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Thou shalt not commit typos when engraving a granite 10 Commandments monument…

Earlier today, a 10 Commandments monument was unveiled on the northern grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol. The monument was apparently installed to remind our lawmakers how archaic and bizarre Oklahoma legislation can truly be.

From what I’ve heard, the monument looks great…other than a couple of typos. English teacher Moses would not be proud.

From KOKH Fox 25:

A Ten Commandments monument unveiled at the state capitol Thursday comes with a mistake. The 6-foot-tall monument has the word “Sabbath” spelled “Sabbeth.”

However local pastors and online sources all show Sabbath spelled with an “a” and not an “e.”

The word “maidservant” also appears misspelled. The “v” appears to be a “u,” spelling the word “maidseruant.”

Fox 25 contacted State Representative Mike Ritze, who paid $10,000 for the monument. Rep. Ritze told us he saw prototypes before the monument was erected, but did not see the final version.

Rep. Ritz said Tulsa-based SI Memorials made the monument. Fox 25 tried calling the business, but it was already closed for the day.

Here’s a pic of the carnage that was posted to Twitter by KOSU’s Michael Cross:

Before you leave a nasty comment, no, I do not moonlight as a monument engraver. Had I been contracted to do the work, I would have included a couple of rules of Fight Club.

Also, I spotted a third typo. Can you find it?


    • So, hey… State of Oklahoma… I’ve got this cool monument with some quotes from the Quran. Mind if I just put it up outside the State Capitol? I’ll pay all the costs, of course.

  1. Should have been an apostrophe in “neighbors” (sic).

    Also, wait, did KOKH really have a typo in their article about typos? Did they make a funny? (They spelled theRep’s name Ritz and Ritze)

  2. No offense, but I find highly humorous that you had a typo leaving off the “e” on the second Ritze and your spelling of carnage. I would think that when one is mocking misspellings and/or typos they would try to make sure they are not committing the same errors. Having said that, this is hilarious and exemplifies the intelligence of those who insist on forcing their beliefs on others.

    • You obviously don’t visit this site very often. For some reason, spellcheck didn’t catch the typo. Thank God we don’t publish this thing on granite.

      • You should have just said, “I meant to do that” and let me feel like an ass. Hell I ain’t perfect, I once found a bad typo in a resume I had sent to several increasingly less possible employers. Anyhow, I meant to be of help and not a dick… hope you took it that way.

  3. The phrase “graven images” may not be a typo, but it is not the standard translation. Should just be singular “image”.

  4. The Commandments monument in Stigler is known for having “adultery” misspelled as “adultry.” At least the “not” wasn’t omitted in that commandment.

    Said monument was moved from the Haskell County Courthouse grounds about 100 feet east to the Haskell County Museum lawn.

  5. And, it looks as though the word “take” in “take the name of the Lord in vain” is spelled “tahe” on the monument. It looks as though this monument is monumental only in the number of typos it contains. It is chock-a-block with them.

  6. YOU PEEPOL, on that Pathetic little web site trying to make fun of religion. PETHETIC, ABSOLUTELY PETHETIC. Look, I’m not going to tell people what to believe or what to think, but this is beyond ridiculous. People makin fun of religion … for some monumant that most of you people will never see. But watever. LET’S GET BACK TO DA FONES!

    • It looks like religion and religious people do a good enough job of making themselves look like idiots. Maybe they shouldn’t give a ‘pathetic little website’ the ammunition? God bless you, my child.

      • Jason, my man, are you a first-time caller? If so, we’ll get you some Johnny’s … so stay on the line, K? And you people, you PEOPLE, on that Pathetic Little Website makin’ fun of me … like that “Doug” dude, with a FAKE name and EVERY-THANG. Listen, listen … what’s that? oh, just getting a text message here … oh ok. Listen, what I was sayin’ was … Listen … what’s so WRONG with the Ten Commandments? Why do you people always have to attack religion? Oh, big men you all are, attacking a monument. I’d like to see you try to punch it out …. HAHAHAHAHAHA … ahhahhahaheee….ahhhh, you peeple. You people. LET’S GET BACK TO DA PHONES!

  7. Since I cannot covet my neighbor’s manservant, how do I get my own? I have several things that need doing around the house and a manservant sounds perfect!

    Or, if I cannot have a manservant, I guess a healthy maidservant would do.

  8. That’s kind of the cliff notes version of the ten commandments. Are they trying to simplify and dumb down the population by not using the full biblical version of the ten commandments?

  9. It looks to me as if there are 11 Commandments. Instead of the little indent in previous more-than-one-line commandments, that last “Thou shall not covet” seems to stand on it’s own. And I like how they replaced ox and ass with “cattle.” Was there a bald eagle clutching an American flag on the original? Truly, God is omniscient!

  10. God’s Word is inerrant. I shall forever spell Sabbeth and maidseruant God’s way. I shall also occasionally drop the apostraphy when writing apostraphy s’s, I mean sses.

  11. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” This has been extended to incluse the State of Oklahoma. Allowing this monument to be erected on the Capitol grounds is exactly the State choosing one religion over all others. Unless we can now erect a monument to Judaism, Hinduism, Muslim, and what about Wiccans, Bahá’í Faith, Gnosticism, Ayyavazhi, Buddhism, Shinto, Tao, Santería…soon there won’t be anywhere to park a car.

  12. Let us take this time to remember our real commandments that Mr George Carlin so elequantly pared down:



    And second:


    Two is all you need, folks. Moses could have carried them down the hill in his pocket. And if we had a list like that, I wouldn’t mind that brilliant judge in Alabama displaying it prominently in his courthouse lobby. As long he in­cluded one additional commandment:


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