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Oklahoma students risked their lives to help light Mary Fallin’s Christmas tree

Yesterday, an Ogle Mole sent us a couple of pics from Mary Fallin’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the State Capitol. The event took place on the south steps of the crumbling building. Here are the pics:

How sweet…and dangerous. Check out what the south entrance to the capitol usually looks like:

So let me get this straight. The south entrance to the Capitol is too dangerous to be used by legislators and lobbyists, but it’s the perfect spot for a bunch of band nerds to gather around and play Sleigh Bells while the Governor lights her Christmas tree? I can’t stand teenagers either, but even I think that’s kind of ridiculous. At least make them where red and green hardhats or something.

Anyway, maybe we should file an open records request to see if the students’ safety was considered when planning this event? I doubt it was. I bet the only thing the Governor’s office cared about was making sure the tree lights were powered by natural gas and the eggnog had real rum in it. Eggnog is surprisingly delicious.


  1. Did she ask the students to join her in a Christmas prayer that that antiquated halfwit Inhofe will retire so she can stop cooling her heels and trying to avoid screwing up playing Governor and thus ascend to her God-given place in the Senate? This whole charade of her

  2. I expect the kids were not in much danger at that location, where they weren’t under any part of the building and thus were safe from falling debris. The real danger would have been at the other entrances where they might actually have been approached by legislators and lobbyists.

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