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Great, Wayne Coyne and Nick Collison are now drinking buddies (photo)

Earlier today, Wayne Coyne posted the following picture on Instagram of him and Nick Collison getting drunk at The Other Room. In the photo, he claims they just did six shots each.

Here’s the pic:

Uhm, questions:

1. Six shots each, huh? I’d say it looks more like eight shots for Wayne and four shots for Nick. Regardless, it appears Nick Collison finally lost a plus/minus battle. Also, I wonder what shots they did? For irony’s sake, I hope they were Irish Car Bombs or Hand Grenades.

2. I wonder how many groupies they took home? Both these guys are recently single. I’m sure it was one hell of an after-after party / orgy.

3. How will Wayne Coyne and his entourage of hipster followers exploit this? One of his cronies is now selling replica grenades from his airport fiasco at Dwelling Spaces. Maybe they’ll sell little figurines of Nick Collison walking around in a hamster ball. Perhaps they’ll launch a psychedelic line of Nick Collison hemp bracelets with baby fetuses on them or something. Who knows.

4. I bet Jenni Carlson is frantically typing away at her keyboard as you’re reading this. She’ll probably write how the only thing that can save Nick Collison from Nick Collison is a gated community in Edmond and a neighborhood Louie’s.

5. Business at The Other Room, which is actually a cool little hipster bar, should skyrocket after this. When you go there, go look at the weird African-looking masks at Picasso’s. They are awesome.


  1. Why so much disdain for Wayne? Did he give your dog some bad acid or something? What gives Patrick?

  2. The groupie question answered. Wayne took home a a couple grenades and Chelsea blew Nick because she thinks he is the bomb.

  3. I once saw Nick at the Other Room, and I got excited that I’m in the same room as him.

    I’ve seen Wayne at the Other Room (and every other bar that I go to), and I usually just get pissed that his girlfriend is my age and hot.

  4. What the heck is Nick Collison doing hanging out with Wayne Coyne…does he EVEN know who he is…other than since you live in OKC you’re required to know who the Flaming Lips are b/c there’s a street near the ball park named after them & Big Truck serves a taco called Flaming Lips.

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