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Damon Lane has provided the first great Weather Dong of the 2013 severe storm season…

damon lane koco 2

Thanks to Governor Fallin’s open records and a general feeling of laziness caused by this week’s monsoon, I kind of forgot about this Damon Lane weather dong that an Ogle Mole sent us.

Check it out:

damon lane weather dong

Hey, lets give credit where credit is due. Damon Lane may still be young and make overly bold, dire and inaccurate long-term weather forecasts, but he does make one mean weather dong.

Anyway, with the meat of severe weather season just weeks away, I’m sure we’re going to see more and more of these things. If you spot one, take a pic and send it to us. Maybe we’ll produce a compilation or something.


  1. Everybody knows these weatherman have to get Their faces all over the television screen and act like the sky is literally falling,every time They turn around,there seems to be a storm forming Their very Own Cornucopia of Fame and “Look at Me-isms!”

    • Dude that condition is called “Christina Fallin-itis” Pretty common among local media and mover-shakers. Early signs include:
      a blinged out tie
      garbled-unintelligible tweets
      Pink hair
      A weather Dong
      taking a hand grenade to the airport
      wearing a batman costume anytime you’re older than 9
      lying about why you had to quit twitter

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