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We had a festive Twitter chat with Jenni Carlson during last night’s Thunder game…

Last night, while watching the Thunder stumble their way to a sloppy victory over the Hornets, I grabbed my phone to see what people were saying on Twitter. Of course, the first thing I saw was this terrible tweet from Jenni Carlson:

Yes, the Hornets lost to the Wizards. The Wizards! Know what other team has lost to the Wizards? The Miami Heat. Yes, the Heat! Maybe this is a newsflash to Jenni, but NBA teams have professional athletes and play 82 games, therefore random upsets and trailing a bad squad early in the first quarter of a game isn’t all that unusual. That’s why the tweet was stupid. She made it seem like a big deal and that Thunder fans should worry and panic. Naturally, she followed the Tweet with this:

Once again, that’s why her original tweet was so stupid. The Hornets did lose to the Wizards. They’re a bad team and bad teams tend to blow leads and lose winnable games. That’s why Thunder fans didn’t care they were losing to a team that lost to the Wizards.

So I replied to her tweet with this:

And then something happened that’s never happened before. She replied back!!! And she replied with what perhaps the greatest comeback of all time:

Whoa, I got served! Here was my reply:

After this, things kind of got kind of confusing. First, we had an Ogle Mole named Jase jump in and get our back:

The amount of Twitter followers isn’t necessarily a good gauge of someone’s worth or importance. If that were the case, Jim Traber would have us all beat. But none of that matters. Jenni really didn’t seem to care about how many Twitter followers we have. She’s a credentialed journalist and gets press passes. Press Passes!

My reply to that nonsense:

At that point I was about to put my phone down and continue watching the game. But then our friend and TLO contributor Ryan Drake got in on the action. This is classic.

Jenni was still not impressed. She knows that you have to be a member of an exclusive club to land press passes:

To which Ryan replied:

Yeah, I think Ryan may have hard time getting press passes this year.

Also, we kind of applied for press credentials…once. It was back in 2011 when the Thunder were playing Denver in the playoffs. I emailed some dude named Brian Facchini about how to apply for credentials for the series (I was trying to throw Clark Matthews a bone). He replied “Thanks for the e-mail. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide a credential for the first round playoff series.” So technically, I’ve never applied for (or been turned down) for press passes. The either means Jenni Carlson lies, Jenni Carlson has bad sources, or Brian Facchini like to exaggerate things.

Anyway, I’ve spent way too much time detailing a five-minute spat with Jenni Carlson. In fact, I think it sucks that I have to follower her for work purposes. Fortunately, a reader feels my pain:


  1. So which is it? Does she not have any clue who you are, or has she had conversations with sources about you to find out you once inquired about press passes?

  2. Here’s my deal with Jenni, WTF and WhoTF were the tweets for? Unless you are a total fuck and don’t understand anything about sports/NBA why would you be following Jenni in the first place. Second of all the post were the most remarkle examples of posting the absolute fucking obvious I’ve ever seen. Especially:
    #Thunder showing a little spark. Down 36-32 with 2:35 left in the first half.

    — Jenni Carlson (@JenniCarlson_OK) December 13, 2012

    Anyone watching the game, at the game or that has a phone made in the last 5 years (which they would have if they were following her on twitter) can get the score without having to follow Jenni. It’s just ego that feeds her need to tweet. You know she was thinking “boy my followers can see I’m really doing my job and I’m spot on this freakin NBA thing!”

  3. Her writing is just terrible and she never seems to have a good article. She is the Jason Whitlock of the Oklahoman(ouch!) It’s not because she’s a woman. I could care less. Stephanie Kuzdym(sp?) isn’t terrible. She’s not great but neight is Jason Kersey. With Jenni, I just know whatever she writes is going to be terrible and should probably be avoided.

  4. Maybe Jenni can pen a column showing feign concern over the perils of terrible columnists using Twitter.
    Also, a real journalist could point out the Thunder not looking like they really gave a shit in the 1st half against a team they beat by 20+ on the road two weeks ago.

  5. I can’t get through an entire Jenni Carlson article, and now it seems I can’t even get through an entire Jenni Carlson tweet.

  6. I always gauged a good sports columnist as someone who tells me things I might not have unearthed by just watching the game on TV, in person or reading the game story. Two of Jenni’s recent “columns” told us the Mike Gundy-Mike Holder rift is a problem and that Serge Ibaka made Stephen Jackson mad. I read on to see if they were really that stupid. They were. Waste of that sacred press pass.

  7. If you have nothing better to do than pick at jenni, because of a tweet, the you need to re-evaluate yourself. And that would knock you lower than her (person wise not job wise) imo cause atleast she doesnt go after people to make herself feel better which apparently you need to. And I usually like your articles, but this is just sad on your part

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