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The Devil has chosen new anchors for the Channel 5 morning show

Last Friday, Channel 5 announced to its staff that Wendell Edwards and Maggie Stokes would be the new anchors of “News 5 in the Morning.” The duo would be replacing Mat Garcia and Anita Blanton who were reassigned to different beats within the Channel 5 organization. Here’s the official announcement from KOCO:

Beginning Monday, KOCO-TV 5 Anchors Maggie Stokes and Wendell Edwards will serve as weekday co-anchors of KOCO Eyewitness News 5 In The Morning, joining Meteorologist Damon Lane…

“Maggie and Wendell are great journalists dedicated to serving Oklahoma viewers,” said Brent Hensley, KOCO-TV 5 President and General Manager. “We look forward to their continued growth and success in their new roles with the station. We believe viewers will enjoy starting their day with Maggie, Wendell and Damon.”

There are a lot of rumors flying around as to why Channel 5 made this move. Some people think it’s a desperate attempt by management to improve poor ratings.  Others — like the recently reassigned Anita Blanton — blame the Devil and backstabbers.

Yeah, blame the Devil. Disregard the inconvenient fact that if the Devil chose one local morning show to broadcast out to his minions in Hell, it would probably be “News 5 In the Morning.” And who cares that the Devil has way more important evil things to worry about than the career of a news anchor in Oklahoma City. This really is all his fault. How else can we explain this:

Cursing on local television and then obnoxiously laughing about it. If that’s not the work of the Devil, I’m not sure what it is.


  1. I’m gonna bet that John Flick wanted to strangle her too…I’ve been in that position before and the LAST thing you want to do is have your co-anchor draw attention to your mistake….

  2. I’m no fan of the local media but whoever “reassigned” this woman was probably making the right call judging by those tweets. She doesn’t sound too stable to me.

    Why anyone in the media/public spotlight would go public with their thoughts is beyond me.

    • I’m definitely not a fan of “professionals getting personal” in social media so I agree she should have kept it to herself. However now days it has become a necessary evil to do so, and she certainly isn’t the only one voicing her thoughts. To say she’s “unstable” seems a bit harsh.

      • I should have chosen my words better. I definitely do not think that this woman has mental issues but I also wasn’t real big on her pulling out all the religious references.

        I have family who work in the news media (not locally though) and they frown big time on things like social media. Fair or unfair, you carry the reputation of your employer everywhere you go these days and that’s especially true of media personalities.

        I just think that there’s a certain way you handle problems at home and at work but airing your dirty laundry in public just isn’t one of them.
        Also, I’ve seen people get burned big time by social media as well as things like e-mail.

        Just not a fan of something I can’t easily erase or destroy.

  3. Funny thing is that Wendell Edwards on his FB page thanked God for his new opportunity. I’m feeling a Tim Tebow moment. Kind of curious about moving Anita since she is far and away much better at anchoring than Maggie, and Anita is much more involved in community. Anita even signed with KOCO again within the past year. This current morning show is gonig to be fully of stumbling, mumbling fools.

  4. Before Monday I couldn’t wait to wake up and watch Anita Blanton. I cannot stand that blonde’s stupid little voice and will not watch channel 5 again until she is NOT anchoring. They should’ve left her on traffic, or even better getting coffee.

  5. BEST NEWS EVER! I couldn’t stand Anita, so glad I won’t ever have to hear about her “pageant days” ever again. Even better, I won’t be forced to watch clips of her singing the night before at Rose State/Some Fair while eating my breakfast…

  6. I am so dissappointed!!! I greatly enjoyed watching Mat Garcia and Anita Blanton on KOCO Channel 5 in the morning. They made a great news anchor team! I’m sure they will thoroughly be missed by their viewers. :(

    • I am sad to see Matt and Anita go. I enjoyed the true diversity of the duo and I liked their attitudes just fine. It was far better than watching the obnoxious anchors on the other two stations. It was also nice to see Anita’s involvement in the community. I will miss them.

  7. consider this.

    Anita was “demoted” to anchoring Friday and Saturday evenings. I would say that is a hefty promotion.

    There is really something wrong with her if she thinks getting up at 2 a.m. Monday thru Friday to go to work is a “blessing”.

    No right thinking person watches local news at 4,5, or 6 a.m. Or any time, for that matter

  8. OK – – First, for those ridiculing Ms. Blanton for publicly posting her ‘take’ on the issue…SHUT UP. Until you have worked in the business for 20 years and experienced such managerial stupidity you have no place to talk. This is a station whose news ratings are weak. It’s not the anchor’s faults. CH 4 and CH 9 have very long term personalities to carry the load.
    If a station won’t give an anchor at least 10 years to develop a following, you are toast. This change will not help. If you look at New York or Chicago, you will see that such changes are commented on by the people involved, and they do it publicly. Viewers WANT to know what happened. It only pisses off management types who do not want to face the music of the irate viewers.
    Our business is filled with managment types who don’t get it. Most have never had to face the camera everyday and hope the stories and information is strong enough to garner big ratings. Remember, there are producers, writers and support personnel who are also responsible for the content. Good luck to Matt and Anita.

    • Oh good grief—–nobody is ridiculing her on here.

      What thin skin you have.

      Oh and BTW——it’s kinda hard to take someone who claims they have experience in the field seriously when they can’t even spell broadcaster correctly.

      • That’s funny, coming from you CharlieFoxRot, the person who said she didn’t “sound too stable.” Who are you to judge if she is stable or not, or if she should be reassigned, or what she should or should not be posting on her facebook page? I iz so sory four mi bad speling. Pleaz tear moor peeple down on dis sight. it make peeple feel goods.

    • You don’t get it “Braodcaster”…you anchor/reporters are all so self-important. And when you get kicked to the curb it’s always ownership or the station manager. You don’t realize how expendable you are…there is a revolving door of cheap wannabees, just like you were when you started. Just another talking head…ready to be replaced with someone with a more interesting look.

      • Unless you are a long time personality, like Kevin Ogle, Linda Cavanaugh, Bob Barry, etc, nobody cares who you are or if you are there tomorrow. Just read the news.

    • Worked in it too, over 20 years got out and love it. How’s KOCO Broadcaster, tell rick hi.

  9. Good riddance to Bobble Head Blanton and Garcia the Greek. Their “speak three words to camera, turn to co-anchor for next three words, back to camera for three more” ad nauseam made for the second most annoying morning show possible. Do their teleprompters show “Turn Head Now” or is that an advanced class in journalism school? It must be taught since the new crew are doing the same damn thing. You want ratings? Look at the people you’re supposed to be entertaining and/or educating!

    And Devil, if you’re listening, can we make a deal to dump the Douche 9 Duo next?

    • I thought the same thing when I saw this new duo. What the heck with all the head turning every few second!. It looks like they don’t know what to do. It’s very distracting.

  10. All of the news anchors mentioned in the article are quite good in my opinion. Good luck to everyone.

  11. It’s only television and twenty years is hardly an eternity. Bertrand Russell said something to the effect we are all born ignorant, but it takes education to makes us stupid.
    Broadcast management has benefit of flash education; one day is generally more than sufficient.

  12. Never hurts to have perspective in the media:

    “The people we cover, we move in their world, but it is their world. You can’t live like them. You’ll never keep up. If you try to make this job about the money you’ll be nothing but miserable, because we don’t get the money. Never have, never will.” Bernie White (Robert Duvall) in ‘The Paper’

    • Because I want to see the national news….
      “Live, Local, Latebreaking”
      Live – Broadcasting a remote from the station parking lot on a story that is happening 20 miles away is not any better than the talking heads
      Local- Only if you consider other states as local. Reporting a stary that I am going to see on national news does not make you local. Let national news broadcast national stories
      Late breaking – No story is late breaking if I saw it on at noon or another station last week. Saying the words “Late Breaking” does not make it late breaking.

  13. I would much rather watch Maggie and Mr. Wendell stumble and mumble through the news than have to listen to Anita spout her opinion during every story. I’m a Doctor of Journalism and I know that’s bad etiquette.

      • Ugh, I could not agree with you more. The opinions coming from Mat and Anita were terribly annoying. BUT Maggie and Wendall are just terrible anchors. It’s all a bad combination for destruction, if you ask me!

  14. I’ve watched Anita and talk about looking at the camera and turning and looking at the camera and turning. The way she looks at her partner gives me the creeps. I know TLO is not high on channel 43, but the rise and shine crew stuble and bumble, but at least they don’t take themselves seriously.

  15. Finally! I’m so glad to see that Anita has been replaced! I can finally watch channel 5 again and both Wendell and Maggie are great!!! Congrats to you both!

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