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Ogle Mole Investigation Network: Who is the girl that mocked Pat Riley during Game 1? (Solved!!!)

There were a lot of memorable sights and sounds from Game 1 of the NBA Finals. You had Lil’ Wayne get “disrespected,” Kevin Durant do his thing and Sefolosha pretend he was Magic Johnson.

But perhaps the most memorable moment from Game 1 occurred towards the end of the fourth quarter when a group of Thunder fans — including one energetic girl — mocked a frustrated Heat GM Pat Riley and former Heat star Alonzo Mourning. Check out some screenshots and a link to the GIF file after the jump.

Link: 27MB animated Thunder Fans Mocking Pat Riley (27MB)

All right, Ogle Mole Network. It’s time to go out and do your investigative research and let us know who this girl is! She looks fun and brave and we want to interview for the site. Also, who’s that Sloth guy with her? Is that her boyfriend or brother or just some guy who really wants a Baby Ruth?

Anyway, leave a comment if you have any ideas about her identity or whereabouts. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, just contact us instead. Thanks in advance. We know the Ogle Mole Network will not let us down.

p.s. – If anyone can put that .GIF file on YouTube we’d appreciate it.

UPDATE (1:31 PM): That was easy! The girl in question is Brittany Parish. The guy with the scary tattoos who will probably try to beat us up is her husband…Patrick. Seriously.


  1. That’s a friend of mine, Brittany. She’s very fun. That’s her husband. Back off, Ogle.

  2. While we are playing were’s Sloth-Do, who is the dude wearing the bright yellow pimp daddy tuxedo?

  3. Pat, the crazy looking tattooed guy, is probably one of the funniest and most fun people I have ever been around. This GIF pretty much sums up what he is all about!

  4. Leave Patrick alone, that’s my brother in law! His tattoos are not brand new either! lol, him and my sister are awesome and yes, Mark, Patch is hilarious. But Britt was even better than him last night.

  5. I think the heat needs to be taken off of Lil Wayne; I mean, c’mon. After spending almost a year in jail, wouldn’t you want to live your life with a luxury of your own personal space IE own toilet, sink, room service, and the kicker… your own wake up call?!? <–and you don't have to even call ahead for that (what a life!!) So, in sincerety towards Sir Lil, he shouldn't have been escorted to his seat respectively and he also shouldn't have to pose in a picture of other rich dudes while sitting on the floor of the best atmospheric situation that most people would kill for.

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