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20 shallow tweets from Oklahomans complaining that an Amber Alert interrupted The Bachelor…

justice poindexter

Last night, an Amber Alert was issued across the state for 4-year-old Justice Poindexter (pictured above) of Bixby. Fortunately, the boy and his abductor were located about an hour after the alert was issued.

Via News 9:

A 4-year-old Bixby boy was found about an hour after a statewide Amber Alert was issued Monday night.

Justice Poindexter was allegedly taken by his father’s roommate.

Justice’s father told News On 6 he got off work Monday afternoon and found his home ransacked and his child missing. It triggered an all-out search and an Amber Alert was issued around 8 p.m.

About an hour later, police received a call that the boy and the suspect, 31-year-old Natasha Hoch, were at the Kum & Go at 101st and Riverside. There, they found Justice safe with Hoch, who was taken into custody by the Jenks Police Department.

At this time, police had no information about a possible motive, but they did say the boy’s father had left him in Hoch’s care, while he was at work.

Court records show Hoch was convicted in 2009 of driving under the influence of drugs.

Justice’s father said he was grateful to everyone who worked to quickly locate his son.

I don’t care if you’re getting gas, need a pack of gum, or are trying to kidnap a child. If you live in Tulsa, why would you ever choose Kum and Go over Quik Trip? At last check, there’s a QuikTrip on every corner in Oklahoma’s Second City. That would be like going with Wal-Mart over Target, the Barons over the Thunder, or Penn over May. It’s just weird.

Although Justice is now safe and sound, some people were not too pleased that an Amber Alert was used to help rescue him. The alert apparently interrupted a key moment in last night’s Bachelor broadcast, triggering a flurry of angry tweets from young, naive and complete shallow Oklahomans. Their embarrassing reactions are the type of things you’d expect to see from people who enjoy the lowest form of mind-numbing entertainment.

Here are 20 or so of them:

As is pretty typical with these types of posts, the ALL CAPS army was on patrol:

Twitter   AVeryLuckyGirl  AMBER ALERT. NOT THE TIME.  bachelor

Twitter   a_man_duhplz  WTF THE AMBER ALERT IS RUINING ...

Twitter   em_isbill  AMBER ALERT IN THE MIDDLE OF ...

So was their best friend, Anti-capitalization and -punctuation person:

Twitter   TaylorRyleigh  really amber alert durning ...

I included this one as a screen shot because it wouldn’t load properly. At least she was called out by a couple of followers:

Twitter   laramie_hall  When an amber alert comes on

This dude wanted to let us know it’s not gay to complain about an Amber Alert cutting into your kind of gay reality show:

Twitter   dkhayes  Thanks for that amber alert ...

I couldn’t tell if this guy was being serious or not. ALF avatars tend to do that to me.

Twitter   SukeLephens  Damn it Amber Alert  Why you ...

Here’s another great conversation about the ordeal. I posted it as a screenshot, because once again, the WordPress Twitter embed function wasn’t working properly. It’s about a reliable as American Airlines.

Twitter   HelloKeturah  Amber alert messing up my viewing ...

Here are a few more reactions. I wonder what the world’s going to be like when these Gen Y kids take over? Can we just skip this generation?

Twitter   CollleenButler  An Amber Alert is more important ...


Twitter   jamess_katieee  An amber alert during the ...

Amber Alert is an emergency notification system that notifies the public that a child was kidnapped and is in danger.

Twitter   LeslieZieee  Leave it up to an amber alert ...

Yeah, you suck Norman. How dare you inform me of kidnappings.

Twitter   tbtomson  You ve got to me kidding me ...

In all fairness, the family of the missing child were pissed, too.

Twitter   JennaSpengos  Amber alert during the ...

Actually, no. That’s the reason we have Amber Alerts.

Twitter   kelly_corley  I m officially going to hell ...

I wouldn’t use the word “officially.” You still may grow a soul.

If you were shocked by some of these tweets, don’t worry. Other people were, too:

Twitter   racheyyroo  The amber alert during the ...

Twitter   SkylarA__  Damn people getting mad an ...

Anyway, that’s it. Kind of scary, huh?

Also, person who’s about to say we’re hypocrites for posting this. I know we like to joke around and complain about occasionally sensitive subjects on this site, but…

A) We’ve never complained about an Amber Alert interrupting a TV show. Granted, an Amber Alert hasn’t been issued during the NBA Finals yet, but what are those odds?


B) At least we try to be funny. “Try” is the key word there. It’s all about the effort.


  1. Oh, stop being so self-righteous. Thunder down 2, 1.5 seconds left, Sefolosha inbounds to Durant…

    “Sorry to interrupt, but we have an AMBER ALERT. A woman who probably shouldn’t be supervising children took the kid she was watching with her to go get cigarettes. We’ve got our best men on the case, but we need your help too, Oklahoma, because if you didn’t buy into all the media-induced paranoia we wouldn’t have been able to double our budget and convince you that we are the only thing holding back total anarchy from enveloping you and your loved ones.”

    Most of these things are false alarms, or simply the drama of other people’s lives that don’t amount to anything resembling a gruesome episode of CSI. Most people know this, and react accordingly. Most, except for the self-righteous bleeding hearts, who will likely jump all over this comment in 3…2…

  2. Easy to watch the Bachelor on the ABC website the next day if one misses the actual conversation that much.

  3. The major problem with the Amber Alert was the poor audio that kept me from understanding what the issue was. I was on Cox HD and was having no problem with the program so it must be the Alert hardware.

    • I noticed that too. I could barely understand it. Kinda sounded like a mix between Traber on a rant and Eschback talking about women.

  4. I almost wrote this post. Then, I just decided to go unfollow all those on my Twitter feed who acted this particular scenario out. Either way, it wasn’t cool. And, every time something icky like this bubbles up, I think to myself: “What’s the difference between me thinking crap like this and acting it out on Twitter?” The answer is usually – “A very small degree of constraint that I hope I keep well into my old age when Twitter is a fad most people don’t remember.”

  5. These same people would’ve been tweeting how Mike Morgan saved their lives had this been a weather update on the .0000000000125 amount of snow falling and melting immediately……………….and what’s really funny is that the bachelor is scripted/planned so basically these people are freakin the fook out over a soap-opera

  6. This! This is what gives me a negative opinion about women who mindlessly watch reality television! They have no personality, no original thought, no class and are simply bad for humanity! I can only assume that most of “The Bachelor”‘s core audience stems from North of Memorial, i.e. Edmond, as it seems to be the general area most of these types of women reside. This is the worst thing that I’ve seen in a while and I have met some pretty terrible women in my time. I sincerely hope none of these “ladies” breed!

    • The father showed up from work to find the kid missing. A) Assuming he worked for more than 2 hours the kid could have been in Norman by the time you received the alert. B) How many people read your blog on the bachelor every week? 10? 20? Let’s go big and say 500. I bet you readers would still double check to see if there was a post if they initially missed your normal timing if you are worth reading. Plus ABC has these episodes online so you can watch them there. C) No one cares about the bachelor. People do care about kids that are missing.

    • How are your grades b the way. If any are less than an “A” I would say you might want to re-think your “blogging career”

  7. Wow!! What terrible soulless people. I’ve seen how bad stuff like this can end. These people should be tracked down and donkey punched!

  8. I got the alert on my phone last night as I was stuck inside. I didn’t know that I had that capability, but I’m glad I do. I didn’t see it on TV.

    I felt horrible that I couldn’t at least keep an eye out for the vehicle, and I’m glad that things ended up well. The detractors can piss up a rope and slide down a sandpaper bannister as I rejoice for at least the physical well-being of the child.

  9. Remember when these geniuse’s grandmothers got mad when Walter Cronkite broke in announcing “President Kennedy was assasinated” interupted “As The World Turns?” Remember when their mothers got upset when the Challenger explosion interupted “The Price is Right?”
    Yet they are still allowed to reproduce.

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