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UPDATE: Here’s a photo of Charles Barkley having fun in OKC…in the mid-1990s.

Yesterday afternoon we offered cash bounties for photographs of Charles Barkley in Oklahoma City. Since we posted our request, we’ve already received several submissions, including a $5 pic that shows Barkley having fun with a black person.

One picture, though, already takes the very very very large cake Barkley eats on a regular basis. It’s a picture of Chuck and a couple of ladies having fun at the Bricktown Brewery…in 1995.

Here’s the photograph and email:

Here’s the email:

Sir Charles has said many times that he has never been to Oklahoma City. His memory is short. He has been to OKC and loved it! This is a photo of me with Sir Charles and a co-worker, Jennifer in the mid-90’s. We brought in the Phoenix Suns for a pre-season game. This pic is at the after party on the 2nd floor of the Bricktown Brewery.

Wow, so Charles apparently has been to Oklahoma City before. That photo and email would seem to backup what a commenter posted yesterday:

Am I the only person that remembers Charles Barkley being in town for an exhibition game with the Suns in the mid 90′s? And after the game, he was at the Bricktown Brewery with Dan Marjerle, Danny Manning, Kevin Johnson, Danny Ainge and some other players I don’t recall.

I would check The Oklahoman archives to validate these claims and see when exactly the Suns played their exhibition game in the OKC, but that would require subscribing to The Oklahoman and/or having a library card. Those are two things that only a loser or old person would do. Instead, I’ll just take our Ogle Moles for their word. Charles Barkley has been to Oklahoma City, and while he was here, drank cheap microbrewed beer at the Bricktown Brewery. He probably played that weird virtual reality golf game, too.

Anyway, if that’s not a buzz kill I’m not sure what is. A big part of the allure behind Charles’ visit was that he’s never been to Oklahoma City…or at least that’s what everyone assumed or thought. Now we know that he’s not only been to Oklahoma City, but had dinner in Bricktown and played an exhibition game in the Myriad. No wonder he thinks this town sucks!

All that being said, we are still offering bounties for photographs of Chuck’s visit. In fact, we are offering anywhere from $1 to $100 for individual photos. So if you see him jogging, taking a river cruise or getting pulled over in Valley Brook, take a pic and send them our way. And if you have any memories or recollections about his visit to Oklahoma City in the 1990s, share them with us in the comments.

Update: According to following article from the Oklahoma, the Suns (and Wayman Tisdale) played the Pistons during an exhibition game at the Myriad in the mid-1990’s. A picture of Barkley even accompanies the story:

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  1. They were in town for an exhibition game. Back then, OKC had a CBA franchise called the Oklahoma City Cavalry. I had the fortune (or misfortune) of being a PR intern for the Cavalry that year. The Suns played Scott Brooks and the Houston Rockets in an exhibition game at the Myriad.

  2. Only losers and old people have library cards? 😐 Top notch blogging, really. Maybe only winners and young people write carelessly and have an underdeveloped sense of humor. -merkin, look it up

    • There was an idea to bring together a remarkable group of written words, so that when we needed them, they could provide the contextual tone we never could. We called it the sarcasm font initiative.

  3. Jennifer on the left is Lee Allen Smith’s daughter. Oklahoma Events was the group that brought in the exhibition. And I must have been at the game, although I don’t remember it.

  4. I can’t remember parts of the 90’s either, does that mean Gov. Failin’ will give me some uglyass cowboys boots too?

  5. Wasn’t he here when the Hornets were here? I seem to recall him jibber-jabberin’ about how OKC sucked and suddenly there was Kelly?Kevin?Kent? coming up behind him and tapping him on the shoulder with a mic in his hand…wait, it could have been a sex dream…

  6. I was at that game, I was a huge Suns fan. I remember Chuck on the floor grabbed someones camera and started taking pictures of himself then threw his shoes into the crowd.

  7. I like Chuck. He speaks his mind and has a lot of insight. Same for Reggie Miller.

    That said, the boots were lameo. Must have been made from the alligator captured from the gov’s hot tub.

  8. I have two awesome pictures with Charles Barkley and a great story from that exhibition game, but I don’t know how to share it?!

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