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Wayne and Michelle Coyne have separated…

I guess we know why Wayne Coyne no longer tweets naked pictures of his wife.

After a 25-year relationship, we’ve learned through the Ogle Mole Network that the first couple of Oklahoma City’s creative class – Wayne and Michelle Coyne – have separated. The separation comes just weeks after they were honored as Urban Pioneers by the Plaza District.

The split is not that big of a surprise to those who are close to the couple. Apparently, the two have had their problems over the past couple of years. Those problems have stemmed from Wayne’s transformation from a fun-loving, goofy creative genius who writes and performs psychedelic pop songs into a sex-obsessed creepy old man who hunts down 21-year-old groupies in the Oklahoma City bar scene.

The final straw came when Wayne allegedly got seriously involved with a young bosomy girl he met at the OKC hipster hive known as Kamp’s. The girl’s name is Katy or Easy or Homewrecker or something like that. I guess Wayne really likes the chick, but it didn’t prevent him from performing an obviously sad and sappy relationship song for Michelle on The Colbert Report last week:

Yeah, that’s obvious. If you need more proof, just check out the opening lyrics:

You and me
Were both so fucked up
You’re fucked up in the good way
And I’m fucked up in the bad
You and me
We thought we were so smart
We thought we could outrun them
But they had robot dogs
You and me
We’re both in the same hole
But you dream of ways of leaving
And I get used to the cold

Then again, maybe it’s not so obvious. Anyone else notice the big green neon K on Wayne’s guitar? Remember, the name of Wayne’s mistress is apparently Katy. Maybe it’s coincidence, but could it be that Wayne was trying to apologize to his wife and give a shout-out to his mistress all at once? If that’s the case, do you realize that Wayne Coyne is an incredibly fucked up asshole? That he has the most beautiful two face?

Seriously, what a sad pathetic old man. If you’re going to leave your wife for some groupie, at least be classy about it. Don’t try to rub it in. That’s more disappointing than Christmas on Mars. It’s as lame as wearing the same gray suit for 15 fucking years.

All that being said, I don’t think Wayne is taking the split very well. I saw him at The Blue Note on Saturday night. Perhaps my knowledge about all this stuff influenced my observations, but the guy looked defeated. He wasn’t the typical whimsical and outgoing narcissistic showman that he pretends to be when you see him out and about. He was quiet, reserved and behaving like his wife of 25-years had just left him.

At one point near closing time, he sat alone in a booth near the back corner of the venue and fiddled with his phone. He had a blank, lifeless stare in his eyes. Who knows. He could have been texting his groupie or tweeting pics of fake cocaine, but at that moment in time, he looked like the loneliest person in the planet.

Based on his recent behavior, maybe he is.

That’s kind of a sad way to end this post, so here’s a video of the Flaming Lips on David Letterman. This was filmed way before Wayne Coyne lost his voice, wore that stupid gray suit everywhere, and inspired the names of alleys and state rock songs. Basically, before he became an egotistical asshole. Enjoy.


  1. Geez…wifes can be such a sex buzz kill…if Michelle was bisexual, they both could enjoy the new young thing in Wayne’s life

  2. I don’t know if Wayne is entirely to blame here. Michelle has always rubbed me as a bit of a fame-whore. Wasn’t she shopping a reality series? Also, remember that time she compared herself to Yoko Ono? LULz

    • Saying Michelle is a fame-whore is like calling the kettle black…. and a reality series just has no comparison to someone having a sexual interest in people old enough to be your children.

    • go fuck yourself dude. M is a fucking sweetheart and I will rip anyone who says otherwise throats out.

  3. Spot on….. its been a long melt down ending with these silly meanless antics.

    Do yo think he really realizes?

  4. Oh those aren’t fake cocaine pictures. You can find Wayne at the other room bathroom. Doing lines and picking up yuppies that think he’s some kind of god!

  5. Mr. Coyne is a good man. He has flaws. We all have flaws. I have three children with kidney disease. He drove out to the house to visit the kids. He is a very kind man. A very sweet man. Sometimes people get caught up with the public persona. He is WAYNE COYNE in public. He is Wayne Coyne behind the scenes.

  6. I wish Michelle the best she truly seems like a genuinely nice person. Wayne needs to put out a real LP and not some fwend bs and shut up.

  7. What a mean, mean article. And about two of the nicest people I have met in Oklahoma. Your harsh words are really unnecessary.

  8. If you wanted to write a personal, angry attack on Wayne, couldn’t you do it on a personal blog…? Just saying…

    • Isn’t that the point of an obscure local social blog? Are they not splitting up? Otherwise of course it is going to be discussed here. And I think both Wayne and Michelle are great people too. I was saddened by the news. But I’m not sure how else something like this should be handled by a blog.

  9. These people writhe around naked in public and flaunt drug use but they are suddenly entitled to some privacy? Objection!

  10. Easy, homewrecking Katy could have fucked a lot of other guys and kept her mitts off of Wayne who she had to have known is married. Young, bosomy 21 year olds can get lucky with just about anyone out there. I used to be young and bosomy. Life was good.

  11. Maybe now that Wayne may have to go a-courtin’ his new lady love s’more, he might consider taking abath and washing his hair. Just a thought.

  12. Bummer for them, their glass house is all cracked now. It’ll blow over. It’s rock n roll after all.

  13. The divorce is going to be nasty. Who’s getting the space ship? Who’s getting the life sized naked dummy or the inflatable hamster ball?

    I fully expect this to be a top ten list by weeks end.

      • I understand that…

        You do know that common law marriages require a divorce too right? It’s the same process as a certified marriage with ceremony.

  14. I’m positive this is another example of Wayne’s midlife crisis. He’s a great guy, but the drug references and pervy old man things have definitely jumped the shark. It’s time he gave that shit a rest.

    As for Michelle? She’s a sweetheart like the others have said. I feel bad for her, and I hope for the best for her.

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