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We have a pic of Johnny Football drinking at a club in Dallas, too!

On Saturday afternoon, an Ogle Mole sent me a pic of 20-year-old Heisman-winning bad ass Johnny Manziel drinking champagne at a nightclub in Dallas a few hours after winning the Cotton Bowl. At the time, I remember thinking “That’s cool and everything, but what’s the local angle? The last thing I want to do is write about that stupid game.”

Fortunately, Johnny Football spared me 20-minutes of pain, torment and heavy drinking and provided a better Oklahoma tie-in for our photo. Early Saturday night, he and a couple of buddies that he must have found on Craigslist visited the WinStar Casino (pic above). There’s no word if he urinated on the Roman Colosseum (which according to Clark Matthews is some sort of tradition), but it looks like he had a good time and won some cash.

Via Busted Coverage:

Johnny Manziel went out and gave a historic effort last night in the Cotton Bowl. Tonight he’s giving 110% at the Winstar Casino in Oklahoma.

That’s the Heisman winner, 20-years-old, and a fan of cash that we assume he won in the casino. You can relax, it’s an 18+ establishment. According to the Winstar FAQ page:

Due to State and Federal Gaming Regulations, you must be at least 18 years old to enjoy any of the casino games. If you do not meet the minimum required age, you are still able to enjoy any of our amazing restaurants and our Global Event Center, if accompanied by an adult.

Ironically, Manziel deleted a tweet to this photo. If you’re anywhere near the Winstar, we advise you to get there quick and look for the guy wearing a Heat hat.

So there you go. Johnny Football gambled at an Oklahoma Tribal Casino on Saturday, but it looks like he had even more fun the night before. Check out an exclusive photo of him holding a glass — yes, a glass — of champagne at a nightclub…

Yeah, so it turns out our photo is not very exclusive. Since Saturday afternoon, TMZ, DeadSpin, and other websites have posted pictures of Johnny Manziel partying on both Friday and Saturday night. Most of the pictures show him surrounded by hot chicks with a bottle of champagne in his hands and a sparkler in his mouth, but only we have a pic of him holding an actual glass of champagne. That’s correct. He’s holding a glass of champagne! Scandalous!

Haha! Take that, Internet! We posted a photo of an underage collegiate superstar partying at a trendy bar in Dallas with spilled bubbly on his shirt. Bow to us, but before you do, check out these other photos of Johnny Manziel that we found:

Yeah, sorry about that. I just crudely photoshopped Johnny Football’s face on other memorable athlete photos that have gone viral over the years. I should have used the pics from this TLO classic, but that would be like kissing your cousin, which according to Clark Matthews, is some weird Aggie tradition.


  1. This guy has the potential of being more media-saturated over the next few years than Tim Tebow. The fortunate thing about it is that there is no way that Johnny Whatever will be able to keep his (very large) nose clean for 4 years.

    It’s the perfect storm for media attention to Texas A&M. He’s a rich, white, running QB in the SEC that has no chance of playing in the NFL. Sounds very familiar. Cue the onslaught…

  2. Hey Mike Stoops called and asked if you could fax him the photos (yeah he said fax him as it seems not only is his defense out of date so is his social media skills) he wants to show his players what the guy actually looks like close up!


  3. He’s going to get A$M in trouble before he leaves. I remember a few years ago some OU players getting suspended for going to Riverwind and gambling.

    • But apparently not for doing a little weed, unless you’re a senior who’s already been suspended once.

    • Uhmm, those are Mike Stoops pants…first noticed that he shit down both legs after the second scramble for big yards….

  4. I hate to rain on the hideous drinking ‘scandal’, but it’s perfectly legit drink in TX if your parents are present and they consent. His dad was there.

    My advice to OU homers, acknowledge your ass kicking and the fact that your program has gone to shit. It’s not coming back anytime soon.

    Go buy some Thunder gear and forget college ball for awhile.

    • I am not sure if you actually read anything that was written before your post, but I did not see anywhere where anyone really seemed to give a shit.

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