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About that vet who was caught having sex with a horse…

If I were a guy I’d surely be a whore, but I would have a few rules before I plunged my pork sword into something. They would be a) must be alive, b) must not weigh three times as much as me, and c) must not resemble Sarah Jessica Parker.

Thomas Wilson apparently doesn’t share the same standards as I do. He was caught having sex with a horse at a Glenpool vet. Surprisingly enough, he even lived to tell about it and be charged with a “Crime against nature.”

From the Tulsa World:

A man appeared before a Tulsa County judge Thursday on an allegation that he had sex with a horse while he was a student in Oklahoma State University’s veterinary medicine program.

Thomas Lyle Wilson, 28, was charged Oct. 21 in Tulsa County District Court with one count of crimes against nature. Court records indicate that his current address is in Wilkes Barre, Penn.

According to an affidavit filed Nov. 2, Wilson graduated from OSU with a doctorate of veterinary medicine in July 2010 and was employed in 2009 as a preceptor at Legacy Equine Centre in Glenpool.

On Sept. 14, 2009, a veterinarian was checking on the horses in the clinic’s barn via a live video feed and “observed the defendant (Wilson) having sex with a horse,” the affidavit alleges.

The veterinarian approached Wilson, at which point Wilson stated, “I’m glad you caught me. I need help,” the affidavit states.

Wilson has pleaded not guilty to the charge, court records show.

I understand that college is the time to experiment with your sexuality, but this is ridiculous. I can see him being on the edge of desperation, but why didn’t he close his eyes and just have sex with a large strong girl? The incident did happen in Glenpool. There are tons of swine-like females out there that I’m sure would have enjoyed a ride instead.

Also, don’t you feel sorry for the vet who watched this act on the surveillance tape? You might recognize the man. He’s the person you saw at the mail with his eyes gouged out.

The kicker of this whole story is that Wilson was caught going Wilbur on Mr. Ed in September of 2009, yet he graduated from OSU in 2010. According to the Daily Mail, he’s now a vet in Pennsylvania. Should that be allowed?  Pedophiles can’t be pediatricians, necrophiles (probably) can’t work in morgues, and horse rapists shouldn’t be allowed to be vets. PETA or Sarah McLachlan or Robert Redford need to get all over this.

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  1. I think Luther Ingram was playing in the background setting the mood…”If Loving You is Wrong…”

  2. I thought everybody who graduated from OSU was required to have sex with a barnyard animal. The crazy part is that the guy was on bottom.

  3. Since he was caught in the act I’m surprised he still wanted to be a vet and not a hermit, but since he wasn’t charged until later and not yet convicted then legally it can’t be held against him. Guess the DA had better things to do than worry about a horse fucker?

  4. To set the record straight, here are the facts…that student was NEVER employed by the clinic and he was a student at the facility for less than 24 hours before he was caught and escorted off the property. The media should get the facts before publishing. Other things have been published but these are the facts This was a despicable act that is excusable and the clinic did the right thing by reporting him. This happened in 2009 and they are just getting to his case now in 2012….what is wrong with this picture. It was reported immediately and is just now being handled.

      • AND WTF!!!! They graduated him!!!!!! He has his DVM?!?!?! I was a former student and am at the hospital a couple times a week and NEVER heard of this! I’m appauld that the school graduated him knowing of his actions! BUT, considering some who were in charge at the time, not completely surprised!

    • “Mr. Ed, I know the memories are painful for you, but I’d like you to tell the court what happened to you in the stable that night.”

  5. This man was working at back mountain vet in dallas pa. not surprising considering the owner, who is also a vet, cremates dogs in a caveman style burner and will combine private cremations with generals cremations , to save money and is a cheap jerk. Also he puts craboard in with the bodies to make it burn hotter, instead of turing the heat up, Making his employess park in the mud while he secerectly drives a porsche. DON’T TAKE YOUR PETS THERE IF YOU WANT PROPER CARE and /or disposal and return of their remains. If you don’t want ashes returned that’s fine but realize their ashes will be put in a garbage bin and thrown out with the regular trash. I repeat, YOUR PET”S DEAD BODY WILL BE TREATED AS TRASHN INSTEAD OF BEING RESPECTED AND RETURNED TO THE EARTH! At the end of a day, if your pet is seriously ill, Dr, Phillips would rather euthanize your pet the send it to the ER or do a workup on it it to find out what is wrong with it. Your pet may be very ill, but may be treatable, however, if you trust this man I promise you will never know that. The place is filthy, the majority of the employess have mininal exp. as vet. technicians. Don’t put money in the pocket of a man who loves animals soooo much, he keeps is own Elderly dog at the facility 24 hours a day, in a cage with minimal human interaction and love.

  6. To “Serious Person”– you can’t be serious?? I have nothing but good things to say about Back Mountain Vet and how they have treated my animals– I also have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Wilson. The man is a kind and compassionate vet, and spent more time with me, explaining things to me about what was wrong with my pets, etc. than any vet I have ever had. I was so saddened to hear about this story but yet people are ready to hang this guy when he HASNT EVEN BEEN CONVICTED OF ANYTHING!! Anyone can be charged with a crime– until he’s convicted, leave him alone. I am very sad that we lost a great vet– whether he did what he’s charged of or not! And I’m betting he’s innocent just based on the personal interactions I have had with the man too. And your comments about the vet being filthy…are you on crack? The place practically smells of cleaning agents, and is spotless. Get a life.

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