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Full-time Hobby Lobby employees now earn more than entry level journalists…

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The lady pictured above is Jennifer Palmer. She’s a business writer for the Oklahoman. Now that she’s wrapped up vulturing out “PICKELOS!”  into the speakers at Sonic, her editor’s gave her the cruel and demeaning task of interviewing Hobby Lobby employees that probably make more than she does.

Yes, Hobby Lobby employees have received another raise. Live, laugh, and love it all after the jump…

On Monday, Hobby Lobby announced it raised wages for full-time hourly employees for the fifth year in a row. Full-time hourly employees now earn at least $14 an hour, up from $13, and part-time employees make at least $9.50 an hour, up from $9.

The move will raise the pay of more than 17,726 workers nationwide. The Oklahoma City retailer’s new minimum wage for full-time hourly employees is almost double the national minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.

Hobby Lobby CEO and founder David Green said hourly workers contribute greatly to the company’s success.

“We know that if we reward our employees for their hard work, we will be rewarded in turn with their loyalty and dedication to their job and to our customers,” Green said in a statement.

Hobby Lobby and its affiliate, Hemispheres, employ more than 22,900 people nationwide. The company plans to open 33 additional stores this year, which is expected to create another 1,200 jobs. New Oklahoma stores will include a Hemispheres in Moore.

In 2009, Hobby Lobby established a companywide minimum wage of $10 an hour for full-time employees and has raised it by one dollar each year since. The most recent national minimum wage hike was the same year, when it increased from $6.55 to $7.25.

I know they’re kind of nutty on social issues, but lets give the Green family some props for ridiculously over-paying their employees. If your privately held company brings in gabillions of dollars in profit, you should share it with all your employees. At that point, they are working harder than you are. If anything, it makes up for the low wages that Chinese factory workers earn making Hobby Lobby products.

Lets give credit to the Hobby Lobby PR department, too. Every time they give employees a raise there’s an article about it in the newspaper. Once again, imagine how much it must burn for a reporter to write a story like this. According to this website, an entry-level journalist makes only $25,000 a year. That’s $12 an hour, and about three Wendy’s Value Menu items less than what a Hobby Lobby employee earns each hour. I know people with degrees in fields like English or journalism or philosophy don’t expect to make a lot of money when they graduate – I have an English degree and was never once contacted by an English corporation for a job – but you at least expect to do better than Paul in the Hobby Lobby frame department. Hell, Paul probably has a degree in one of those damn fields. Sadly, I bet Hobby Lobby was the best paying job he could find.


  1. That’s great that they pay FULL TIME employees well, but, the problems is that they don’t have very many full-time employees. They start watching hours closely after 30 hours a week and rarely let anyone get 40. They are pandering for pats on the back.

  2. I have an English degree and I make just over 36k, and I’m still in the early stages of my career. There are more important qualifications than what you majored in.

  3. Supply and demand dictate salaries. Any industry that attracts a lot of attention or implies glamor doesn’t have to pay very much for entry level positions (think local TV station newsrooms, or “marketing” jobs with any of the local professional or semiprofessional sports organizations. Most of these places don’t actually pay the interns but instead gives them a fancy sounding title to perform a needed task. Every May and December there is a new crop coming out of school eager to take the unpaid “internship” which keeps the salary of the full time employee low, as they know they could easily be replaced by one of these interns, since that might be how they got their job last year.

    A clerk job at a crafts store? Doubt you would be able to find an intern for that job. Not a lot of prestige, and they can’t give them a fancy title, so a member of management decides to pay a little over the going rate and hopes they can get someone of a little higher quality. Keep increasing salaries a little and maybe they will stay and they have less training related expenses, and fewer register mistakes. A sound business practice.

    As far as watching the hours of their part time employees, I’m sure they do, as they are a business and they have to make a profit in order to stay in business, and the full time benefits are not cheap to provide. Benefits can easily be an additional 25%-50% of the hourly rate, and that money has to come from somewhere. They could have fewer full time employees and more part time like many stores here.

    Running a business is not easy, and hiring the wrong people can, and has closed businesses. Kudos to Hobby Lobby for trying to keep their employees happy. I hope it works out for them and they continue to be profitable. No reason to hate success, especially one that is creating jobs.

  4. The increase in employee pay is a ruse. They’re really only paid $3/hr… The rest of that money is paying for midgets that will run throughout the stores, whacking lady workers in their private parts so that they can’t have children…. That way hobby lobby won’t have to worry about the evil birth control shit in their healthcare coverage they so desperately don’t want to pay.

    • Tell Me and every reader of this article exactly why in the hole freaking world should a company,especially a Religious Bible store should be forced to pay for a Woman’s Morning after pill and finance abortion,which is murder,which if You have miserably failed to read the Ten commandments,or the Bible,then You are seriously lacking in the moral and Common Sense department!

  5. They do contribute more to society. Watch a few minutes of the chronicles of pop culture and you will be enlightened.

  6. Maybe I’ll go work for Hobby Lobby! I’ve worked for the state for over half a decade, and have a bachelor’s degree, and my pay is on par with what new employees at Hobby Lobby are making. Disgraceful!

  7. There employees make more than our first responders. Also I guess they aren’t getting killed on the money for Obamacare like their lawsuit said it would.

  8. Here are the facts… Long time employees do not get the $1.00 an hour increase like someone new off the street. There are hundreds of HL employees who have been with HL for ten or more years with real responsibilities and they make a quarter more an hour than someone off the street. HL should take care of their own first. If EVERYONE was given a $1.00 an hour raise, I would say this was a great deal. Ask any employee who has been there for ten or more years and see if they got the $1.00 an hour increase for the last 4 years… it is not happening. Long term employees are secretly fed up. Jennifer Palmer did a bad job on reporting the information. I emailed her directly and there was no response. My guess is David Green does not know the true feelings of these aging employees because nobody wants to rock the HL boat. David Green has no direct email address for contact. Admit the mistake. Give everyone a $1.00 more an hour. If you do it again next year, long term employees will be making the same as Joe Blow off the street. While everyone is glad to have a job… everyone wants to feel of value. Like sticking with a company and helping build it for ten or twenty years means something.

    • Nobody said everyone would get a $1 raise, all the article said was he was raising the MINIMUM wage at Hobby Lobby. If I worked for Hobby Lobby and was making over the minimum I wouldn’t expect a raise. Had they announced an across the board $1 an hour, then yes 22,900 people would be making $1 more an hour, and increasing the payroll by at least $916,000 every week (assuming 40 hour weeks, no overtime). When you add on the $56,792 in additional social security tax the company would have to pay just on this $1 an hour increase, and add other taxes in the various states than that $1 increase in wages would cost the company at least a million more a week.

      I’m not sure what Hobby Lobby’s profit margin is, but don’t know how they could bring in an extra million a week just to cover the $1 an hour raise for all employees. I’m guessing doing this would probably put Hobby Lobby OUT of business, along with 22,900 employees.

    • D Loomis- You are correct! I worked for HL for 14 years, and finally got fed up because new hires were making .50 less than me. It was frustrating that I was the loyal one and stayed there and never got any recognition and yet brand new employees got all the benefits. Its very unfortunate that long term employees are the ones that are losing out and yet they are the loyal ones. Most stores are run by part time staff now because even though they have to pay more now to employees, their payroll dollars are not increased. The managers are still expected to come in under budget. You get hired as part time and then maybe, just maybe after a 6 months, you may get full time but even then, it will be the bare minimum hours.

  9. After the Economic dust has settled,and the massive layoffs due to the housing bubble that burst due to the Walstreet fat cat CEO’ S,doing illegal practices,like accepting million dollar bonuses,which broke the financial backs of lending institutions and created a financial wreckoning equal to a domino effect of destruction that went unchecked and unsupervised by the Wolves in Sheep skin disguises,left in positions of power and blind over sightedness!

  10. I really enjoyed it very much when the fat cat CEO’ S of the Automotive Industries flew in on Their Corporate Jets for Government bail outs and were called on it!Talk about Hypocrisy,disengaged by poetic justice,to the Maxi-Mum!LOL!

  11. HL made it’s future hireries,jump through hoops to try to be hired and not be hired,very much the same way,that 7-Elevin,did! LOL!!!:)

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