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Joleen Chaney is breaking up a wild ring of sex offender squatters

Right behind “Rectal Cancer” and “Jim Traber is coming out of the bathroom,” the scariest phrase that can be uttered in Oklahoma is “Sex Offender.” I know this because our local news media and politicians love to use the word to drum up fear, ratings and support. But do you know what’s even scarier than a sex offender? A sex offender squatter!

From KFOR:

A camp of squatters in Southeast Oklahoma City has a lot of people outraged. Several homeless people have taken up residence along a creek, but what has people so upset is that many of the squatters are sex offenders.

The property owner said this isn’t the first time he’s tried get people off his property.

“See, they got a little something set up there,” one neighbor said.

“They” being several sex offenders we’re told were kicked out of a nearby trailer park…

The makeshift community is located just west of the Hands Up Ministry mobile home park, a place that takes in sex offenders.

Management at the park said many of the offenders who have taken up residence next door in the trees were kicked out of the park because of drug use…

News Channel 4 headed inside to try to talk to some of them, but the only person who came out was another riverside resident who said she’s not part of the group that’s causing all the ruckus.

“They got kicked out of these trailers,” she said. “Oh, they told me that they messed with little babies and everything. I don’t mess around with them.”

I guess my question is how do we really know these people are sex offenders. KFOR claims they “were told” the former residents are the lowest of the low, but they don’t really confirm it. In fact, KFOR doesn’t even talk with any of the vagrants or confirm their identities or criminal records. They just seem to take the word of trailer park management and one very credible squatter:

"They told me that they messed with little babies and everything. I don't mess around with them."

Yeah, it’s probably not a good thing when the best source for your story is a homeless lady who should be selling t-shirts with Bubbles in Hamsterdam. KFOR could have asked her if the squatters were rogue aliens from Jupiter and she’d probably say something like “They got kicked out of their mining facility at Ganymede. They told me they messed with our cattle and will soon poison our atmosphere with toxic gases. I don’t mess around them.”

Seriously, if you were a homeless drugged out sex offender squatter, why would you admit to your fellow squatters (a.k.a. neighbors) that you like to “mess with little babies and everything?” If you ask me, you’d probably like to hide that sick disgusting fact. You wouldn’t wear it on your shirt like an “I Voted” sticker. Then again, sex offenders are weird and demented. That’s probably why they drive big white vans and always lose their dogs.

Anyway, I guess I got a little off track. I apologize. Sometimes I just get a little irritated when local news organizations over-hype and/or manufacture news stories. Maybe instead of producing a shallow story that’s not supported with credible sources or facts, KFOR should do an investigative series on the plight of the homeless in Oklahoma City, or better yet, an in-depth report on how free people who once committed vile crimes — yet served their time — are forced to register themselves on a blacklist and then live in sex criminal trailer park communities because of harsh laws that restrict where they can live.

Wait, those stories would be compassionate, would take time to research and produce, and would perhaps open the minds of a knee-jerk soundbite society. Screw that. Just give us more Joleen Chaney. That’s all we really care about.


  1. AMEN! It’s so pathetic I can’t even watch the news. I literally get angry and then feel ashamed that I have a Journalism degree. And people with compassion in Oklahoma aren’t welcome, you know that. Because compassion requires time spent thinking and feeling and accepting. And those are all dirty words ’round here.

  2. Go to the Oklahoma sex offender registration website.

    Look at how many sex offenders live at
    2130 SE 59th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73129 Oklahoma

    or look forhow many reside at
    Hand Up Ministries, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,
    (somewhat ironic name for a group of sec offenders)

    Some were removed from their trailers becuase they had “multiple families” living in single family dwellings. It was a zoning issue, in order to keep SE OKC from turning into a pervert safe haven.

    If you had kids, or new of someone that was molested or raped I’d be willing to bet you would look at this situation a little differently. Then again there is nothing wrong with rape and forcible sodomy, right?

    • “If you had kids, or new of someone that was molested or raped I’d be willing to bet you would look at this situation a little differently. Then again there is nothing wrong with rape and forcible sodomy, right?”

      Did you not read the article or do you just have a low reading comprehension? I never said being a sex offender was good or that rape and forcible sodomy are okay.

      • I did read it, my post was a response to the first reply. I should have posted it where it belongs. Sorry for the confusion.

      • That being said, you take issue with this story which the facts I have provided attempt to show that it is a credible story.

        You do take issue with the sex offender registry. So you are saying, that if someone does commit rape you have no issue with them living next to your wife and children, without registering (giving you no knowledge of their prior crimes), because they have done their time?

        “or better yet, an in-depth report on how free people who once committed vile crimes — yet served their time — are forced to register themselves on a blacklist and then live in sex criminal trailer park communities because of harsh laws that restrict where they can live.”

        • I personally believe that regardless if you have a speeding ticket, killed a person, laundered money or committed a heinous sex crime, that once you serve your time, you served your time. I think making people register for a list, live in a certain areas, etc, after serving their punishment is archaic and violates the basic principle that people are free to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Instead of blacklisting people, I would simply suggest harsher and longer punishments for the most heinous crimes.

          Also, if sex offenders have to register for a blacklist, they should do two things. 1. Be more clear on what crime the person committed. I’ve heard that being convicted of crime like indecent exposure — which could happen to a drunk 21-year old kid taking a piss in a Bricktown Alley — can get someone labeled as a sex offender. Also, why not make all people who are convicted of felony register for a list? Why single out the sex offenders? I’d like to know if I’m living across the street from a guy convicted of armed robbery just as much as I’d like to know if I live next door to a sex offender.

        • Also….

          Is the story true, probably. Is the story credible, not really. They maybe have some circumstantial evidence, but they don’t have any hard facts to prove that the homeless people who live their are indeed sexual predators. They base their story on the undocumented word of the trailer park management and the ramblings of a homeless transient. That’s why I suggested they produce an in-depth report on the situation rather than a shallow, hastily put together story that does nothing more than toss around scary words like “sexual predator squatters.” Basically, produce a real news piece, not something just to generate fear, interest and ratings.

  3. To juxtapose Jim Traber and Joleen Chaney…around a story about an Okie sex offender campground…is why we keep coming back to The Lost Ogle.
    Did anyone else find it creepy that Joleen ventured into the squatters territory?

    • She probably took some “muscle” with her to keep her safe. You know, Scott Hines in one of his overly tight shirts. I bet he held up his arms and said, I’m taking these guns to keep you safe.

  4. Some days I wish I had the compassion to see the other side of the story like you guys can. Then I remember I have children and I am thankful that sex offenders have to register so that we can keep an eye on these low life pieces of chit. My solution to the problem is don’t commit the crime if you don’t want to be labled.

  5. The vast majority of child sex abuse is committed by family members and trusted friends and authority figures (ministers, coaches, etc.). The people you’ve had in your living room are far more likely to do something to your child than those offenders. And making sure that sex offenders have unstable lives and no incentives or time for anything but thinking about children may not just be the smartest thing you can do. Sorta like posting demonstrably uninformed opinions on blogs. (Go ahead, I set you up for your response there, you geniuses you.)

  6. Y’all got some goobers on here. People have had sex offenders living amongst ’em forever. Registration laws don’t reduce sex offenses, but they do make life hell for the sex offender. Loving your kids doesn’t mean loving stupid laws that are ineffective. Think Sally Kern.

  7. No one is saying that we want child rapists out and about, but statistically only about 5% of all “sex offenders” molested a child. The other 95% pose no danger to children, and 65% of them pose no danger to anyone. If you are 17 and you have sex with your 16 year old girl friend, guess what? Statutory rape. Sex offender. Branded for life. Get a little frisky with your significant other in the park in the middle of the night and get a little carried away? Sex offender. Branded for life. Is it fair that said persons should be on the same list as a child molester? The point is that those who commit violent crimes should be in prison. Once they serve their terms they have been punished for their crimes. Making them continue to serve on a “registry” is punishing them for the same crime twice. That’s unconstitutional, but a discussion for another day. Furthermore, only 5.3% of all those convicted of sex crimes ever get arrested for committing another one once they are released from prison. If you want to suggest that child rapists should be kept in prison for life, I won’t argue with you. I would prefer they be in a mental institution, but I don’t want them on the street any more than you do. However, the idea of putting them in the same category with the people I described above is totally foreign to me, makes no sense, and does not provide “justice” to anyone under this or any other Constitution.

  8. Part of the reason for the registration requirement is that sex offenders, especially child molesters, are very likely to re-offend. It’s a matter of public interest and safety to know if there are any in your area, especially if you have kids.

    • I musta missed it when they came out with proof that sex offenders have longer page 2s than drunk drivers or dopers, or other career cons for that matter. Since I pay taxes, I think people who don’t pay their income, property, or other taxes ought to have their tax information posted on a registry. Hey, we could have ALL felons register whenever they come into town! Oh, I forgot. We used to do that, but the Supreme Court struck that down decades ago. Liberal b*st*rds!

  9. I think some people are missing the fact that a good portion of the people at Hand Up Ministries are not just child molestors but people convicted of forcible rape with adults.

  10. Fascinating how explosive this topic became…I for one appreciated the post by each and everyone…it was enlightening…and that was good.

  11. Back in the latter part of the last century we didn’t have gangs here. Then Linda Cavanaugh, the Jolene of her day (well, sorta) did a Sweeps Period Expose (multi-part, if memory serves) of the DANGER OF GANGS! and GANGS IN OUR CITY!! and WEARING RED MEANS YOUR NEIGHBOR IS A GANGSTA’.

    Shortly after that we had a gang problem, the police were on gang band wagon and all hell broke loose.

    I don’t really know how this ties in with the Joleen/sex offender story….I just like to point out manufactured news.

    • They did the same thing with drive-by-shootings. The local newsies were so eager to report a drive-by-shooting, that they reported any shooting that involved a vehicle as a drive-by. It did not matter that the shooter got out of his car, walked into the yard, shot the victim and then drove away. It was utterly ridiculous!

  12. They are treated worse then murderers. The whole idea of pay your debt to society and go on with your life is loss on them. And most of it is because of an over-sensationalizing news media and politicians who don’t want to be thought of as being “soft on crime.” Lock them all up. And that’s why our state budget is in a pickle. Truly the “Modern Day Lepers.” Thank you for the only piece of sober thought I’ve seen about this issue in OK.

  13. Let my post not be taken incorrectly. Yes, I and others are full speed ahead on the idea of accountability but when do these people get to go on with their life. The “baby molesters” are their stereotypes but there are plenty of sex offenders who had the misfortune of being arrested for pissing on the street and thus have “SEXUAL OFFENDER” on their driver’s license. It’s a disgrace for the good people of Oklahoma.

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