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NBA Finals Game 1 Recap

Usually we leave our Thunder analysis to our NBA sage Clark Matthews, but he’s at some work conference and doesn’t have access to a computer or the internet. Apparently this conference is taking place in 1982.

Anyway, since Clark Matthews is out of commission and drinking apple juice at the hotel bar, here’s my detailed breakdown of Game 1.

Fuck Yeah!!!

Okay, so my analysis is little different than Clark Matthews.

Anyway, I was at the game last night, so I didn’t have the benefit of seeing a bunch of replays, stats and normally priced beer, but here are some other quick thoughts:

– Kevin Durant was really good
– Lebron James was really good
– Good Russell Westbrook played pretty good
– Shane Battier played like the kid from Thunderstruck in the first half
– James Harden spent most of the game rubbing his beard
– Some dude nearly made a half court shot

That’s it, really. And now it’s all kind of pointless. The Heat won Game 1 in last year’s Finals and ended up losing the series in 6. The Thunder need to protect the home court and go to Miami up 2-0.


  1. No offense Patrick but your recap kind of sucks…. you’ll never make the DailyThunder Bolts with this. Hurry home Clark!!!

  2. Honestly, if more pundits would report like this it woud save us from those who drivel like Skip Bayless. Awesome!

  3. I was there too and it was unbelievable. Can’t ever give up on these guys. After I got home, I watched Steven A. ragging on Westrbrook, saying if he passed to KD more and shot less it would have been a blowout. Hey, dude—they won!! That’s who he is and I think he played some pretty good D. Collison is the ultimate overachiever and the greatest garbage player in the league today. Harden was pretty much a non-factor but he’ll be there when it counts.

  4. Will someone explain what is up with the players and their poindexter glasses in post game interviews? It looks like they raided MG Novelty and tore off the nose and mustache, or in Russell’s case Elton John’s closet. How do all these uber-atheletes have such terrible post game vision?

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