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Red Alert Oklahoman News Flash: Mary Fallin likes to travel

On Sunday, the Oklahoman published a lengthy report detailing the excessive travel-related expenses that Governor Fallin has accrued since taking office. The report was very thorough, objective and would have been much more interesting had the Tulsa World not done the exact same thing 12-weeks-ago.

Here’s the headline and lead from Sunday’s story in the Oklahoman:

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin’s travel expenses add up

Since taking office 21 months ago, Gov. Mary Fallin has spent more than $273,000 on travel paid for by taxpayers, an analysis by The Oklahoman has found. During that time, Fallin logged 56 trips, more than half of which were unrelated to state business.

And the headline and lead from this July 23rd report in the Tulsa World:

Fallin accrues more than $250,000 in travel expenses

More than a quarter of a million dollars in public and private funds have been spent on travel and related security for Gov. Mary Fallin, her family and staff.

In all fairness, the Oklahoman’s coverage was a bit more detailed. They shared sidebars and graphs and even profiled the state plane, which is seriously called The Spirit of Oklahoma. But still, aren’t these two papers supposed to be sharing content or something?

The answer is yes, because the Tulsa World republished the Oklahoman report. So basically our state’s largest two newspapers paid three reporters to write the same damn story in a 12-week time frame? And they’re supposed to be sharing content. It’s like they killed one bird with three stones. And they wonder why the newspaper industry is struggling.

Oh well, at least the Oklahoman writers were cool enough to give us a veiled shout out:

Some of Fallin’s trips have raised eyebrows in the Capitol and drawn public criticism on social media blogs and discussion boards.

Would you look at that! We’re now a “social media blog!” That’s amazing. It doesn’t beat the “obscure local social blog” label that Mike McCarville tagged on us several year’s ago, but we’ll take it. I’m already working on my next post —10 Must Have Social Media Apps for Oklahoma Businesses — as you’re reading this. Maybe I should give Mike Koehler, Patrick Allmond and the Blogging for Whatever lady a regular column.

Anyway, both the Tulsa World and Oklahoman reports told us what regular Lost Ogle readers already knew: Mary Fallin, just like the governors before her, enjoys vacationing and traveling on the taxpayer’s dime. They only difference is that the Governors before her were generally big government Democrats who didn’t run on campaign platforms like shrinking government and cutting wasteful spending. Therefore, they didn’t look like two-faced hypocrites whenever they took the state plane to Puerto Rico or California or Tempe or Laz Vegas or Washington or Ireland or even Grand Lake for a weekend.

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  1. Another post about another post? We have Paco the Horse Whisperer agreeing to an interview and this is what we get? -1 for The Lost Ogle.

      • Please don’t take this possibility away from me. I am fully convinced Paco has high-speed internet in that bungalow which he uses to keep up with TLO.

      • Yeah, right, Patrick. Next thing you’re gonna tell me is that that fellow I emailed all my bank account information to isn’t really a Nigerian prince. I’ll get the last laugh when Prince Nyeruuobi cables those millions into my private savings account…

        • Leave Harry alone. He’s a friend of mine going way back to high school days. He’s taken a lot of flack because of his name over the years and he doesn’t need all of that pain brought up again.

  2. She was on a DC junket two weeks ago under the auspices of the State Chamber of Oklahoma’s “DC Fly-In”. She was to preside over a $200 a pop dinner one of the evenings. She attended the Fly-In last fall, too. I was supposed to go but had to cancel at the last minute – darn…

  3. We can’t expect her to do any actual work while she’s parked in the Governor’s Mansion waiting for Inhofe to retire.

  4. well someone has to keep the highway patrolmen of the world warn at night, good ol’ mattress mary always willing to help out!

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