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Kanye and Kim were in Oklahoma City

Usually we do a pretty decent job keeping you informed about random celebrity visits to Oklahoma. We let you know about Collin Farrell taking a road trip to Oklahoma City to eat a cheeseburger, Johnny Depp venturing to Lawton to be in a parade, and Kate Upton catching a Thunder game with her uncle.

Well, it looks like we have failed you Ogle Moles. Kayne and Kim flew to Oklahoma City on the Friday after Thanksgiving and we had no clue. They were in town to visit family and the grave of Kanye’s mother. From Radar Online:

Five years after his mother’s tragic death, Kanye West feels that he finally has a woman in his life worth bringing to her grave.

After spending Thanksgiving with the Kardashian clan, the rapper brought Kim Kardashian back to his mother’s resting place in Oklahoma City to spend a meaningful moment at her graveside and to meet his family, almost exactly five years after she was buried, and RadarOnline.com has the exclusive details.

“Kanye brought Kim to Oklahoma City the day after Thanksgiving to pay respects to his mother and to meet his mother’s side of the family,” a source exclusively tells RadarOnline.com.

“This was her first time meeting them.”

The high-profile couple managed to go undercover for the most part on their brief visit to the Midwest, flying out of LAX on Friday and jetting out of Oklahoma City on Saturday, Radar has confirmed from multiple sources.

“This was a really monumental moment for Kanye because he adored his mother,” another source tells Radar.

I really like Kim Kardashian’s boobs and enjoy listening to some of Kanye West’s music, but I can’t stand either one of them as people. That being said, I’m going to be nice and respectful to them on this one. They were in town to visit his mother’s grave and not “host” a club party in Bricktown, catch a Thunder game or do something hokey at an American Idol audition.

However…which one is a bigger deal? Is it introducing your girlfriend to your living mother, or taking a girl to visit your dead mother’s grave? In all honesty, they’re both kind of heavy and awkward. At least your mother’s grave doesn’t get nervous, talk too much and unintentionally embarrass you. Then again, you’re mother’s grave also doesn’t make pot roast. I’ll call this one a draw.


  1. I never understood why she was popular. She was good looking with a nice body, but not so much any more.

    He has added a fair amount of weight also in what appears to be a short amount of time. The last I saw him was the clip of him taking the spotlight from Taylor Swift.

    • I think most of us realized the photo was fake. After all, we’ve been force-fed images and stories of these two for 24 hours a day for way too long. If they’d put on that much weight, I guarantee we’d have heard of it and seen other photos (and possibly even sex videos), try as we might to avoid them. But it sure is fun to hope they’ll look like that soon.

  2. I have it on good authority (my own eyes), that they were picked up from the airport in an early to mid-2000s Pontiac G5 with substantial body damage.

    /Cool Story Me

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