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Here’s a pic of the naked girl from the Woodward charity golf tournament…

Last Friday, the Oklahoman published a story that involved a charity golf tournament, Elks and a naked chick. Here are the details:

City officials said they are angry that a naked woman was part of a charitable golf tournament hosted on a municipal golf course.

Elks Lodge No. 1355 hosted the golf tournament in July at the Boiling Springs Golf Course. The event is a fundraiser for the lodge’s annual rodeo, Elks Rodeo Chairman Neal Day said.

One of the volunteers stripped naked as part of a putting green challenge, though she was not asked to do so, Day said. He said the woman was recruited to help at the last minute after a longtime volunteer couldn’t attend…

Day said Elks members are trying to dispel rumors spreading throughout the community that the lodge paid the woman to get naked or that she had sex with tournament players. Cellphone photos of the event have been forwarded throughout town.

“I’ve talked to lots of people who are upset about it, a lot of wives who are upset about it,” he said.

Day said he’s worried the incident will overshadow the good the Elks Lodge does for the community.

Yeah, I think we now know why Dean Blevins is a such a big golf fan. Seriously, had I known that naked girls show up on the green during golf tournaments, I would have taken up the sport activity years ago. Who cares that golf is boring, slow-paced and primarily played by upper-class white men with egos, naked chicks make everything better!

Anyway, once I read the story in the state’s most trusted news, I called on the Ogle Mole Network to provide more information about this girl and a possible photo from the event. The network delivered on all counts. Check it all out after the jump.

(11:00am Update: We now have a second photo.)

We received this pic from several Ogle Moles. I believe this is one of the photo’s being “spread around town.”


From what we know, this girl’s name is **allegedly** Alicia. Judging by her Facebook page, she looks like the type of party girl who wouldn’t mind stripping down at a charity golf tournament for a bunch of horny old Elks Lodge members.

Also, we’ve heard a lot of rumors about the girl and the event. These are apparently some of the same rumors that the Elks Lodge is apparently trying to dispel. Here are a few of them:

• The girl was allegedly paid $2,500 to strip. We’re not sure who or where the money came from — I would bet some drunk golfers — but it’s about $2,400 too much.

• Alicia has just acquired implants and is “proud of them.”

• The Elk’s Lodge has lost several sponsors over the ordeal.

• Boiling Springs Golf Course — the site of the incident — has just been named one of the “Top 20 Municipal Golf Courses in the Country to See Random Naked Girls with Large Fake Breasts.”

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. If you have more pics of the event, email them to us. If not, check out this picture that Clark Matthews’ just emailed me of his new babysitter.


  1. People need to lighten up. I think it’s funny. Sure makes the event sound much more entertaining.

  2. Well here we go again, making molehills into mountains, or at least twin peaks! This is the most excitement Woodward has ever seen and if it is true, that she is a volunteer and not paid, then it was a very charitable act!

  3. I have been trying to see all of the pics on this I also heard about a video of her getting golf balls putted into her, well you know what . If you could I would like to find any that you find. I know her and yes she is wild.

  4. everyone is just blaming the girl. that is not right she had to much to drink and they talked her into it. this is a bunch off crap you putting her name out there.she is so sorry this ever happed it is tearing her up and her familey up. i wish every body would drop it

  5. Cute face
    Big fake jugs
    Willingly takes clothes off upon request
    May stick items in “there”

    Where do I sign up?

  6. The Moose Lodge and the Freemasons are going to have to step up their game if they are going to compete with that.

  7. She is from Mooreland, the town I was unfortunate to grew up in. I guess this makes her the second most famous chick from there behind Honeybee Talor.

  8. I agree that golf is boring, and I will probably never take up the sport… BUTT, if there were always naked women out on the course, I would sure give it a try!
    ( . )( . )

  9. It made international news Tuesday. If you are an avid fan of the “Jay Thomas” show on Sirius XM you may have heard it. YAY!! why is it the only time OK is in the news is A: tornadoes B: Hillbilly Hijinks C: or when Charles Barkley wants to make a joke….(I don’t like Chuck. Just FYI)

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