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David Payne has balls of steel…

There are a lot of shitty jobs in Oklahoma City – we profiled some of them here – but now it may be time to add David Payne’s photojournalist to the list. Watch this video to see why:

Jesus Christ! That’s some intense stuff. The only thing not in that video was Helen Hunt, a couple of flying cows, and some mean lady on bicycle flying by and turning into a witch.

Anyway, this kind of hurts to say, but I think David Payne has officially surpassed Val as Oklahoma’s best storm chaser. This is like the second time he’s defied death while covering a storm. Now if we can only figure out what happened here.

Also, KFOR totally dominated all the other local channels with their weather coverage and footage on Tuesday. Not only was David Payne out dodging telephone poles, but Chopper 4 provided some great footage of the tornado that hit the Noble area. Hell, they even invented new words like “Elephant Trunk,” “Grinder” and “Maxi Wedge Multi Vortex” to describe the tornadoes. Now if they can just do something about Mike Morgan’s doomsday prognostications and bedazzled Ed Hardy tie, they may be able to take the big leap and surpass Lord England’s crew.

On that note, the coverage on Channel 9 was a bit disappointing. Val couldn’t be found when the storms first hit, the little weatherman in the helicopter was annoying, plus they had some crazed English storm chaser pissing all over himself whenever he saw a tornado. But…they still have Gary England. That’s like having two aces up your sleeve and Micheal Jordan coming off the bench. It’s virtually unstoppable.


  1. What is with Channel 9’s “new” radar system? It looks like an old Atari game.

    Also: Channel 4 and 5 mark their storms/stormpaths with arrows and cones that are easily translated without explanation. Channel 9 gives me trapezoids. What the hell? Do I want to be in the trapezoid, or out? Which direction is the trapezoid facing?

    In summary, Channel 9 was worthless on Tuesday due to radar FAIL.

  2. I’m not really a fan of Mike Morgan, he seems like he is full of himself. I think he should be out there storm chasing.

  3. When we saw that video with the lightpoles, my husband pronounced the same thing “David Payne has balls of steel”

    And I think THAT answers the question in the other link. It’s not a cell phone and he’s not happy–those are his balls of steel.

  4. David Payne is going to die chasing storms. ANY storm chaser will tell you that in order to stay alive you must stay BEHIND the storm. He is an idiot and a horrible example of a storm chaser.

  5. IMO, David is a moron. A good chaser will stay behind the storm. He is going to get himself and his photojournalist killed one of these days.

  6. Mike Morgan is the best. K4’s coverage was the best. Mike was really getting into it especially when he kept saying over and over the storms were going into “over drive mode”. I think they did make up alot of new words that day. But they are the best!

  7. I have to hit mute when that moron starts screeching MIKE! MIKE! MIKE! MIKE!

    He is going to kill himself and whatever poor sap happens to be in the car with him.

  8. Paul and JPOD he isnt a stormCHASER!! People with Balls of steel follow nothing, He is a supervisor of CHAOS!!!

  9. I noticed that 4 seemed to beat 5 & 9 on timliness of information… such as the missing children near “4 corners” and when there was a tornado on the ground near Chickasha.

    Does anyone have a clip of the english chaser losing himself?

  10. That day, David had Kevin Josefy riding shotgun with him. Kevin did an awesome job. My hat’s off to both of them.

  11. David Payne almost got caught by the unpredicatibility of the storms that he states are unpredicictable! Oh the irony!! Not to be outdone by the Mike Morgan tie. What did his wife get for mother’s day a bedazzler. My gosh that thing was horrendous!

  12. I have officially decided to jump ship on the Channel 9 crew. Agreed that Gary is a baller, but damn…the scoreboard don’t lie. Ch. 4 was all over this like a tornado on a trailer park. I pray they are live streaming when Payne gets sucked into the air.

  13. Balls of steel, brains of mush. They have a helicopter so we hardly need clowns driving around being a danger to themselves and others. The “talent” needs to stay indoors.

  14. demote rick mitchell to the b team. sarah libby needs to be koco’s head honcho……………

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