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Christina Fallin sat down for an awkward “one on one” interview with Channel 25…

Not to be outdone by Kevin Ogle’s chat with President Barack Obama or Amanda Taylor’s sit down with the Bush twins, KOKH Fox 25 landed their own exclusive interview this week. It was with Christina Fallin.

If that seems a little strange, it is. Why are they interviewing her? Are things so bad at OKC’s fourth (or fifth) favorite news channel that they’re now delving into our territory? I think they just wanted us to write about them. What’s next? A profile on Emily Sutton? The creation of Foam Core Jim Traber? Seriously, you all report the real news and leave the non-legitimate stuff —  like anything having to do with Christina Fallin — to us. That’s the way it should work.

Channel 25 posted two clips of the Christina Fallin interview on their website. One was the edited piece that aired last night during the 9;00pm newscast. It was kind of fluffy. The clip you need to watch is the raw, uncut interview. It’s so unedited that it literally begins with Christina awkwardly spelling her name and ends with her playing the keyboard solo from Like a Vulture.

Check it out:

Okay, so that’s just the audio file. Channel 25’s video wouldn’t embed on our site. If someone can upload a version of the unedited video to YouTube we’d appreciate it. Maybe we’ll offer piloting lessons with Christina as a prize. That would be terrifying. Also, I lied about the keyboard solo. She doesn’t play any instrument. I guess that’s a positive thing.

In all honesty, I’m still not too sure what I think about the interview. It goes all over the map. She addresses her two marriages, the pink hair, and those “people on the Internet who write things” about her. She comes across as honest and sincere, but also like a naive, self-obsessed airhead. Shocking, huh?

For example, when she’s asked about her occupation, she claims to be a “Business Consultant” for a non-profit. That’s the female equivalent of some dude introducing himself as an “entrepreneur.” Just be honest and say you’re a trust fund baby who’s basically been given everything in life. We’ll appreciate the honesty.

The highlight of the interview was this exchange:

Q: What does your future hold for you?

A: I’m really enjoying doing things like this where I can have an impact. And I try to… My, my, my whole philosophy is to show people that it’s….Things are not what you perceive them to be. Um, I don’t know how to put it. Uhm , let me think for a minute. Um…Um…keep going with your question. I can’t explain it very much.”

Yeah, that’s our governor’s daughter. I guess the apple really doesn’t fall that far from the tree.

Anyway, the entire interview is long, fascinating, and at times uncomfortable to watch. It’s also kind of weird to see a legitimate news station take Christina Fallin seriously. Go check it out. I can’t explain it very much.


  1. She has such a bloated sense of self importance. No one would know who she was if she didn’t self promote. The dyed hair, black clothes, experimental music, rebel artist act that a lot of us did in the early 90’s is so tired.

  2. Piloting lessons with Christina… Here’s a scary thought: that could easily include membership in a certain elite club.

  3. I heard she has a trip scheduled with an undisclosed local celeb to Thailand.
    Also, per her Wiki page her Fox 25 interview was filmed in Ft. Cobb.

  4. Many people, including Batman, have claimed your plan to take over the city with killer plants is inhumane. How would you respond to your critics?

  5. Hey, let’s play “Name That Medication!!!” OMG, this video is the living definition of ‘car wreck from which you cannot look away’…

  6. This girl is in outer space…why would her mother care how she dresses? Look how her mother dresses! You’re right about the apple not falling very far from the tree.

  7. If you want to copy the videos,, use firefox with a downloader add-on…simple…then you don’t have to worry about embeds…can copy the video files firect

  8. I decided the fluffy version was enough and I wouldn’t waste my time listening to that bimbo.

    • She’s 26, she has been married twice, been a state registered lobbiest, and while I can agree that people are harsh, she’s catching the crap train not because she is young and trying to “figure things out”. She ispolarizing and it’s pretty clear she seeks the attention. If not then why do the: Interview, photo shoot, yada, yada???

      You simply can’t yell “look at me, look at me” then when people look you act really different ( by different I mean like a completely pink haired crazy person), and then say things like ” I really don’t know why I attact the attention” and “people just don’t know the real me”. sounds like a recipe for a big ol cup of “harsh ass comments on the TLO”


  9. I’m young and still figuring it out and I don’t have pink cotton candy hair and have not been divorced…twice. Idiots need to be called out or else it just becomes “the norm”

    • Eh, a two time divorcee with pink hair is nothing deserving of my judgment. Live and let live. She seems well-intentioned. As for the attention whoring – sure, obviously, of course. It’s annoying, but its no more pathetic than saying cruel things about a complete stranger in an internet comment forum.

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