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According to Damon Lane, it may or may not get “incredibly cold” in two weeks. Let the hype begin.

After the Christmas Blizzard fizzle of a few weeks back, you would think our local TV meteorologists would have learned their lesson regarding dire long-term winter weather forecasting. But did they? Of course not. They’re back at it like never before.

This time, the hype machine is being fueled by KOCO’s Damon Lane. Yesterday, he warned that advanced computer models are forecasting record-breaking low temperatures in OKC… for January 17th.

Yep, here we go again. From KOCO.com:

We know it’s winter and it’s suppose to get cold, but if the models are even close to being correct here, then Oklahoma is about to turn into an ice box in about 2 weeks…

The image above comes from the GFS model. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, this is a model that goes out 2 weeks, how accurate can it be? And I am with you on this one.

So, uhm, if you’re with us “on this one” and don’t trust the computer models, why even bring it up? Do you own stock in those Styrofoam things people put over their outdoor faucets? Why not wait until you have a better idea how things are going to turn out?

Damon continued:

So, what is this image above telling me? This map shows the temperature departure from normal. The purple shading, which is over Oklahoma, means temperatures about 40 degrees below normal on January 17th at 6 a.m. Just for fun, if we did the math, this would mean that Oklahoma City that morning would have a morning low temperature of about 15 degrees below zero. That would almost be a record low for the city as the coldest temperature ever in OKC is -17.

Do I believe this? It’s tough to believe that exact number there although anything is possible.

If it’s tough to believe, why hype it on your website?! You’re a weatherman for a TV news affiliate. You should only report things that are believable. This would be like Dean Blevins running a computer model to predict the score of next month’s Super Bowl, using the scenario where the Texans beat the Seahawks by a touchdown, and then proclaiming on News 9’s website that the Texans will win the Super Bowl.

Actually, that’s a bad analogy. I can totally see Dean doing something like that. At least Damon kind of came down to earth at the end:

I do see there being cold air moving into America in about 2 weeks and yes I do see it being the type that is or Arctic origin, which is meteorology lingo means “very cold”.

So, get ready for the cold Oklahoma. How cold will it get exactly? It’s still too early to tell. If you wanted a real winter, you’re about to get it.

Yeah, thanks for that. I’ll plan on morning lows being anywhere from 30 to -20 degrees.

Anyway, the problem with this whole thing is now that Damon has made one whacky prediction, all the other TV heads are going to follow. That’s just how it works, and why I think we should get all the local weatherman to sign some peace accord that prevents them from making dire weather predictions that are more than five days out. I think that would be useful and would prevent the hype machine from taking control.

If you’re a weatherman and are interested in doing this, leave a comment and let us know. Or leave a comment, get incredibly angry as you wait for it to be approved, and then email us some more pics of your wife. Either way will work.


  1. That pic reminds me of the annoying yuppie couple in Christmas Vacation. Also, it’s stupid to predict the weather two weeks in advance. They won’t know anything until a week before, and even then, it won’t be very accurate until a few days before it hits.

  2. I ran several models and they are all telling me that Damon Lane will not be in Oklahoma City this time next year.

  3. when you get totally decleated on a horrible Christmas Day snowmaggedon hype….why not try again.

    I suppose if I keep saying something over and over again, I’m bound to right some day

  4. Okay…okay…I’ll TOFTT and volunteer to keep weather vixens Emily Sutton and Michelle Apon warm during this event. Patrick, your thermos of hot chocolate will be outside the window.

  5. Damon Lame says “….That would almost be a record low for the city as the coldest temperature ever in OKC is -17.

    Do I believe this? It’s tough to believe that exact number there although anything is possible.”

    I’m with Damon Lame……. it’s tough to believe some things and with the anything is possible caveat you tossed in……….are you saying it is possible that the weather may at some point in the near future not be used as a “shock and awe” rating grabber and the forecast will remain forecast of predictions and not provided as God Like EDICTS from those high on the NEXRAD, and that maybe, just maybe if (see the word if) there is a storm the actual news about the storm will be reported and not the news of the forecast of the storm………….whew need a breath. (and yes i know I misspelled his name).

    I would fall on my knees if Mike Morgan would do his forecast and say something to the tune of “hey Damon, why don’t you grow a pair and either predict a storm or not, but get off the dayum fence you puzzay!” hahahahahaha

    • You know, Damon Lame is a nickname that could stick with a guy. First you tick off Magic Mike Morgan, now you are yanking Demon Lame’s chain. Just don’t dis on FOX 25’s Jeff George, okay? Jeff appears to be a froody dude.

  6. Just another numbnuts version of that Mike Morgan- all hype and zero credibility. Put ’em together and you get dumb & dumber- two so called “Chief Meteorologist” without meteorology degrees. The NWS (where the forecasts actually come out of) is still the only reliable source in town. Sorry to be so blunt.

  7. According to the NWS, there’s a greater than normal chance of below normal temps next week. Anyone know what Damon’s degree is in if he’s not a met?

  8. the type that is or Arctic origin, which is meteorology lingo means “very cold”.

    Looks like someone needs some remedial English classes to go along with that Meteorology degree.

  9. NEWSFLASH: Sen. James Inhofe has just boarded a plane to Oklahoma City. Reportedly, the Senator intends to slap Damon Lane in the face for using a computer model to predict the weather. Senator Inhofe was quoted as saying “Everyone knows that computers can’t predict the weather!”

    • WOWSER! My computer predicted that Inhomofe would come back to OKC and also that he would say that computer’s can’t predict the weather or anything else………creepy…..

  10. Ding-dang! I’m still digging out from the snowmageddon of Christmas day. What day should I hit WalMart and buy up all the bread, milk and water??? I have to know NOW!

  11. The weather ch. isn’t even coming close to what is being reported locally. I’m more inclined to believe them.

  12. Two things, First who cares about the weather in two weeks. i guess the incorrect prediction of the worst storm ever that never materailized Damon has gotten out of ging the weather for that day or even tomorrow. Apparently too dicey. Second where in the hell did that ugly pic come from. Damon stop doing selfies.

  13. I was panhandling the other day with a sign that said “WORLD COMING TO AN END! Pls give so I have a final meal.” Some guy handed me a $5, gave me his biz card, and invited me to interview as a weekend weatherman with Chan 5.

    • LIAR!………..we all know there is no interview process! You would have been given the job on the spot.
      Don’t try to mess with the 1 in 5 functionally illeterates……

  14. They keep throwing this crap out and one of these days it is actually going to stick. Then we will we get to see all of the commercials on how accurate they are. Oh wait, nevermind….

  15. I guess as a meteorologist (not on TV) I’ll throw myself out there.

    At this point he’s pointing to one of our long terms models showing a cold spell in 2 weeks. Of course the forecasts are not highly accurate when it comes to exact temperatures of stuff, etc, but that’s not why we run them that far out. It’s for looking at trends in the weather patterns, and so what it’s basically showing is a shot of cold air that’s going to happen sometime about the 14th, which the latest run now looks to be Saturday/Sunday.

    Of course, he tried to be funny with it and “hey what would happen if this would happen” and stuff but pretty much fell flat on his face.

    • Thanks for the post and I think many sane people get what you are saying and it makes perfect sense, BUT the problem is the other group, YA KNOW the ones who read that and started digging an escape tunnel, went to Wal-Mart bought a semi-truck load of ice melt and $972.23 in groceries, ice shovels, mittens and KY Jelly…….

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