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The News 9 weather team was also disappointed in their weather forecast…

I posted the following graphic on Facebook and Twitter a few times on Sunday and Monday. It shows the snowfall total predictions made by each OKC TV affiliate on Sunday night at about 6:00pm.

okc snowfall predictions

As you can see, our weatherman once again missed the mark on a much-hyped winter storm. Woodward received 15-inches of snow, while parts of the Oklahoma City Metro— where I’d guess 90% of their viewing audience lives —barely received a dusting. And yes, that sentence just made Steve Shaw giggle.

If you are extremely disappointed or upset with the winter weather forecasting incompetence of our local weather folks, don’t worry, you should be. You probably changed plans or made a big batch of chili like I did in preparation for the weather, so you have a right to be upset. But when you gripe, complain and make jokes at the office today, don’t forget how pathetic and lonely our AMS certified weather folks must feel. Their job is to accurately predict and forecast the weather and they failed miserably. The over-hype and coverage of this event has to be embarrassing. They must feel pathetic and terrible, right?

Well, that’s exactly why Gary England and his weather team made the following video:

If I was writing lazy ad copy for a magazine or commercial about that vid, I’d say “And that video’s just another reason why people chose to watch Gary England.” I’d write that because not only am I lazy, but because it’s the truth. Gary England has this ability to predict the weather and not take himself too seriously while doing it. Unless, of course, a tornado is going to kill you. Then he turns into a bad ass.

Plus, Lord Gary tweets stuff like this on the Sunday night before the storm:

And that’s just another reason why people chose to watch the weather with Gary England. Seriously, why do we watch anyone else? It’s like Gary England is Kate Upton and all the other weatherman are Twin Peaks waitresses. There’s no comparison.


  1. Not correct, Patrick, not correct.
    Use my forecast snow totals from ANY PM show yesterday….since I was working EVERY SHOW, noon onward.

    I had most of the OKC metro in 1″to 3″ snowfall forecast….said NWS Winter Storm Warning for OKC was WRONG, and, MOST CERTAINLY NEVER, EVER said “Blizzard” for OKC……Based on emails etal I have received, other Media outlets did say JUST THAT.
    Yesterday was biggest OKC forecast debacle of all time.
    I have nothing to do with it.

    • You want a cookie for adjusting the forcast hours after the rain didn’t turn to snow “around noon” like everyone was predicting?

      Also, I don’t think this was the biggest debacle of all time. The biggest of 2013, but I think last Christmas was way worse.

    • That’s true, I watched you at noon yesterday and you said it was doubtful that OKC would get any snow at all. I turned the channel to other guys and they all said the snow, after saying all day sunday it would be here at 9am, would move in at 2pm. Good job Mike, you made the rest look ignorant.

    • I have to give MIke M. credit was watching and he continued to state over and over again how the Metro was not going to be affected except slightly and then to extreme west.

      I guess I have to say this once again: whether it is the Station Manager/Program Directors/Weather department, but the over-hyping is now beyond comical. Part of the blame lies with a public that clamors and reacts in a panic each time (at the mustang Wal-mart on Sunday afternoon, completely out of bread and there were at least 1000 people shopping at 3:00 on Sunday, it was maniacal!) the remainder is the stations using the weather for ratings, as I travel I just don’t see this in other markets, large or small, it is becoming an OKC thing and while I find it fascinating, it is also emberassing, sad and really creates a poor image of us, and we really don’t need any help in that area. You just don’t see live reports of rain and wet streets like I saw this morning. I guess it’s became a catch-22 and until one of the stations takes a stand for change, the weather arms race will continue.

      • I agree….Most markets don’t go wall-to-wall coverage for blizzards besides Denver if it a blizzard happens during the week and Omaha is just as bad as OKC when it comes to wall-to-wall coverage for a blizzard.

    • Hey, Magic Mike. Thanks for being the only calming, trustworthy weather influence, never being one to use hyperpole, exaggeration or excitement. You’re Rick Tassetano reincarnated, and for that, we thank you.

    • So yesterday PM? Hours into the storm when everyone was realizing it would be too warm for snow in the metro, you adjusted your totals down? Amazing.

    • I love it when Iron Mike shows up. He’s right though. I heard him say early yesterday that OKC would get very little and a few inches at most. So basically he predicted Jim Traber’s penis size for okc. On the other hand the crew did seem a little bummed that “Snowpocalypse Now!” didn’t happen.

    • Mike, you should have taken off the bedazzled tie as soon as you realized that the OKC metro was out of danger. Viewers have come to associate eminent danger to the bedazzled tie..

    • Hey I bailed on going to the BRINGMADDOXHOME.COM party……..I had been looking forward to that for quite a while my friend……….I don’t also go to parties, but when I do, I choose BRINGMADDOXHOME.COM events,
      stay searching my friends…..

  2. Mike, I respect your work. However, if you’re going to be the quickest to take credit for a forecast, you should also be the first to accept responsibility for a busted one. Remember this the next time you botch a forecast….

  3. “Use my forecast snow totals from ANY PM show yesterday….since I was working EVERY SHOW, noon onward.”

    Well, that’s kind of the problem. Everyone CANCELLED or shut down everything, from a major air force base to the airport, state and county offices, food services for shut ins, as well as most businesses large and small, schools, delivery services…this entire city basically shut completely down as a precaution….*BEFORE NOON* YESTERDAY.

    Why? Because of days, DAYS, worth of drama, that was hyped on ALL local media, advising us of a “life threatening blizzard”. I listen to local radio every morning. Reports of 3-4 inches of snow that afternoon, PLUS an additional 2-3 inches in the evening, were being reported during my morning drive yesterday.

    You guys back track any harder and faster, you will need a Delorean and a case of plutonium. Accept the fact that ALL of you guys on ALL stations report meteorological events with a sustained maniacal glee that borders on the pornographic and (shockingly) occasionally causes panic in the general populace, instead of relaying information in a practical, efficient manner that makes life easier.

    I will agree with you on one point, Mike…it was a debacle.

  4. It’s interesting that most of the local stations have deleted links to articles that they had on their websites this weekend regarding the upcoming weather….

  5. “Use my forecast snow totals from ANY PM show yesterday”. Wouldn’t yesterday PM be current conditions and not a forecast since the precipitation was supposed to be in okc by then? The news channels have got to be getting back door money from the grocery stores on these busted forecasts.

  6. I acknowledge that predicting the future must be difficult, but I’m curious to know the economic impact of unnecessarily shutting down the city…

  7. I think people are forgetting that the OKC viewing areas reaches from Texas to Kansas. The local TV stations must provide safety information to its viewers as part of their FCC license. The fact that Mike can’t live up to his mistakes is embarrassing. Again, Gary’s response shows why he resonates with so many people. Lighten up, they all missed the metro, so what?

    • okcmediacritic, just becuase its “Oklahoma” City does not mean that all of Oklahoma watches OKC TV stations. People in Guymon watch Amarillo and people in McAlester watch Tulsa.

  8. Sunday night before the storm, Damon Lane or should I say Dane Cook said OKC would be in the 2″-4″ range,but mostly closer to 2″ . I thought the dude was crazy. So before the storm started Mike is saying 2-3 and Dane is saying 2-4. Would Mike have still gone 2-3″ the night before the storm? I say we do cartoon wrestling of the 2..

  9. The ratings came into the stations this afternoon. For what it is worth, Gary England, David Payne, their weather team as well as Kelly Ogle, Amanda Taylor and the entire news team at News 9 dominated the viewership yesterday. Almost doubled Mike Morgan and K4 at 10p last night. The entire day was huge for News 9.

  10. We all should appreciate the TV stations who invest so much in news and weather. There is not another market the size of Oklahoma City that has as many resources (three choppers). Most of the coverage was fantastic yesterday. They missed the OKC metro by a few inches, so what. They called most of the viewing area, perfectly. Congrats and thanks.

  11. To be fair, the National Weather Service was also predicting more snow than we actually received. NWS was predicting 1-5 inches in OKC with heavy winds causing drifts of 8 inches. They also underestimated the snowfall in the areas that did get the brunt of it. To some degree, we have to accept that predicting these things isn’t easy. And if they are going to err, you want it to be on the side of being overly cautious.

    • Yeah, they saw that the storm was strengthening earlier in the day so they bump the totals for the city higher. They couldn’t have predicted that the storm would have sucked up some dry air at the last minute before the temperatures in OKC dropped.

    • Caution yes, creating a sense of such dire straits that the entire city almost shut down for basically rain. You do realize that not only was there hundreds of functions cancelled, that meals for shut-ins were cancelled, many classes at local unversities and so on. Yes they erred on the side of caution BUT the real error was in the constant HYPE and creation of such fear of a KILLER STORM. The point being the constant showing of snow in the NW. Yes it was a storm, we’ve had them before, people in other states have them all the time. It’s just wind and snow (rain in this case). The public should be smarter but they fall for the we are in the depths of the Alaskan Yukon hype everytime and the TV stations use this to their advantage over and over. It’s becoming tantamount to screaming FIRE in a crowded theater. It’s purely economic and ego driven.

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