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OU honors Sam Bradford with a statue that looks nothing like Sam Bradford

Last week the University of Oklahoma unveiled a glorious bronze statue to honor the heroic legacy of Sam Bradford.  The trophy will be located in Heisman Park next to statues of other Sooner Heisman Trophy winners.  Here are a couple of pics of Statue Sam that I found on the internet:

Hmmn. If you’re going to make a statue of someone in order to honor them, shouldn’t that statue kind of resemble the person?  You know, like this or this.  Sure, I’ll acknowledge that my greatest accomplishment in sculpting is creating a bowl/ashtray for my Mom in 3rd grade arts and crafts, but this thing looks like some 45-year-old OU fan who’s playing football with a bunch of kids and acting as all-time quarterback.  The only thing it’s missing is jean shorts.

Seriously, who did OU hire to make this thing?  Greg Burns?  The blind lady from the Lionel Richie “Hello” video?  I would suggest Clark Matthews – he is an OU-hating OSU fan – but he only dabbles in erotica art work.


  1. Doesn’t look even remotely like Sam. Not in the least. Looks more like a young John Voight to me.

    • The sculpture is a mess. The uniform has shrinkage, the Nike logo, and lastly and most importantly it maybe looks like Sam Bradford at age 50!, except Sam will be bald and won’t have the jowls of the sculpted piece. The only thing worse is having to pay homage to Billy Sims rocking a 70’s afro! Put a helmet on Billy-Q, please.

  2. Everybody’s talkin’ at me
    Can’t hear a word they’re sayin’
    Just drivin’ around in Jon Voight’s car

  3. In all honesty, it looks about as similar to the real person as any of the other Heisman Park sculptures.

  4. I’m an OSU fan and that is the worst representation of a likeness I’ve ever seen. I agree…the blind lady in the “Hello” video must have created it

  5. That may be the best statue of Lee Majors I’ve ever seen. I had no idea he played at OU. That’s awesome! Rock on 6 million dollar man. Loved you in the Fall Guy!

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