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Louis C.K. hates Oklahoma City and likes to make bombing jokes…

Without a doubt, Louis C.K. is one of the best comedians out there. His stand-up act is funny, smart and original. His TV show is funny, smart and original. In fact, everything about the guys seems to be funny, smart and original. I guess you can say he’s the anti-Larry the Cable Guy.

Sometimes, though, Louis C.K has some not-so-funny, cringe-worthy moments. People say this happens because he’s honest and says what he thinks, but sometimes he’s just offensive. Take, for example, this 2006 bit about Oklahoma City that someone recently uploaded to YouTube. In it, he talks about our city’s crazy rednecks and suggests that someone blow them all up in a federal building. Hysterically funny, huh?

Here’s the clip:

First of all, this isn’t the first time that Louis C.K. had made jokes about Oklahoma City. In a comedy special from a few years ago — I can’t find the clip — he talked about how he had a one night stand with a hot girl after a show in OKC. He made jokes about how she was way out of his league and how she probably felt gross afterwards. It was kind of funny. If you can find the clip and post it for us, please do so. And if you’re the hot girl (and/or know the hot girl) who slept with the ginger troll, email us the details.

Anyway, I kind of agree with Louis C.K. on one point. We do have a bunch of shitty, dumb people in this state. They are uneducated, redneck, backward-thinking theocrats, and before Berry’s Boomers took the NBA universe by storm, they dominated our state’s national exposure to the masses. Not surprisingly, they are a big reason why so many people around the country have developed a very negative view of our city and state. That and the whole Dust Bowl and tornado thing.

But an Oklahoma City bombing joke? Come on, there’s nothing funny about that. Hey, 168 innocent people died in a tragic act of domestic terrorism?! What if we killed other Oklahomans the same way!!! Hardy Har. There’s literally no way for any comedian to make the bombing funny. Hell, you can’t even point out that Lightning Crashes is a shitty song because of the thing.

That being said, even though Louis’ joke offended me, I’m not going to overreact to it and stop being a Louis C.K. fan. I’m aware that when comedians stop pushing the envelope and stop attempting to be funny, we all kind of lose. I’m also aware that I’m from OKC, knew someone who died in the bombing, and because of that, I’m way more sensitive to the joke than the average jackass. Maybe if Louis C.K. stopped by the Memorial instead of banging our hot women, he’d understand that.

Update: I had no clue about this, but apparently Louis C.K. is performing in Tulsa on October 18th at the Brady Theater. That probably explains why someone decided to upload this YouTube clip nearly six years after the fact. I wonder if he will tell the same joke during his performance.


  1. Atleast when Jim Norton made a comment involving the OKC bombing in his last stand up tv show (on epix if anyone has that), it was atleast funny. he was talking about how he always gets stopped at airport security, and he says it’s not because when they see me they think “islamic terrorist”, it’s because they think “Oklahoma City, 1995”. then he goes on to talk about how he looks like every anti-government militant in the country

  2. To be 100% honest I’m not sure I’d miss the rednecks. Humor Heals. It’s rarely TOO SOON. Louis C.K. rules.

    Knock knock,
    Who’s there?
    9/11 who?


  3. You sound like the whiny broad who got Tosh in trouble. If you don’t like the joke, dont laugh and excuse yourself from the situation. I honestly expected that The Lost Ogle of ALL people (blogs?) would appreciate the difference between comedy and hate speech.

      • I Read all of it and I’m very surprised to hear this coming from your blog. You obviously like the guy so you have an appreciation for his act which gets pretty dark at times and comedy in general. You’re basically in the same line of work too so why would you sell out Louis? C’mon.

  4. Look, most of us will always have a raw spot where 4-19-1995 is concerned, but getting your panties in a wad over a 30 second bit from 2006 that was just brought to your attention is kind of overreacting. Own your being offended.

  5. A while back, it seemed like I was the only one offended as hell when the Memorial Museum placed a full-color ad in the paper for their 10th anniversary CELEBRATION, complete with balloon graphics and a visit from Rumble.

  6. And he won’t be doing that joke again. He throws his jokes away after every tour and writes new ones. And sad news the next season of Louie won’t be until 2014.

  7. I get it, but at the same time I have never seen Louis CK’s shtick. Also, I’ve never been to the memorial…does that make me an ill-informed a-hole? Hmm?

    • I have never been in the museum just to the reflecting pool and that in itself gets me choked up. I didn’t know anyone who died at the Murrah building or at 9/11 (hell when I flip through the channels on September 11th for remembrance ceremonies I will start tearing up) Part of the healing process is laughter and while it might be considered a bit tacky to make jokes, to each his own.

  8. You know the Aurora, CO theater shooting?

    Did you know that the victims got to meet the cast of the Batman movies?

    I heard 12 of them got to meet Heath Ledger.

    I do NOT support; murder, terrorism or any other crime against humanity but, a joke is a joke. That’s all.

        • I was just trying to “one-up” steved’s knock knock joke about 9/11 for the most dis-tasteful joke on this blog.
          Looks like I succeeded since he currently doesn’t have comments about his joke from sandy vagina TLO commenters (see SofaKings’ comment above) – Oh, my delivery of this joke in person, is perfect.

  9. I’ve heard Louis CK’s stuff before. He’s an equal opportunity offender. He can also be a whiney bitch at times. You’d think he’s the only guy that ever got divorced. He can be funny but not often. He’s sorta Lenny Bruce when what you want is Robin Williams.

  10. In comedy, nothing can be “off limits” because everyone is offended by something different. You can’t really legislate a list of “offensive material”.

    If I was the type to get offended, I would say that find the OKC Memorial Museum gift shop to be nearly offensive. Yuck.

    I’ve had tickets for Louis CK’s Tulsa show since the day it was announced and am very excited. He is the best comedian of our time and can’t wait to hear his newest material.

  11. ” I’m aware that when comedians stop pushing the envelope and stop attempting to be funny, we all kind of lose.”

    That’s the key point here, thank you for understanding this. A good joke will always offend SOMEONE. If it doesn’t, it was a shitty joke.

    Thank you for not being a puss about it. It offended you, you stated it, and moved on. Thta’s how it should be.

  12. My favorite thing about the “It’s just a joke, you’re choosing to be offended/move on/just don’t listen/but but my free speeches/I’m just pushing the envelope/etc” argument is that it basically says “I think I have the right to demean anyone without consequence or backlash, and I can’t myself bear any insults or criticism.”

    • You obviously don’t watch the guy, or you’d recognize your comment as the Baby Ruth in the pool that it is. He consistently gives himself the business about everything in his life. That’s the point. He’s merciless with everyone, including himself. Personally, I thought he was being ironic and demonstrating how cultural bias and stereotyping leads to disturbing conclusions, but I’m just some navel-gazing liberal commie. I can’t help that I don’t anything.

      • Helpfully, I didn’t ever say Louis C.K. himself makes this argument. He has better things to say. And I’ve consumed way too much of his stuff to need my Louis bonafides checked by you. But thanks.

        • You’re welcome. I thought you were being obtuse, but instead you were merely being tangential and vague. Thanks, Mr. McCracken.

          • Referencing the other comments in a comment section = a vague tangent. I never knew! Thanks, International DJ Gig!

  13. People act like Oklahoma City is the only City surrounded by poor white people. Every state in the country has trailer trash. I live in Tampa now and I will tell you this. Oklahoma trailer trash has NOTHING on Florida trailer trash.

  14. He made a joke about jerking off in between each of the Twin Towers collapsing, too. Quit your bitching.

  15. To quote some of our local radio luminaries “I give it up to Patrick” and he is “exactly right”.

    I really enjoy offensive humor but jokes about rape and murder are such low percentage shots they are not worth taking. If you want to wish misfortune on us Okies stick with severe weather, ignorance and maybe some dread disease that is communicable via Christian fundamentalism.

    Louis must have just had a bad night. After the Presidential debates I think everyone is entitled to at least one.

  16. Worst part about the joke is that it wasn’t funny. If you’re gonna offend you had better make it worth it.

  17. If the joke offended you, perhaps posting a clip of it on your widely viewed blog isn’t the best way to not overreact. How many more people have seen this joke since you decided to share?

    I would be interested to hear how the local comedians that this blog is supportive of, and the comedians that often contribute to your blog feel about this. Do you really think that if Louis visited the memorial, he wouldn’t make the joke? That he made the joke because he didn’t understand the size of the tragedy?

    Of course it’s okay to be offended by a joke. That’s what makes art fun! But to then feel the need to share what offended you with all of your readers seems a bit precious. Especially if you plan to remain a Louis fan as you suggest.

    Be offended, move on.

    • TLO serves many purposes, one of them is occasionally relay odd news and information about Oklahoma City to our readers. A recently uncovered audio clip of one of the world’s most successful stand-ups telling “jokes” about our town’s darkest and most tragic moment seems like something to share. My opinion was that “I’m not going to overreact,” but if other people want to, I don’t blame them.

  18. I am the person who upped this video. I was listening to some old CK and came across it again, and thought it was worth showing to a small group of people. I had no idea it would be picked up like this

    This is my first time here at TLO. I just want to say that this video was uploaded for humor. Louis CK is a comedic genius. Yes, this is a harsher joke. However, two things must be considered:

    1. It’s all in humor (think of the Comedy Central “Roasts”). He doesn’t really mean it. It was a segway to his main joke.

    2. This was recorded at Comedy Death Ray…which is known as a place where comedians “work out new material”.

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