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KFOR Channel 4 wants to know if it’s okay to rape a child…

Yesterday, another news story broke about another teacher/coach being caught in another inappropriate relationship with another underage student.

Yes, sad and disgusting news stories like that are becoming far too commonplace in Oklahoma. And KFOR Channel 4 wants to know if it should be illegal.

From their Facebook Page:

Yeah, that’s not fake or Photoshopped. KFOR really just asked on their Facebook wall if it should be illegal for a 23-year-old softball coach to f*ck one of his 14-year-old students. The answer, in case you’re wondering, is “Yes.”

Seriously, I could possibly see the debate if the girl was 17, looked 24, and had a fake ID. Winger did write a song about that, but 14??? Not only is that rape, but it’s also sick, gross and disgusting. The girl could still be in middle school. Think about that. Middle School.

Anyway, you kind of have to wonder what other great questions KFOR is going to ask on their Facebook page. Should drunk driving be illegal if you only had beer and took the back roads? Does cracking down on the sex slave trade hurt small businesses? Should it be illegal to not attend church? Based on the ignorance of the post above, none of those would surprise me.


  1. I’m going to choose to believe that they did this in a covert sting with the OCPD. Anyone who answers, “No, it shouldn’t be illegal” will immediately be put on a watch list. Because the alternative is just ridiculous.

  2. Check out the 99th commentator on the KFOR post. Says that the people criticizing are almost as immature as the Coach and that he’s ashamed to have us as neighbors. I hope to God he’s trolling.

  3. The worst thing about these web-based gimmicks is that they allow your average mental deficient to publicly post his comments on the issue. Wait. Ahem. Nevermind.

  4. I can’t believe I’m coming to the defense of channel 4 here but that’s not what they asked. They were conducting a survey that asked “Do YOU THINK” it should be illegal, not “should it be illegal”. It was a nuetral question soliciting attitude, not a covert hint that maybe it should be ok.

  5. They posted a retraction of regret on their Facebook page. What’s funny to me is, they have people who are supposed to look at these things before they are posted or commented on. Where are they? Why are they not doing their job?

    • They are busy celebrating unemployment, since people keep getting laid off to raise profit margins, thus making people overwork, with the journalism produced getting shoddier, thus driving away viewers, thus requiring more people to be laid off, and etc. It’s a vicious circle alright.

  6. Wasn’t there a state senator recently that was going to submit legislation that would either lower the age of consent or apply the current age of consent to in-school “relationships”? I swear that I remember seeing something about that. And who would be surprised if something like that were passed in our especially forward-thinking state?

    • Recently an attorney for a former teacher challenged the law in some fashion, claming that since the girl he was with wasn’t an actual student of his and she was of consenting age it was ok. I think they lost this week but I’m too lazy to actually fact-check right now.

  7. Listen parts of the law are ridiculous and require District Attorneys to make common sense decisions. Sadly, there are plenty of ADA’s that have like ZERO common sense. For instance, even though 16 is the age of consent in Oklahoma, if you are a 21 yr old teacher in the OKC school district and bang a 19 year old senior that goes to another school in your district = 2nd degree rape. WTF??? Or if you are 14 and have sex with a 13 yr old = Rape. Or a 18 yr old Junior and a 15 yr old sopohmore = Rape.

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