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20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City News Media (5 – 1)

It’s the moment we’ve all be waiting for. Let’s meet the five hottest women in the Oklahoma City Media as chosen by our esteemed panel of influential Ogle Moles. That panel includes:

• Gary England
• Brad Henry
• Aubrey McClendon
• Larry Nichols
• Frank Keating
• Bob Funk
• Cliff Hudson
• Cardboard Jim Traber
• Hellen Ford Wallace

Anyway, let’s literally check out that top five. And in case you missed the earlier parts of this countdown, here are links to 20 – 16, 15 – 11, and 10 – 6.

5. Tiffany Tatro
Reporter, KOKH Fox 25

Earlier today, we wrote that Lauren Nelson was more pretty then hot. Well, Tiffany Tatro is more hot than pretty. I would say there’s about a 67-percent chance that she’s either been in a rap video or a wet t-shirt contest and won them both. She’s the type of girl who other girls dislike because she’s hotter than them and knows it. When you bring her home to mom, your mom then tells you it’s time to get a real job and take life more seriously. Basically, Tiffany Tatro is awesome!

4. Deeda Payton
Anchor/Reporter, KOKH Fox 25

Deeda is probably ranked a couple of spots too high, but what can I say, I’m partial to blondes with big…smiles.

3. Emily Sutton
Meteorologist, KFOR Channel 4

Emily Sutton is by far the most popular girl in the Oklahoma City media. She totally dominated Ogle Madness V, she received a 90% approval rating, and even dreamed about us. I’m not sure what that last thing has to do with her being popular (and hot), but it’s probably worth mentioning.

2. Joleen Chaney
Anchor/Reporter, KFOR Channel 4

Hey, she may be dating a dude who works in medical sales, but Joleen Chaney is still hotter than dynamite. In any other market she would be the runaway hottest woman in the media. The again, not many other markets have…

1. Liz Dueweke
Morning Anchor, KOKH Fox 25

Yeah, Liz Dueweke takes herself too seriously, is very of lame, and lacks a sense of humor. Plus, we’ve heard that she desperately wants out of the Oklahoma City market, but… she’s hot. In fact, she’s super hot. She could melt the sun. You could see a picture of her in fancy magazine and not think twice about it. Too bad she’s dating this douche schnozzle.

Anyway, that’s it for this year’s countdown. We’d like to congratulate all of the ladies who made the list. We’ll enjoy watching you, uhm, report the news or something over the next year, or until you get a break and move on to a bigger market.


  1. Fox dominated the top 5. Not surprising, theyve been hiring hot chicks for a long time now. I’m not sold on Liz as #1 though. As you say, she seems lame and appears to have that I-spend-way-too-much-time-on-how-I-look look.

      • Big boobs alone does not make a hot chick. I am a boob fan but you got to have more than that.

        • Unfortunately, that’s not true here at TLO. I love blondes and boobs, too, but, like you said, you got to have more than that.

  2. You’re dead wrong about Liz. Not in the #1 ranking but in her sense of humor. She’s actually a very funny, super-hot über-dork. My wife even suggested she was probably created by a couple of Pentagon-hacking, head-bra wearing teen geeks in 1985.

    I can’t say whether or not she’s “very of lame” because I have no idea what that means.

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Tatro is OVERRATED. She should be replaced by Michelle Apon.

  4. Liz Dueweke is icky. Her teeth are too white, her skin too orange, and her smile looks like a snarl. Her and Tatro are creepy.

    • Thank You! I was just thinking the same thing… they all kind of resemble oompa loompas don’t they? Call me crazy, but orange women are a turn off…

  5. You are our own Zuckerberg. You’ve created a place for the primary purpose of rating women. And we love you for it! Joleen announcing that she was in a “relationship” came at a bad time. No one takes Liz’s relationship seriously…she remains ripe for the taking.

  6. I disagree with Liz being #1. Yes she is one of, if not the hottest woman on the list. But being whiny, high maintenance, and rigid detracts from her hotness. Kim Kardashian is hot, yet I am avoiding any news article about her like the plague, which means her value as a tabloid/news topic is diminished, if ever so slightly.

  7. Just as I feared, last year’s #13 Ali Meyer dropped out of the Top 20 altogether. I don’t know how she does it, but with every passing year, and every new baby she has, she just gets better-looking.

    I won’t comment on the rest of the list, but in regards to Ali, you got that one wrong, Lost Ogle.


    Mat Eastham

    • I agree completely. She may not be top 5 but definitely should be on this list. Obviously this list is about the blondness and bigness of those…smiles.

    • Second that. Even better looking in person. Always had a thing for Meg. One class act.

    • I believe the omission of Meg is because Patrick doesn’t really like women his own age. If you can still be that hot after having 3 kids and passing 30, you have DONE something boys! (anybody can be hot at 25 with enough silicone, pancake make-up, and a gym membership…)

      • I agree except for the last part about 25 year-olds.

        You should go live on the south side of OKC for awhile. You’d quickly change your tune.

  8. I like your top five, but Liz is just waaaay too made up to be considered that hot. Deeda, Tiffany, then Joleen would make up my top three. Emily Sutton…meh. We need some more telemundo action on this list.

  9. If it weren’t for TLO I’d have no clue who any of these women were. Thanks.

  10. You could have replaced eithe 5, 4, or 3 with Lauren Craun, and I would have been MUCH happier with this list.

  11. Tough to forgive Jo for the apparent douche, but to rank her anywhere but number 1 is a travesty…

  12. If you had shown a rear view of Deeda, she would have been #1.

    Definitely a favorite of Sir Mix-A-Lot.

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