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Here’s another reason why we don’t like the 1%…

Yesterday, I stumbled across this pointless story on NewsOK.com. It was written by Heather “Which PR firm is she writing for this week” Warlick. Her confusing, probably written by an intern at a PR firm story (and the accompanying video) lets you know why:

If I had to summarize this thing with one word, it would be:


Seriously, I don’t want to pick on spoiled little rich kids — they can’t help it that their parents are wealthy — but is this really necessary? We get it. You have money, natural gas royalties, and fancy houses with spiral staircases. That doesn’t mean you should film pretentious, over-the-top wedding proposals and then showcase them in our state newspaper. Keep that crap in the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club newsletter where it belongs.

p.s. – Is this the same music they play in every commercial shown during a Thunder game? Just curious.

Update: As many “kind” readers have pointed out, the couple is apparently not rich. They are just douche bags acting that way. I promise to do better research the next time I spend five minutes writing a blog post while intoxicated at 3:00am.


  1. These two people are very deserving of what was GIVEN to them. Malorie is a sweetheart that does alot to help others out. I think you must be a sad and lonely person to talk so bad about two people you have never met! Shame on you! Your “update” just makes you look even more like a douche!

  2. We’re all con artists. Yes, Brent used it for publicity purposes. Is that illegal anywhere? Last time I checked, yeah… not so much. Apparently you also have a problem with charging for a service, as well. What do you do for a living? I bet someone gives you a paycheck for the services you provide. Fascinating, how that works, isn’t it?

    • Hannah, my love, lol…these losers will never understand this. Meanwhile, we had the best time attending a beautiful wedding, and I for one, don’t regret giving as I did for Malorie. I would do it again if asked to do so for the right deserving individual.

      And someone asked why they were so deserving. This had nothing to do with the “right church,” or the right set of beliefs, or worldwide charitable efforts. They are two people in love, with a GREAT story behind them of how love came back around for them and gave them a second chance. Malorie gives and gives on a daily basis, and I’ve been right beside her to witness it. From working with her on an anti childhood bullying campaign, to the amazing christmas adoption she and I took on this year and provided an amazing christmas to five little kids that would have had nothing, to the current valentines day giveaway she is donating to a deserving woman…Malorie gives unconditionally and expects nothing in return. No hand out asking for a thing. THAT is why they are deserving. Unlike the lot of you, as I am going to go ahead and make an assumption on seeing as though you felt free to do the same to Malorie and Michael, I would think it safe to say that you get your kicks off of slamming other people that have more than you, or a lucky enough to be in circles with likeminded caring people that are willing to offer a hand when they see someone needing a lift. How will you raise your hand when they call your name?? I doubt you will. You will stick it back in your pants and walk on, like you don’t give a crap. And that is why you won’t be “deserving” of anything ever. However, for those that do make a difference in the life of others, yes, it comes back around. It’s called paying it forward people. Stop looking for the handout, and hand it over…and maybe someone will do the same for you one day too.

        • Well said Jennifer!!! Couldn’t have been more truer than that! All of you guys do n do n do and nobody is asking for anything in return! But yet all of you keep a smile on your face:)) You guys are awesome at what all of you do and we all know the truth!! I agree with you 100%

    • 51% chance we will get to see it! You know given the sanctity of marriage, I’m sure the video will give “War of the Roses” a run for its money.

      • Well Bhode, I will have to intensely disagree and insist that you be shot, along with Walker and Patrick…as little tin ducks w/ huge targets on your miniscule foreheads where the stale air of the backdraft of your “mudflaps” reside…so we can all watch it ignite into flames when the holes are shot in your foreheads. I will set up the booth and sell tickets and the advertising will go something like this… “Hurry, hurry, step right up…come and see the little boys who envy adults with real lives! All they can do is sit and spin on their miserable biles of lives in wait for someone to give them the attention that they were so neglectfully denied in their early stages of life. All that’s left is the air in their heads so come and take your best shot and watch their heads explode! Tickets are cheap because that’s how they talk and walk! Don’t miss your chance to put these poor sacks of skin out of their misery! Hurry, hurry, right this way!”

        • Are you one of the above mentioned “adults with real lives?” Because your actions really seem to contradict that quite a bit.

        • Now let me get this right….precious Malorie with her huge family channeling through Aunt “Angel” …”insist that (Bhode) be shot, along with Walker and Patrick…as little tin ducks w/ huge targets on your miniscule foreheads where the stale air of the backdraft of your “mudflaps” reside…so we can all watch it ignite into flames when the holes are shot in your foreheads. I will set up the booth and sell tickets…”
          You must really be an Angel or…Satan!

        • Wow, responding to the wrong comment and inciting more violence…the internet must be a new thing for you folks down there in Gotebo.

        • Violent much?

          Wow, Angel! That post should be enough to allow Patrick and Walker to get restraining orders against you!

  3. Welcome to the 3 Rings of Marriage…

    The Engagement Ring…

    The Wedding Ring….

    and the Suffering…..

    the sssssuuuuffffeeerrrrinnngggg… bhwaahahaha

    aaaaahhh hahahahaha haaaaaaa!!!

  4. I don’t care who they are or what they do or don’t have. That so-called “news” story was an abomination. And incidentally, my wife of 22 years and I spent less on our wedding than most kids these days spend on their prom. And Kim Kardassian spent untold millions and got divorced 72 days later. What does that tell you?

    • The abomination is this “story” and this “dream proposal” for “publicity purposes” got a full page photo and printing as the Mood section of today’s paper. In answer to your question, what it tells me…is the spring wedding planners and their minions have placed their scam and con in clever early preparation to fill their pockets. Bless the hearts of these soon to be financially broken victims. Save your money, take a vacation, buy a new car, payoff your student loans, be a first time homebuyer with a good down payment, save for your children….BUT don’t waste 10’s of thousands of dollars on a one day event!!! It’s all a bunch of B.S. and the minions know it…that’s why they are in mass attacking this “obscure” blog. One they’ve never participated in before until “Brent the artistic wedding planner” sent out a mass e-mail requesting their influx of propaganda!

      • This is just ridiculous. I had a great wedding, that yes, cost thousands of dollars. Remarkably, we still saved enough to go on vacation, buy our first home, pay off my student loans, and we still make smart financial choices. Knowing all of the people involved with this event, I just don’t understand why people are so set on condemning their choices. It was done out of love for two people who honestly deserved it. I know Malorie has pitched in to help me countless times, and I’m so sad to see that people cannot just let her enjoy the experience she had. Why do you even care?

  5. They’ve struggled so that’s why they deserved this? What did they do? Jump through a hoop of fire to save some drowning kittens?

    We all have our own struggles. That does not make anyone that more “deserving” (or entitled) to anything.

  6. One thing is for sure…I have a passion for creating memories for people and even more…making dreams come true. I am not in support of people going into debt in order to do so. The truth is…fantasies can happen on any budget. Those that know me are aware that I am the first to encourage spending and inviting within your means. I for one spend money on travel…others spend their money elsewhere. Value is in the eye of the beholder. If you do not value creating a lasting memory by having a fantasy event…I will be the first to tell you to not invest in it. The deal is…there a lot of people who desire the fantasy…and for those people we available to make it a reality.

      • Brent people don’t need to pay 10s of thousands for you to create their “dreams”, “memories”, and “fantasies”:

        “I want to live a real life… I don’t want to dream any longer.”
        David (Tom Cruise) Vanilla Sky

        • …and Brent you sound eerily similar to the funeral director who sold my grandmother that $10,000 gold coffin for the memory of grandaddy that now rots in the ground. What dreams, memories or fantasies…when she can’t remember her own name…but the funeral director gets his travel and obviously so do you. Fraud!

          • Walker, do you care to share your first name with the rest of the class? And, I wouldn’t doubt that I was that funeral director…however I don’t recall a $10,000 gold casket??? That said, if someone chose to put their loved one in a gold casket for them to be to rest…I wouldn’t stop them. To each their own.

          • Why are you so insistent on calling people “con artists” and “frauds” all for doing their job? You’re clearly angry, but again, I recommend a therapist to help you deal with what seem to be deeply rooted issues. No one here is going to give you the satisfaction you seem to be desperately seeking. What would you like us to do? Declare we’re dumb, and they didn’t deserve it, and we’ve all had the wool pulled over our eyes? I wouldn’t hold your breath.

  7. PLease excuse my french. Mr. Blogger, Why are u so angry? Why are so hateful? Why are you being mean? Probably because you’re a fucking loser who is unhappy in your own marriage or probably because you can’t find happiness. I guarantee you that you’re a FAT FUCK,PERVERTED, LOW LIFE who spends time writing a blog post while INTOXICATED at 3:00am AND I’M SURE YOU MASTURBATED TO THE VIDEO TOO YOU SICK HOBO!!! WHY DON’T YOU GO HAVE A FEW MORE OF THOSE DRINKS BUDDY AND DRINK YOUR LIFE AWAY BECAUSE YOU ARE A JEALOUS PERSON! You wanted to be immature and post a blog and put MY FRIENDS DOWN…. well, back at cha! I can b immature too. You’re DISGUSTING!!! Seriously, YOU make me want to barf.

  8. Haw haw haw!!! Y’all gotcherselves into a catfight… over WEDDINGS! I may be a goober, but I’ve got more sense than that!

    (Note to young men: Never ask why diamonds cost about 600% more than they are worth, why women’s shoes cost what they do when they are so poorly made, or why makeup or perfume is a “bargain” for the price of a case of deodorant, toothpaste, and toothbrushes. If you have to ask such questions, you obviously will never understand.)

  9. I guess the real threshold issue isn’t “whether the kids were whoring out the proposal” or “whether the kids were rich” but…


    Answer: $$$ (This is clearly an advertisement posing as a society article)

  10. I would ask why The Oklahoman decided this was news worthy but since we are all just sitting around waiting on Romney to get a elected and “restore our nation’s greatness” there really isn’t a need to report on anything but puppies, rainbows and vendor sponsored love.

  11. Thanks a lot, Patrick. It’s all your fault, I hope you’re happy. You threw out the troll bait.

  12. Now that I read most of the above comments, what I took away from it more than anything else is as follows,

    It is apparently ok to call people you don’t know names and judge them for whatever reason while at the sametime deriding someone for doing the same thing. I might be wrong, but that seems pretty hyprocritical from a bunch people telling other people they need to find God.

  13. Also, the big picture, that seems to be missed by those on both sides of the issue here is, Who gives a shit.

    Who gives a shit about this wedding and who gives a shit that other people think its stupid. If you are happy for your friends or whatever than what do you care who someone you don’t even know thinks? Just be happy for your friends instead of getting all bent out of shape about some throwaway comments some stranger made at 3 in the morning

    • Have to agree with Mike, who gives a shit. But I have to admit it is funny to see all of these people come out of the woodwork to bash Patrick. I have been married, divorced, and married again. Would my current wife like something like they have in the video? Probably but she knows we don’t have the means to pull something like that off but what we do know is that we love each other and that is all that matters. Heck been married for 13 years this year and wouldn’t change anything.

      • I also agree with Mike, however I felt that “The Lost Ogle” was being inundated by these drama queens and Patrick was nursing a hang-over and could not fend them off himself…in fact, look at the man the best he can muster is “oh yeah” “+1” and “slow clap”…someone get him a Bloody Mary!

    • Also .. right on Mike. nobody here is Walter freekin Cronkite reporting the news to 5 million people So ‘erbody stop peeing in your panties like a bunch of Nancies.

      Haaarrumph !

  14. Both of these people should be shot honestly. “Hey everyone we are getting married”?! Shoot me seriously. Anytime you have to “display” your love for someone it’s fake. The poor guy is simply a puppet,she told him when and how he was going to propose which is utterly pathetic again. It’s just like all of the “look at me” brides that PAY yes PAY to have their over the top mommy and daddy weddings in the brides of Oklahoma magazine!!! That’s right people PAY to have this in their because their lives aren’t displayed enough or daddy didn’t give them enough attention. You nailed this article and glad u pointed it out! FAIL!!!! P.S. I hope she at least gave u the keys to your balls after u got married

    • Shot honestly and shoot seriously.
      will do buddy. (eyeroll)
      how serious do i need to be to shoot you ?
      It’s not even Rabbit Season Yet.

      okie grammar…

  15. This is my favorite Ogle thread ever. Well done Patrick. It appears your back on track after your recent mishaps. Two thumbs up.

    In timeless words of Ms. Strain-Cavillo, “GOD BLESS YOU ALL N I THINK IT’S AMAZING”

  16. ThiS is tHe BESTEST day eVer for the lost Ogle!!!#!#

    (I felt compelled to keep up with the level of grammar, spelling, and random capital letters that the righteous ones have been posting…cause THEY’RE RIGHT!!)

    Seriously, well done everyone for a performance that had me laughing so much my coworkers are wondering what’s going on.

  17. Obviously you pukes are single. If a couple are able to have the wedding of their dreams, by all means they should. You only live once. Do what you dream. It’s better than being some poor schmuck of a wanna be paparazzi who wasn’t even invited to witness a beautiful union of two amazing souls. You only wish your life could be complete. Go back to stuffing your greasy faces with your Cheetos Puffs and watching your filthy smut on t.v. Maybe you can get paid for it one day, save up your pitiful paychecks, and have some kind of ceremony to perhaps celebrate your pathetic waste of lives with the cheesy paychecks you saved while watching your smut. Or you could keep trying to obtain the attention you crave. Is it spiritual, emotional, physical, or maybe a combination of all three? Whatever your inner need, you won’t fulfill it by degrading others who don’t deserve it. Surely you watch the news and see what happens to idiots like yourselves.

  18. If this couple who is apparently on food stamps and disability want to pretend to be rich and royal for a day and put it up on the internet. We have every right to bash them about it. It’s public information at that point. Now that I think about, I’m not so sure that Kim kardashian wedding was up to snuff.

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