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Pauls Valley set a superhero record…

Last week,Pauls Valley set a world record for the most the most original costumed superheros to gather in one place. In related news, the town also celebrated its largest gathering of lonely adult virgins since that Catholic bus broke down at the Love’s Country Store in 1993.

The (world?) record was set as the truck stop town and its main tourist attraction — The Toy and Action Figure Museum — celebrated International Superhero Day. Here’s how The Oklahoman’s Matt Price described the exciting event on his blog Nerdage:

The Oklahoman’s Bryan Terry created this video showcasing the events of International Superhero Day in Pauls Valley, in which participants set a record for the most original superheroes in costume gathered in one place. The event was hosted by the Toy & Action Figure Museum in Pauls Valley.

That’s it? Dude, you’re the comic book beat writer for the Oklahoman. The name of your blog is Nerdage. You have a skater haircut from 1995. Shouldn’t you be a tiny bit excited that a world record having to do with nerds, comic books and super heroes was set just 50 miles from your house? Is there something we are missing? Let’s watch the video and find out:

Okay, I’d like to apologize to Matt Price. That thing’s strange even by traditional comic book nerd standards. I think I grew a couple of pimples, lost three friends and got a wedgie just from watching the thing. If a farmer from the area reports that some of his goats were stolen over the weekend, I wouldn’t be surprised.


  1. As a comic book nerd, I’m offended by your insinuation that we screw goats. Everybody knows that we moved to sheep about 20 years ago, as they’re quieter and less likely to resist. Plus, they were in The Continued Adventures of Superman #74 back in 1995. *adjusts glasses*

  2. At least there are plenty of super-nerds to track down the goat theif and make him pay for his crimes.

  3. Next year I’m going dressed as Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds and just shouting, “NERDS!” the whole day.

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