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KFOR thinks a Chupacabra is on the loose in Deer Creek…


And you thought Channel 4’s indulgent news articles about injured and missing dogs were bad. Now they’re filing reports about mythical creatures that don’t even exist.

This time it’s the goat sucking chupacbra, or as I like to call it, the ex-wife.


It’s been seen prowling in a field, eating the carcass of a dead animal but what is it?

Everyone has an opinion.

“Starving coyote to be honest,” one viewer said.

Some are convinced this is something more mysterious.

“Chupacabra? Yeah! There ya go,” one man said.

Others agree. “It does look like one to me. It does. It really does,” Carmen Himes said.

A chupacabra is a legendary animal rumored to feed on the blood of goats.

Believers said it’s making its way into Oklahoma from Mexico…

Craig Martin snapped pictures of the animal when he spotted it in the field.

The avid outdoorsman said it looks just like a chupacabra.

“That’s immediately what we thought and it looks exactly the same,” he said. “There’s not much difference at all.”

This kind of reminds me of the time Channel 9 reported a big foot sighting in Edmond only to learn later it was Kelly Ogle grabbing his newspaper.

Anyway, I would say we round-up the Centaurs, grab a Pegasus and go search for this goat killing bastard, but there are two problems. One, the Minotaur lives in corn maze outside Deer Creek. That thing is dangerous. Two, the chupacabra doesn’t technically exist.

From the same Channel 4 story:

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife biologists said Martin’s picture is of something less mythical.

“What we’re dealing with here is just a coyote with a bad case of mange,” Department of Wildlife Spokesperson Michael Bergin said.

Hmmn, undocumented creature or coyote with skin problems. Tough decision, huh?

Usually, this would be the time where I criticize Channel 4 for burying the voice of scientific reason in a report about a mythical beast terrorizing an upscale Oklahoma community, but the video featured Courtney Francisco. She’s cute and it’s fun to say her name. Plus it gave me the opportunity to bring out a lame ex-wife joke. I haven’t told one of those in ages.


  1. Good thing it isnt Edmond. All those rich snobby whites would want the National Guard called in to protect their fake bubble they live in

  2. “…about mythical creatures that don’t even exist.”

    As opposed to the Mythical Creatures that do exist??

  3. Deer Creek is Edmond…Edmond address, OKC utilities, Deer Creek Schools and houses big enough for Patrick’s ego to have its own wing. 😉

  4. They also did a story on the dog thrown from a bridge last night, almost 7 minutes!…….I’m going to cancel my subscription to the Lost ogle and stop paying if we don’t get more Emily Sutton, Christina Fallin and Jim Traber stories…oh wait I don’t pay, never mind……….

  5. Hmm, and KFOR also claims Mike Morgan is a real certified meteorologist also? KFOR is desperate! and will say ANYTHING! to boost their saggy ratings. What’s next? Bigfoot sited near the Zoo Amphitheater or Nessie looking for water in dry Lake Thunderbird?

  6. There is a mythical figure that does exist: Barack Obama. The one that exists, and the one the GOP made up.

    As for Channel 4, still can’t find Jesus in the Peanut Butter Jar for sweeps?

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