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According to this internal email, KFOR is compiling a list of local “movers and shakers” to follow on Twitter…

kfor facebook post child rape

What do Kevin Durant, sex attorney David Slane and The Lost Ogle all have in common?

Apparently, we’re all “movers and shakers” and a great source for local news tips.

At least we are according to KFOR Channel 4. We’ve acquired through the Ogle Mole Network an odd email sent by KFOR Social Media Director Ashton Edwards to the station’s staff. She’s apparently compiling a Twitter list of notable people, places and things and is looking for a few suggestions. She even provided some examples of what she’s looking for.

Check it out:

From: Edwards, Ashton

Sent: Monday, March 04, 2013 4:03 PM
To: KFOR News
Subject: Okla twitter ppl to follow


We are compiling a list of the main Okla. movers and shakers on twitter to follow.

You know… OKC PD, Kevin Durant, Jenny Monroe, news ok, David Slane, Devon, Chesapeake, SandRidge, Wayne Coyne (if you dare) the fire dept., TLO, the chamber, the schools, other news stations and reporters…

Basically a twitter list of where you get the best news tips and keep up with what’s happening in ok.

Please email me the twitter handles you think should be on the list, I’ll compile it and send it out.

Thanks for your suggestions in advance!

And thanks to Bree for the request to make us think of this list.

Ashton Edwards
(405) 478-6347
Facebook: KFOR-TV
Twitter: @kfor

Remember folks, you get your breaking news from KFOR first. Or at least until they get it from Wayne Coyne and reporters at other tv stations. It’s just a formality, really.

Seriously, this is just funny. We all know news stations steal and rip content from each other, but you never ever see or hear them admit to it. That would be like someone from Applebee’s sending out a corporate email asking employees for other shitty restaurants or cooks to follow for recipe ideas.

Also, does this mean we’ve finally made it? I’m not saying that because we’re mentioned on a who’s who list of local celebs. I’m saying it because Ashton referred to us as TLO. Has anyone noticed this has become a thing? I’m not sure if I like it. Not only is it way too similar to the name of my old employer, but it sounds way too hip and cool:

“Hey Broseph, where’d you find that pic of Emily Sutton in the bikini?”

“TLO, man! It’s dope!

Anyway, some other thoughts:

• Is anyone else surprised that the Oklahoma Humane Society, Animal Control, the Oklahoma City Zoo and PetSmart was not one of Ashton’s examples? I’m pretty sure that 43% of KFOR stories have something to do with either cute, missing or abused animals.

• My three favorite inclusions on the list, outside of “TLO, Broseph!”, was Jenny Monroe, David Slane and Wayne Coyne (if you dare.) Jenny is the former news director for Channel 9, David Slane is the attorney that every news station interviews for their daily sex offender stories, and Wayne Coyne (if you dare), well, we all know who he is. I’m not sure if I want KFOR getting news from Wayne. My grandparents are simple people. They don’t need to see Kevin Ogle lead off a newscast with “Breaking news out of Oklahoma City tonight. Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne has just created the world’s largest artificial vagina ball. And boy, is it ruffling some feathers. Let’s go live to Courtney Francisco in the Plaza District.”

• We’d also like to thank Bree for the suggestion. Just like KFOR, we’re always searching for new stuff to cover.


  1. Hopefully through their research they will find the main happening of abbreviating Oklahoma is not Okla.

    • Okla. is the AP-style abbreviation for our state. AP-style is used in journalism. Not that there’s not a lot here to make fun of…. just not that. Good try though.

  2. Seems pretty legit. Complaining about news organizations following each other is like complaining when they don’t report on something no one ever told them about. A decent amount of news from any large publication is based, either directly or indirectly, on someone else’s reporting.

  3. I wonder if after they get the list they will have a war-room meeting like the NCAA and cut the list to the final 64?
    Who’s on the bubble? Who’s in? Who’s out?
    And do you have to be a “mover” and a “shaker” ? or if you are a big enough “mover” can you get a bye on the “shaker”?
    Absolutely riveting……………..

    PS THIS MAY BE A FAKE/SET-UP any real list would have had: Chritina Fallin, Dean Blevins, Jules Traber & Sally Kern on it.

  4. Just follow the twitter account of Andrew Speno, since he’s the king-maker for David Slane and Doug Friesen (The Gun Lawyer)…local news is “excessively close and resistant to outside influence”. A fired anchor can set up a PR shop and send pre-prepared leads out to his news cronies. It’s a lazy, hypocritical, and disgusting little industry. Always has been, always will be:
    “I make my living off the Evening News
    Just give me something-something I can use”

  5. It’s interesting that Ashton is taking suggestions from KFOR newest reporter Bree Steffen, who did her first story for KFOR during 6pm news on Wednesday night. (I sent a e-mail to TLO about Bree.) Her first story is the web link…

  6. “Movers & Shakers” I think is the name of that strip club that Eschbach frequents in Thailand.

  7. KFOR needs to follow TLO so they know when they’ve committed a major faux pas on their social media.

    It’s scary to think that TLO might serve as someone’s editor.

  8. This is nothing to get excited about,kfor is not a very reliable news outlet.I read about news on msn two days before kfor reports it.

  9. I have to admit the bookmarks on both my phone and computer are just for TLO. It’s been like that for ever.

  10. So where is the example for Mike Morgan to follow Gary England on twitter for accurate weather forecasts?

  11. Ashton Edwards personifies the person born on 3rd base but believes they’ve hit a triple. I’ll give her this, though – she’s the perfect combination of personal arrogance, professional incompetence, and social unawareness.

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