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Toby Keith may be Benjamin Button

Here’s another random Oklahoma-centric YouTube video I stumbled across. It’s of the McCain Brothers interviewing a very young Toby Keith. Well, at least I think it’s a young Toby Keith. Other than bulking up and growing more distinct facial hair, I’m not sure the guy has aged in the past 20 years.

Yes, Toby Keith may be taking an anti-aging pills, or the water at Lake Thunderbird may have special healing properties, but one thing is the same: He still looks like he should be selling propane somewhere on South Shields.

Anyway, for those of you too young to remember, the two goofballs interviewing Toby are the McCain brothers. I tried to come up with a proper analogy to describe what exactly they were, but I can’t really think of one. That’s probably a good thing. I don’t think there’s ever been anything like them in this market. I guess try to imagine Kelly and Kevin Ogle as ultra-cheery morning news anchors who do things like this:

See what I mean? Here are a couple of other McCain brother interviews with a not yet very famous but still hot Shania Twain, and…Tim Allen. Enjoy.

Bonus Clip:


  1. I refuse to watch these unless you grant equal time to Jude and Jody!

    The McCain Bros couldn’t tune Jude and Jody’s geetar!

  2. If you ever see Toby with that stupid hat off, he IS slowly losing his hair. I was at an event he was attending and there was a prayer, he took it off and a glowing spot was revealed.

  3. Anybody else remember when Toby Keith played in the Red/White game at Norman High School (they were resurfacing Owen Field)? He broke his leg or something and had to be carted off the field. I wish that video existed.

  4. I remember seeing Toby Keith break his leg during a Red/White game, but it was at Moore HS and it was 1994. He was trying to show off for his hometown crowd. Priceless.

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