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Major Bummer: Medical Marijuana won’t be legal in Oklahoma anytime soon.

It looks like we’re going to have wait a little bit longer for medical marijuana to be legal in Oklahoma. Earlier today, the Tulsa World reported that the Oklahoma Senate will not schedule a study on the for some reason controversial issue:

Marijuana advocates will have to wait another year to try to get their discussion in front of Oklahoma legislators after a committee chairman announced this week he would not schedule the interim study.

Following Arkansas’ near passing of medical marijuana on Nov. 6, Oklahoma marijuana advocates – including the leader of the Tulsa branch of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws – were in high hopes of getting an interim study approved to discuss bills put forward by state Sen. Constance Johnson, D-Oklahoma City, aiming at legalizing marijuana for medicinal use.

That sucks. Because I struggle with, uh, anxiety, pain, and boredom, I also had “high” hopes this interim study would be approved. Oh well, at least non-medical marijuana is readily available and abundant in this state.

Also, I had no clue there was a Tulsa chapter for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Hell, I didn’t even know there was an Oklahoma Chapter. I would schedule a fundraiser for them to help fund a state question petition drive, but I just don’t have the motivation to do so.

Anyway, here’s the excuse Sen. Brian Crain, R-Tulsa, gave for not scheduling the study:

The chairman of the committee, state Sen. Brian Crain, R-Tulsa, said he discussed the scheduling of the study with Johnson but decided recently not to move forward with the study…

Crain said his decision not to allow the study was based on the Oklahoma Constitution and the U.S. Constitution.

“I don’t know how we can proceed with the legalization of medical marijuana as long as the federal law says the legalization of medical marijuana is against the law,” Crain said.

Well, Tubby, I mean Mr. Crain, here’s an answer to your question. The Feds don’t enforce the law. Watch this report on 60 Minutes — you know, the respected Sunday night news magazine — and see if it changes your mind. It probably won’t, because you’re a socially conservative fun hater who wants the general public to abide by your own stringent, boring, missionary position moral code, but watch it anyway, and then schedule a study.

Just like any legal or illegal drug, marijuana has some negative side effects and isn’t for everyone, but if a grown adult wants to use it in the privacy of their own home for either medical or recreational purposes, they should have that right. You can’t overdose on it, and the worst thing it will do is make you hungry, lazy and miss some typos when proofreading a blog post. Nothing’s wrong with that.


  1. Ok, so using his argument, if the Feds decide to legalize it on a federal level and leave individual states to decide for themselves, then he’d be OK with Oklahoma legalizing it? Score.

    • It might be different if we were asking to legalize it for recreation, but we are only asking to ddecriminalize it for medical purposes, and to be prescribed by medical doctors. Senator Crain has pulled the rug out from underneath patients with cancer, multiple sclerosis, and many other very painful and debilitating diseases. He didn’t have the courage to discuss it as most other states are doing. What a shame that one man can control, and cause so many Oklahomans to needlessly suffer. Perhaps he might feel different if it were himself or a loved one that suffered 24/7, and the only help for the pain was harsh narcotics that hurts other bodily functions. It’s unbelievable that one man has the power to decide whether or not such an important issue can even be discussed. That in itself should be the crime!

  2. Interesting that Crain is against smoking, seeing how he was solely repsonsible last year for not allowing a vote on whether cities can enact tougher public smoking bans. Is he a puppet for big tobacco perhaps? Or just a ignorant repub? Probably both.

  3. Those that don’t want it legalized, want to smoke it all for themselves.
    I don’t smoke it but I would much rather it be as legal as alcohol or cigs.
    One statement I heard that changed me forever was “people who smoke pot don’t want to run out and rob stores and kill people, they want to get high, and sit on the couch watching cartoons”
    I saw the logic.

  4. yes, the OK state legislature would NEVER pass legislation that would get them sued in federal court.

  5. Odd that these “social conservatives” don’t show the same respect for federal law when it involves the Affordable Care Act.

  6. Can anyone tell me where it says it is illegal to smoke pot in the Constitution? Maybe it’s on the new Ten Commandments monument at the Capitol? Nah, they never could have spell marijuana correctly.

  7. They should legalized medical marijuana in Oklahoma it would bring a economic boom more jobs here and Oklahoma would make good income$ from the marijuana industry and it cares cancer and you can’t overdose on marijuana the worst thing that would happen is you get hungry increased appetite and you get sleepy which is good for people who have sleeping problems and it’s just a plant I don’t understand why they considered a Herb/Plant an drug look at how all the other states in the united states of America that have legalized Medical Marijuana have been very successful such as California Colorado Washington Oregon and how their more productive then Oklahoma like come on were in the year 2012 and we still have marijuana considered as a drug like com on people do your research all that gets you high is the THC in the Cannabis it’s not a drug it’s a plant Dumbfucks and fick your opinion!!!!! all I know is that Oklahoma needs to step their game up Oklahoma was once Indian Territory so like I dont understand why considered Oklahoma part of the south fuck the old southern value bullshit this land belongs to the Native Americans LEGALIZED MARIJUANA 2013 campaign starts now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OKLAHOMA NEEDS TO STOP PLAYING GAMES AND JUST LEGALIZED MARIJUANA think about how much money and revenue that the state could make by just legalizing Medical Marijuana in the sooner state they could usee the money for research on Medical Marijuana and how the THC helps care cancer and also use the money for funding on Oklahoma transportation Oklahoma has the wrost rodes in AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I think Brian Cain’s “AKA” is QDawg.

    I love how the right is all against government involvment in things until it can be utilized for moralizing.

    Cocaine and heroin are from plants too, right? I’m all for legalization but it’s not necessarily a no-brainer.

  9. Wow all these comments and no one else is wondering if the apple in the pic eventually becomes Brown Betty Dessert! hahahahahah

    Hey mom for thanksgiving dessert can we have some Mary Jane Brown Betty.

    Where is freakin Cheech and Chong when you need some real expertise?

  10. Have stage IV invasive ductal carcinoma which has spread
    To right femur, and L-1 vertebrae, recently found I have pagets of the breast which is another form of breast cancer, osteo-arthritis, 2 bulging discs, and fibromyalgia. I have taken months of chemo of 5 different toxic chemicals. A bone strengthener which are making my teeth fall out. I have been bald, so week I couldn’t stand up, so forgetful I couldn’t remember my kids names. Then 4 years of herceptin that keeps remission longer, but you have to take a heart scan every three months because it can eat up your heart. Crain and his crainettes don’t understand that people exsisting (I use that term because hurting 24/7 is not living)with debilitating death sentences we have. Is a whole different world. Crain let’s doctors hand us morphine which knocks you out and when you wake up your still hurting. But God forbid we can’t take a couple hits off something that was legal til the 50’s and actually live alittle. I’m not for recreational use, hell I don’t even drink beer. But I’m a 58 yr old mother of 5 grown kids 12 grandkids. I was a pediatric nurse til this horrible pain made me quit. If we have the right to vote to carry guns, hello you can die from a gun. But Crain has the gall to take our right to work our right to play with out grandkids away from us. He thinks he is God, oh wait a minute he doesn’t think he is God, God made marijuana. He thinks he is hitler. He will disagree with the fed gov when they say they are going to raise his taxes, but he walks a strict line of obeying the law when it concerns other people suffering. I bet he would change his attitude if he spent one night up because he can’t sleep from all the pain like my side of the world. Why don’t we pretend this is America and put it out there for a vote and let’s see what the people that pays his salary want. Better yet let’s just fire the ass.

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