s the entire countdown:

20 – 16

15 – 11

10 -6

5 -1


  1. Given all the hot chicks, I hate to talk about Starky’s junk, but it he grabbing it in that picture?

  2. In no way do I understand how maggie stokes and kelly krull are left way up here in the teens. The top ten must be loaded with talent this year.

  3. Maroon sweater? To my knowledge there never was a picture. Maggie was wearing a maroon one morning a week or so ago and I mentioned it. I guess I’m not the only one. Let’s just say it flattered (ot flattened) her figure. (The blue one a couple days ago was nice, too.)

  4. Kind of disappointing 20-11, with exception to Lauren Craun. A Craun enthusiast, much like myself, would expect have not seen her on here for another day or two. And while we’re talking snowpocalypse coverage, we have not seen any of that adorable Emily Sutton yet. What gives?
    Let’s hope the top 10 is as action packed as last years!

  5. Ali you are a genius, ” I almost lost my ogle”. Who else could whip that into a report with such ease…. NO ONE I tell you…. except of course for Bobbie M. By the way this should go to a vote from now on to be fair …. like the losers at the state fair. I’m just saying there are some women that are definitely getting preferred notice. You guys put up the candidates and the ogleites…. ogleians….. whatever, vote your candidates 1 to 20. Just an idea… an awesome one though!

    • +1 on the voting. Mainly because you ogle’s have already screwed this up. Unless the maroon sweater is ranked separate from Maggie Stokes.

  6. I listen to Lauren Craun every morning on my way to work, glad to see she made the list. Can we get a better picture?

  7. Was trying to keep Craun a secret… now you guys have ruined that by letting the kitten out of the bag.

    She can definitely hang on club nite.

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