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Breaking News: Emily Sutton has bangs

I did a little research, and that pic is the first ever photo we posted of Emily Sutton. It was from back when Emily was a young innocent nubile weathergirl looking to make her mark in the Big Town. My how things can change. Thanks to the tutelage of her (current?) roommate Joleen Chaney, she’s gone from the nerdy smart girl who you’d try to cheat off of in math class to the popular girl who gets personal late night tours of microbrews.

Being the hard-hitting journalists that we are, we’ve documented this metamorphosis with Woodward and Berstein-like precision and detail. We’ve documented her triathlon training, encounters with Fabio (and Gary England), odd weather dongs and Stormy. And we’ve done it all without having a restraining order filed against us.

Now, though, we have something newer and more desperate to report. Emily has bangs. From Twitter:

I’m a devastatingly handsome schmuck with striking gray hair and growing power alleys, so I’m the last one to judge anyone else’s haircut or style. That being said, I kind of like the bangs. They look good on her. The real test though is to see how they hold up on TV. That’s why I stayed up late and watched the Channel 4 News last night. Here are some photos I snapped with my phone:

This was the opening shot from the weather report. She was doing her impersonation of Bob Barry Jr. leaving the KFOR bathroom.

This the obligatory jet stream shot. I really have no clue what the jet stream is or does, but Obligatory Jet Stream Shot sounds like a cool X-Box Live username.

The bangs are holding up well to all the moisture in Ponca City and Pawnee. Dover is getting robbed.

Emily was not impressed with the weather forecast.

Question for you meteorology nerds out there. With all the advances in radar, computer graphics and advanced weather simulations, why do they still have such large clickers? That thing’s bigger than an old Nintendo controller. Hell, it may be an old Nintendo controller.

Okay, I get sunrise and Noon, but when is the afternoon? Is that 3:00pm? 5:00pm? What about sundown? Does it not matter? Or is afternoon sundown? Basically, when the hell is it going to be 69-degrees today?!

That’s the same look girls give whenever Ed Doney asks for their phone number at the Fox and Hound. That’s also the same face Ed Doney makes whenever he follows Bob Barry Jr. out of the KFOR bathroom.

Anyway, that’s it for Emily’s new bangs. Once again, I like them, but here are a few other thoughts:

1. If you thought it was kind of creepy to look at all those candid photos of Emily giving the weather, imagine how I felt when I was taking them with my phone at 11:45 on a Sunday night. Oh well, just like we need hot weathergirls with bangs to give the nightly forecast, we need loyal bloggers to photograph them and put them on the internet.

2. How they hell do I watch TV on my computer? That sure would make my life easier. Can some loyal Ogle Computer Mole explain that in the comments.

3. Lacey Swope, it’s time for you to get bangs.


  1. Okay…I think I creeped myself out a little…now that she said she has not had bangs since the 6th grade, I cant help but see her as a 6th grader now…

  2. You know you’ve seen too many porn related post when you see th word “bangs” and hairstyle is at least 3rd on your thought list….dayum, I’m ashamed…….so ashamed! LOL

  3. Agree. Check out a Slingbox for your TV –> Computer needs.

    I have one you can log into and try out if you want.

  4. They have worked this poor girl to death since she came to KFOR. Mike Morgan now doesn’t work more than a week at a time, with 2-week vacations in between, or he will disappear for 2-3 weeks after doing a long night of live updates. Meanwhile, Sutton is on air 7 days a week filling in while Morgan is on vacation.

  5. Forget about the bangs, let’s talk more about this little blue number she’s wearing. I think this may overpower the Severe Weather tie in the 2013 Ogle Madness tourney in attention grabbing.

  6. The bangs do bring out the sweater in her. I didn’t think it was possible to find her easier to look at.

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