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Great, now kids are smoking potpourri

Last week, we told you about some teenagers in Tulsa who smoked herbal incense (and the ugly woman who let them do it). Not to be outdone, Edmond teens are taking it to another level. They are smoking potpourri in the high school bathroom:

High schoolers hear about potpourri everyday in the halls and classrooms.

We’re not talking about the pleasant frangance Grandma uses in the guest room.

It may look the same but this blend of synthetic herbs mimicks the high of marijuana.

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics agent Mark Woodward said, “These kids are ending up in the hospital from these products sold for $60 behind the register from these stores and employees who know exactly what they’re doing. They don’t care.”

Recently, a 14-year-old Edmond “Husky” was busted for smoking potpourri on campus.

According to the police report, a school custodian could smell “a sweet, smokey odor” coming from the restroom.

Hold on one second. Since when do high schoolers “hear about potpourri everyday in the halls and classrooms?” Is that what they’re talking about now? When I went to high school we discussed boobs, Pearl Jam and trying to score some Bartles and James Wine Coolers. The only time I heard about potpourri was when I asked grandma why her house smelled so bad.

Seriously, how do these conversations even go?

“Hey Broseph, want to hit up Hobby Lobby later and get some potpourri later?”

“I don’t know, brah. I’m not a fan of their floral scents. Way too much cinnamon.” 

“Okay, what about the Hallmark at the mall?”

“You speak my language, brah! Maybe we can hit up Yankee Candle, too!”

Call me a traditionalist, but I miss the good old days when high school kids would smoke marijuana or sniff markers in art class to get high. Now they’ve turned into pansies and are lighting up potpourri and herbal incense in the bathroom. You have to wonder if Fabreeze, Glade Plug-Ins or baby’s breath is not too far behind.


  1. This is an Edmond teen we are talking about. Its not like he couldnt have just taken a shit ton of his moms xanaxes or antidepressants.. or his dads secret coke stash.

  2. Brennan Huff: I smoked pot with Johnny Hopkins.
    Nancy Huff: You dont know anyone named Johnny Hopkins.
    Brennan Huff: It was Johnny Hopkins, and Sloan Kettering, and they were blazin that shit up everyday.

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