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This weird rap video about OSU and Mike Gundy is kind of hysterical…

Last night, I was alerted to this strange YouTube music video called “I’m A Man, I’m 40 (My Name Is Mike Gundy).” The song, which is about Mike Gundy and the college football power he created, was produced and performed by an online “journalist” named Brian Shaw.

The video itself is pretty cheesy and terrible. That being said, I kind of like the thing. It’s virtually guaranteed to irritate the hell out of Clark Matthews, Josh Pettit or any other OSU fan who watches it. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing more fun than seeing an irritated OSU fan get angry and upset (especially after the Cowboys choke away a Bedlam game and turn Brennan Clay into a hero). Hell, PistolsFiring.com hates the video so much they posted a second-by-second reaction to the clip in an attempt to refute the guy’s lyrics.

Anyway, here’s the video:

See what I mean? It’s terrible, but awesome. My favorite part about the whole thing is that The Lost Ogle is listed in the “Special Thanks” section in the video credits. I have no clue why. I’ve never heard of this guy before the video was published. I assume he stole an image from our site that we stole from another site and put it in the video. As long as it helps irritate OSU fans, I guess I’m fine with that.


  1. After last night’s absolute t-total debacle in the Cotton Bowl, I feel MUCH better about this video, and sad for the people who created it.

  2. Hmmm, Walmart must have been fresh-out of black and orange stuff for him to wear. I guess black and red looks the same on his 13″ black & white box in his granny’s basement, where he lives with his 1970s porn film collection . . .

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