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This lady got life in prison for murdering a disabled dwarf with a crystal ball

Usually I don’t like to write about local news stories that involve death or murder or south Oklahoma City, but I just can’t turn down the chance to write a headline like that. Seriously, these types of opportunities only present themselves once every couple of years, and even then they don’t involve dwarves, crystal balls or women who look like college boys from 1994.

From NewsOK:

The mother of a murdered Oklahoma City man said her son, who was born a dwarf, was no match for the near 6-foot woman who killed him, apparently in a fit of anger.

Clara Ann Blocker, 40, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Cleveland County District Court to using a crystal ball and a DVD player to beat Erik Scott Saxton, 41, to death. Blocker was sentenced to life in prison on a first-degree murder count in the September 2010 slaying.

Saxton “was a little man with a big heart. His heart was kind and open, and he wouldn’t have warranted an attack,” said Juanita Saxton Tischendorf, who came from Rochester, N.Y., for Blocker’s sentencing.

Saxton was 4 feet, 5 inches tall and was partially paralyzed on his left side, Tischendorf said.

Blocker, who is 5-foot-11, initially told police detectives she wouldn’t have done anything to hurt Saxton “because he’s a little person.” She later confessed to the Sept. 16, 2010, attack at Saxton’s apartment at 3042 SW 89.

She was homeless and had been staying with Saxton temporarily when the killing occurred, she said.

Blocker told detectives the two of them had been drinking vodka when they argued. She grabbed a crystal ball off a nightstand and hit him in the head, then picked up a DVD player and continued to hit him. She never explained what they had been fighting about, the detectives said.

I know it’s cliche to write “only in Oklahoma,” but you know what, only in Oklahoma (or King’s Landing) do things like this happen.

Anyway, how does she only get life in prison? She killed a dwarf…with a crystal ball…and a DVD player! I don’t care how drunk or methed out she was when the crime occurred, the jury should have found her guilty of being an evil witch and sentenced her to roam the halls of Moria while being hunted by a cave troll. Or they should have just executed her. One of the two.

Also, I like how the Oklahoman reporter clarifies that Eric Saxton was “born a dwarf.” Uhm, are there other ways to become one? If so, can they possibly fill us in? Like can you go on a hike at Martin Nature Park, take a wrong turn, find an enchanted ring and then — POOF!!! — magically become one? If so that would be pretty damn awesome. Scary and weird, yes, but awesome.


  1. the story could only be better if the dwarf had taken his mother’s name of Tischendorf…

  2. If we put some big hair and glasses on her, we’d have Omar Rodríguez-López from The Mars Volta.

  3. I also like how the reporter noted they “had been drinking vodka when they argued.” If it had been rum or gin, might things have turned out differently?

  4. Thank you for catching “…who was born a dwarf…” I was thinking the same thing, except I was wondering if you got 2 degrees from Alva, would that do it or would you only be a mental midget?

  5. I read these replies and have to comment. Erik did not take my name as I was married to his father for 21 years and after he was 30 yrs old I remarried my second husband. Why should he take my name. Also, Erik was a dwarf or “little person” not midget. Sorry, but I wanted to state the facts.

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