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2012 Year In Review: December

For all of you non-cool people, this is a scene from the Empire Strikes Back where the Empire invades the ice planet Hoth. That’s what I was expecting to reenact on Christmas thanks to the promise of Hoth like conditions from local meteorologists. Well, I guess meteorologists have something in common with my dad, especially if they’re alcoholics who punch me, because he lied about Hoth like conditions too. When I was a kid I wanted the Hoth playset for Christmas and instead got a bowl full of ice with a bag of plastic Army guys. “We’re poor!” dad said. Well, decades later and all the memories came flooding back meaning I spent yet another Christmas crying over not being Han Solo. For the record, that’s almost every Christmas.

Get out of here 2012!

5. Anatomy of a Christmas Blizzard Fizzle

What We Said: “This week instead of trying to decipher what Dean Blevins has to say, we’re going to try and re-create the run-up to yesterday’s Oklahoma City Christmas “snowstorm.”

What We Learned: Our local weather people are spot on when it comes to tornado tracking. They can almost tell you what piece of furniture in your living room is most likely to break from a tornado. They cannot seem to handle  NOT overselling a snowstorm though. Perhaps it’s because the bread, milk and peanut butter lobbies have such a strong hold on local news. I assume this because anytime someone on TV goes berserk about a snow storm the first thing missing from the shelves, within about ten minutes, is bread, milk and peanut butter. I’ve lived here 20 years and the longest I’ve been “snowed in” is a day. Tops. And that was because I was lazy. At no point has anyone, trapped in snow anywhere, ever thought, “Well, if I’m gonna be trapped, might as well make a peanut butter sandwich and wash it down with some milk because we all know those three things combined make life sustainable on planet Earth.”  Never.

Best Comment: “I did see that Lord England tweeted about you guys yesterday!! did you see it? It was a Christmas Day Miracle” – Jennifer

4. We’re Going to the Mary Fallin Open Records Request Party and Staying All Night

What We Said: “Back in November, we wrote about Governor Mary Fallin’s refusal to comply with Oklahoma lawand not release certain emails and documentation that were sought by the Oklahoman in an open records request. Since then, several other media organizations have joined the party and filed their own requests.”

What We Learned: We come across as super important when the ACLU is involved. Sure, we do like the idea of being a part of political intrigue with a classy lady such as Mary Fallin. We like the idea we’re a champion for right in a world full of cover ups. You know what else we like? Thinking there might be a day when Joleen Chaney and Emily Sutton ask us to accompany one or both of them to the local Emmys. They’ll be charmed by our wit and then wanna make out with us because we’re so damn cool and deserving. So basically we’re sixth graders in adult bodies is what I’m saying. But, yeah. Political whatever and such.

Best Comment: “Satire is greater than news any day, but when satire equals news, it’s just a thing of beauty.” – okeducationtruths

3. KFOR  Channel 4 Wants to Know if it’s ok to Rape a Child 

What We Said: “Yesterday, another news story broke about another teacher/coach being caught in another inappropriate relationship with another underage student. Yes, sad and disgusting news stories like that are becoming far too commonplace in Oklahoma. And KFOR Channel 4 wants to know if it should be illegal.”

What We Learned: We learned between former Thunder announcers/teachers and just some regular ol’ teachers, Oklahoma has to get better at spotting predators. Maybe the over eager person who has WAY too many questions regarding security cameras in classrooms isn’t the same person you hire to be around a bunch of kids. Yeesh Oklahoma. We also learned someone has to do better with editorial decisions at KFOR. A 14-year-old girl isn’t the best when it comes to making life decisions. Have you been to the mall? 14-year-olds are pretty dumb. No one should ask them to make a life altering decision in the hopes that’ll get you off the hook. “Well, that kid said yes. I dunno. Is that bad?” Yes. Yes it is.

Best Comment:  “Whoever is responsible for making this post on KFOR’s Facebook page should be fired.” – Cynical Chris

2. About the Green Dragon Classified Ad That’s Gone Viral

What We Said: “If you have a Facebook page and live in Oklahoma City, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the Oklahoman classified ad asking someone to slay the green dragon that’s been seen flying around Northeast OKC.”

What We Learned: That a lot of people apparently are more ready to believe either a crazy person has placed an insane ad or there are really dragons flying around the city. It’s always amazing when something goes viral in a world where Google exists. You can find out anything with the limited amount of effort possible. Gone are the days of making a few phone calls and heading to the library to research microfiche. You can do it from the magic information box in your pocket! Wanna find out if a dragon ad is legit? Google it. Wanna look at barely clothed ladies eating cottage cheese while on a trampoline? Google it. I’m not sure if that last one is real. Hang on….nope. Thank Google.

Best Comment: “Once again the LostOgle has made my day brighter! And this show how progressive your are. Maybe this is a sign that OKC is becoming more progressive? Well I’m off to search for that Green Dragon.” – Pauletta George

1. Christina Fallin is Single…Again

What We Said: “We have learned through the Ogle Mole Network that Christina Fallin, an American consultant, artist and public figure (her words, not mine), is single again. Shocking, huh?”

What We Learned: That poor Christina lost her another husband. To be fair, husbands are a dime a dozen in that family. Boom! Ending the year on a cheap shot!

Best Comment: “I hope Ms. Fallin-Bacon-Fallin-Smith-Fallin is able to recover from this latest setback.” – Jason

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  1. If our local weather reporters (Mike Morgan is the worst of the worst!) continue to bullsh*t everyone with their hype and theatrics of doom, gloom, and invasions in 2013, then nobody will want to move here. Perhaps Mike Morgan will get his meteorology degree in 2013 and become arealmeteorologist and become accountable for what he says? Nah!

    • Right. Local weathermen prevent people from moving here. It has nothing to do with the Sally Kerns. Also, why are you trying to win some U-haul battle of the moving vans contest (“we just got the Miller family from Indiana! The Hoosier state can suck it!”)? Why do you care what our current population is? Is OK running for class president? I so hope we win!

    • Let me help you a bit with grammar, Chris. You should have written: “Oh, that’s why you’re a liberal.”

      The lack of education is why you are a conservative, Chris.

  2. I do believe Mike Morgan has the most meteorology education from OU (the harvard of meteorology schools) than any other current chief meteorologist in the OKC TV market. When GE retires in two years, he will also have over two decades more chief experience than any current or incoming chief in the market. So, this is really about expression of HATRED by a few that are obsessed with Mike Morgan.

    • On the American Meteorological Society web page of certified meteorologists, there are about 850 professionals that qualified with their college transcripts and on air performance to earn the seal. Number 850 is Mike Morgan. Did not see other very well known OKC Meteorologists on the list, which is surprising.

  3. Mike Morgan has the most meteorology classes at OU (the Harvard of weather schools) than any current chief meteorologist in OKC. when GE retires, he will still, and will have a minimum 21 more years of being chief meteorologist than any other chief in OKC.

    • Not going to debate his resume, but doing something for a long time, especially badly….. is not really a badge of honor, more a comment on the viewers, his ratings and management of the TV channel.

      • You have got to be kidding. IMO, you have no idea what you are talking about. This is Oklahoma, the place most EVERYONE in the weather world either endeavors to get here if they’re lucky, or AVOID it like the plague because they know our weather will chew them up. Now, I am not going to debate communication side of the equation, let’s just say being in a TV station since I was 15 (34 years and counting) has taught me a few things about communication. What do you do? Can I job shadow you, so I can slam your life’s work?

        • I may pee myself, getting to debate with MIKE MORGAN!….sure you can shadow me and rip my skills, but take heed my work and/or poor perfromance does not affect the lives of people depending on me to provide an accurate weather forcast. My errors, ego and/or false proclamations does not cause people to alter their life, plans and/or make important decisions. And if in 34 years you didn’t learn to not scare the crap out of people either by over-hyping the weather or wearing eye blinding bling-outed crappy ties, far be it from little ole me to expect you understand my points.

          PS. I guess you are saying Rick Mitchell got chewed up? I say well played Mr. Morgan, great dig without mentioning his name…….

          • Dear CAPPY,
            May 3, 1999 …..OKC received the way over an hour warning it needed that day. Is that “poor performance” too ancient history for you? OK, the second to last snowfall OKC received on 12/25/12. My “poor performance” forecast on 12/19/12…….1″ to 4″.
            “Poor performance” forecast on 12/20/12……..Trace to 3″…..I was off on 12/21/12…..I could forward texts to you over that weekend….12/22 and 12/23 I made to another on air meteorologist……the last text to him was 1″ to 2″…..that was at peak of histeria of everyone issuing forecasts for between 6″ and 20″….I had 12/24 off…..came in to work Christmas Day itself as a whopping .6″ of snow fell.

            OK, how about the latest snowfall? Thursday PM the NWS had a 10% chance of “something” for Friday 12/28. My “poor performance” forecast you ask? 60% chance for snowfall……accumulation of dusting to .5″.
            What happened? .5″ to 1″ snowfall.
            I dunno about Rick Michell, he left this market for a lot less work and more coin, I would guess since OKlahoma is not his birthplace, it was a pretty easy call for him.
            Follow me on twitter @Morganwxright

            • Wow! Mike Morgan. That’s right, stand up for yourself. Don’t worry Mike, you still have the best weather and your newscasts make the other stations look like cable access. P.S. This is not Linda.

            • Sad part is, there was WAAAAAAAAAY more than an hour’s notice but people simply REFUSED to take the warning to heart.
              Here’s a tip: When every weather guy and chaser is telling you to get the F*&% out of the way or underground, you might want to listen.
              All the biggies were grandstanding about May 3 days in advance.

            • Mike, have you been drinking? Or do you naturally come off as a condescending prick? It’s an innocent question.

          • Mike, I’m not going to argue your accuracy or abilities. In fact I will concede that you are one accurate mo-fo, deal? I will retract to reclarify my poor performance comments. BUT if you can tell me with a straight face and simple college striped necktie, that the weather stations in OKC (including yours) don’t overhype the weather then you should consider professional poker as a second career. Mike I implore you, you showed major balls coming here and defending yourself, now amp it up and be an agent of change. YOU BE LEADER in change by treating the weather as it should be, when there is real issues/danger report it! When it’s just raining, and the wind blowing let it go, don’t do the “you’re not missing any programming but it’s really raining hard in Tulsa”-let Tulsa report on Tulsa. And really be a leader in bringing change by not participating in naming storms “Blizzard 2009” you have to admit it looks a little hackish when cities like Cleveland get 12 feet of snow a year and we call 6 inches a blizzard.
            You do this and I will start a Mike Morgan fan club. One last thing offering texts to another on-air weather person as proof of your accuracy is admirable but won’t change anyone’s mind. And again if you predicted what you said about good for you, but you have to admit anyone watching TV at any given point in time during the days prior to Christmas had to think there was a BIG FREAKIN STORM COMING!
            Good Luck Mike, I’ll be watching.

            • I just want to throw in there that comparing snow in Cleveland to OKC is a cheesy move. Without going into a long post, it’s not much different than Okies making fun of somewhere north that has an EF1 tornado,that never sees them, and those people freak out. Same with CA people laughing at other experiencing & freaking out of earthquakes. Climate varies, and locations are able to handle natural phenomena differently. But, as humans, making fun of others makes us feel important i suppose.

            • Point taken about Cleveland, like the man in orthopedic shoes I stand corrected!

              That said, my point is that if we didn’t start naming storms “BEFORE” they actually got here and/or happened it might not scare the crap out of the people who are obsessed with the weather. No matter what you think of me or my comments, the OKC weather reporting is a freakin hype machine and if making fun of it brings attention to that then so be it.

            • no it’s ok, and I do the same thing with “laughing” at okies saying 50 degrees is cold, that’s all in relation to your background,etc. There may be something said though, that hyping it makes people freak out. If our death & destruction is coming from nickel size hail, or an inch of snow, people will flip out. Humans love hype. That’s why we have no real news anymore? anywho….

    • Hmm, Lord Morgans sidekick Emily Sutton holds duel degrees, one in Atmospheric Science, and could work in any private or government sector as a meteorologist. I believe this also applies to Rick Mitchell.

      Hmm, Chief Meteorologist (the big guy) Mike Morgan holds no formal degree in Meteorology or Atmospheric Science, and is only qualified to work in broadcast meteorology based on that fact.

      Hmm, the AMS broadcasters Seal of Approval does not require any formal degree in Meteorology, as one can can even take online correspondence courses for a certificate through a famous college in Mississippi, or no more than six (20hrs) of lower level (freshman and sophomore) undergraduate courses in meteorology. After that, just paying annual due$ keeps the AMS seal active. Some may pretend their AMS seal as their primary credentials when they lack the educational credentials.

      Hmm, it doesn’t take 34 years of experience to modify a NWS forecast with doom, gloom and hype to scare people for ratings and selling commercial advertising.

      Who’s bull$hitting who now? Hmm….

      GO Sooners!

      • Hmmm is a hater….I have completed All Meteorology classes for the B.S. degree at OU, go sooners! and completed graduate level classes in METR at OU. You likely would agree the OU METR program is the best there is, and may be superior to all others. So a B.S. degree from OU and 34 years experience at Oklahoma TV stations (23 years as chief) is MORE than qualified. Hmmm, go on with your life, when you mature a bit more, you will realize slamming me is really not worth your or my time…..other youngen’s who liked to hate decades ago have learned this, and you should too. I’m not going anywhere.

        • Also to hmmm’s point about the American Meteorological Society (AMS), back when they professionally certified me, they DID NOT accept Mississippi State METR classes, online or otherwise….Their standards were significantly higher. If you wanted to be professionally certified, you turned in your COLLEGE TRANSCRIPT from an accepted METR University, turned in your TV broadcast tape, and a letter of VERIFYABLE CREDENTIALS. That is exactly what I did. It took over 6 months to complete the process as the AMS board had several levels of review that an applicant had to pass. I did.

          • Hmmm, one more thing…Why would I want to work for the government anyway? I know exactly what people in the government jobs in METR do. I never had any interest in doing that. Broadcast Meteorology jobs require broad skills beyond sitting behind a computer screen all day. Not a slam at sitting behind a computer screen, I do plenty of that too, but our jobs also entail strong knowledge of graphic art, public speaking, theater, communications….etc. So, to your point, it is irrelevant to me and I am thankful for that.

      • Quoting from Mike Morgan,
        “..I dunno about Rick Michell, he left this market for a lot less work..”

        It’s Mitchell, not Michel. All that communication skills (along with tons of meteorological training) and experience and can’t even spell on a simple blog?

        Mike’s right, the AMS did lower it’s standard to allow internet based correspondence courses. However, the original standard never required a formal degree, but only 20-hours of completion toward a degree, which is barely a minor. One who can’t hack the math and science requirements toward the degree can take the easy way out with a minor in meteorology, get a formal degree in earth sciences, and join the AMS. Would you want your doctor or airline pilot to have only made it partially through their training? Perhaps because they are accountable for their actions? Peoples lives are in their hands! Rick Michell (that’s Mitchell) and Emily Sutton made it through the entire program, and are the real deal! Why did these two individuals complete their professional training, but not Mikey? Mikey knows, but isn’t telling. Who’s bull$hitting who now? I’ve proven my point.

        According to the AMS website, Mike Morgan 850 status is a “not active” sealholder. Better pay your membership due$ so you can keep calling yourself an AMS meteorologist and hyping up the weather with doom and gloom.

        • Hmmm, since you a so obsessed at hating me because of my supposed lack of credentials, you should know I have 30 something hours of METR from OU (can’t recall exactly how many, but it’s a bunch…a number that is higher than the minimum required for a degree in METR.
          Also, when you looked up my AMS credentials, what other very well known folks did you NOT see there?
          So, there is my METR education, there is my professional credentials with the AMS, and are you aware the Norman NWS actively solicited my work during tornado outbreaks to research modifying their own severe weather warnings to make them more effective?
          So, hater, you are in a lonely place…. by hating me, you are slamming OU, slamming the AMS, and potentially slamming the Norman NWS. Someday, when you mature, you will realize the hatred is not worth occupying your, or anybody else’s time.

          • Mike, coming from a current graduate student at OU. A minimum of 48 hours of METR courses are required for a BS. Maybe it’s changed from when you were here, but 30 something would not complete degree requirements for a BS in METR.

  4. Did Mike Morgan for reals just come on this site and brag about getting a bachelors degree at OU and taking some grad courses? That’s too good.

    • But did you notice he never said he has a degree in meteorology? Just that he has taken classes. I took METR classes at OU too, starting the minor. Believe me, you don’t want me forecasting the weather.

      Rick Mitchell 4 life.

  5. Can TLO setup a claymation (a la Celebrity Deathmatch) video of all our weatherpeople duking it out? Play the “Kirk vs Spock” fight song? Ok, that’s enough geek for today.

  6. There are only a trusted few weather guys I would even listen to in this state. One is Aaron Tuttle and the other is Michael Armstrong.

  7. The lost ogle is great! Mike Morgan having to come on here and defend his work/credentials/or debate about leaving an L out of skippyskiptown’OverHypeEpitome’Mitchell is weak. Who really cares about 30+ credits, AMS seals, undergrad/grad work, or background education needed to be a public or government METR. With a trillion apps, websites, and other means to figure out what the weather will be in the immediate/near future, the role of the broadcast meteorologist is as symbolic as the wrist watch is in actually needing to figure out what time of day it is. No offense to Emily Sutton, I watch her because she’s pretty, all along bumbling through the weather forecast daily, but she does look cute doing it. If she is one of the most credentialed (educationally) meteorologists, then I’m certainly glad we don’t base those positions purely on that. Cheers to MM for defending his sport. I agree though with one of the previous commenters, the weather folks here definitely over sell the weather.

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