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According to Channel 4, this guy doesn’t own a guy…

It’s been a rough week for the intern who writes the captions at Channel 4. First they forgot the name of their own reporter, now they are making claims that Jim Wyett doesn’t own a guy.

Via an Ogle Mole on Twitter:

jim wyett guy

Know what else Jim doesn’t own? A fashionable pair of sunglasses. He does own the 1990s Mark McGuire goat-tee look, though. That will be in style again before you know it. In fact, some hipster in the Plaza District is trimming one as you read this.

Since owning a guy has been illegal for 150 years, you have to think the caption was supposed to read “Jim Wyett doesn’t own a gun.” But I even question the accuracy of that statement. If Jim’s not a gun owner, why does he look like every other gun owner (minus the overly patriotic hat)? Also, why’s he at a place where guns appear to be readily sold and available? That’s like showing a pic of a girl in front of Baker’s Street with the caption “Is not easy.” It’s just not accurate. Also, what’s the ghost from Three Men and a Baby doing over Jim’s left shoulder? That kid has grown up.

This isn’t the worse typo KFOR’s ever committed. Anyone remember this:


Yes, the good old Skunk Fuck Eliminator. I’ve heard it’s been selling great in Stillwater.

Anyway, don’t feel bad, KFOR intern. We all make mistakes. If Channel 4 gets rid of you for your absentminded goof, you’ll always have a home here at The Lost ogle. Not only do we commit stupid typos, we embrace them.


  1. So happy I found this site last week. Good to know there are some funny/smart/internet-savvy people in Oklahoma.

  2. is it just me or are the ch 5 evening anchors, ie paul foldger, extremely inept at Reading the news, as well as word “prononeceeashun”? Who interviews these people and how do they get and keep their jobs?

  3. Give the Oklahoman some equal time. They had an article today about an announcer named “Ted Johnson” who supposedly called all these games and whatnot.

    Only problem is the guy’s name is Ted Robinson…..

  4. They caption guy missed a couple of opportunities:

    Doesn’t Own a Chin


    Doesn’t Own a Clue That He is Too Old to Wear His Ballcap Backwards

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