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Mike Morgan has unleashed his new secret weapon…

kfor weather team

That image is the new promotion graphic for the Channel 4 weather team. I’m not sure why they look so disappointed. I think they were either trying too hard to be serious or they know you just spent 20-minutes today looking at Internet porn. It has to be one of the two.

The Mountain Dew drinker pictured on the far left is Reed Timmer. He’s the station’s new bionic storm chaser. Mike Morgan announced yesterday that Reed will be the guy to replace longtime KFOR weather sidekick “Daredevil” David Payne.

Reed is actually a well-known celebrity in the storm chasing world. He’s starred in a reality show, has 65,000 Twitter followers, and even has his own Wikipedia page. Here’s his bio:

Reed Timmer is a meteorologist and professional storm chaser who starred in the now canceled American documentary reality television series Storm Chasers. He also starred in the documentary film Tornado Glory.

Timmer became interested in the weather at a young age after experiencing a severe thunderstorm that reportedly dropped golf ball-sized hail in his yard. After winning the national championship in the tree identification event at the 1996 Science Olympiad, Timmer began studying meteorology at the University of Oklahoma in 1997. In October of that year, he filmed his first tornado. He earned a B.S. and M.S. at OU and, as of March 2010, is a Ph.D. candidate.

So not only can provide the strength, size and track of a tornado, but he can tell you what trees it destroyed, too. That’s impressive. The only thing David Payne could do was smell pine.

In addition to all that, Reed rolls around in an armored vehicle called Dominator 4. No, I’m not making that up. I think the vehicle was made in a secret underground lab by Morgan Freeman.

Here are a few pics:

reed-timmer -dominator1

2010 dominator

Yep, that’s the Dominator. It’s a super weather chasing machine with spikes, a roll cage and impenetrable armor. Well, kind of:

In 2008, a tornado in Aurora, Nebraska unexpectedly strengthened right over the Dominator and blew out the driver’s window, when its exterior Lexan window failed to roll up. Designer Reed Timmer and one of his passengers suffered lacerations to the face from flying glass.

Okay, so maybe it’s not perfect, but that car would still get you a ton of tail in Moore or Mustang.

Anyway, I didn’t watch a lot of KFOR’s weather coverage last night because I was transfixed on the train wreck at Channel 9, but this has the potential to be a game changer. I bet when Channel 9 stole David Payne away from Channel 4 they just figured Mike Morgan would huddle up in the corner with his bedazzled weather tie and cry. Instead, Mike rebounded like a seasoned player. It’s like he showed up at his cheating ex’s wedding reception with two European models draped in his arms. Kudos to him for that.

Even though Channel 9 won last night’s rating war, I think things are about to get competitive again between our two severe weather leaders. Hell, Channel 9 couldn’t figure out who was supposed to talk or how to work their giant iPad, whereas Mike Morgan had a guy driving around in a car with spikes and Emily Sutton lecturing us on how to post storm information on social media. Normally a lecture like that would be irritating, but considering we’d watch Emily Sutton read the list of ingredients found in a bag of chips, we can deal with it.


    • They do seem to be quite smitten with each other on twitter the last month. This all started around March 10th when the Tornado Summit was in town on the Cox Center….they met each other there and now he is the new dream team on KFOR

      • He already dominated Ginger Zee inside the dominator and she is twice as hot Emily. No offense to Emily.

    • A guy like that, in this state, becomes and instant panty dropper. Hers won’t be the only ones.

  1. Who are the two guys over Emily’s shoulder? They both look like someone knocked their school books out of their hands.

  2. Blue shirts with a blue background. Also that guy to the right looks like a younger, less jaundiced Steve Buscemi.

    • …or if it turns sour, a live-feed meteorologist suicide/human sacrifice. In which case, they win, but then, well, they lose.

  3. Their faces all look like they’re being forced to have a photo taken with matching blue polos.

  4. By the power of Gary Englands twilight career….they will go forth into the eye of the storm.

  5. This doesn’t do it justice, AT ALL. Quit being lazy and post a video clip, Mike gives us two very slight nods as saying, yes we are the shit. 9 is like a major league team trying to buy ratings and I think it failed something terrible. Gary and Val should of pressed on, the four horseman of the weather is just too damn much now. Go team Timmer, I mean when 9 might have a shot of the tornado from a mile back 4 will have a shot from the inside out!

  6. Ladies and gentlemen: I give you your nerd herd.

    Is that you Emily? If this pic had come out before the final TLO voting, Joleen would have won going away.

  7. “Dominator 4 is about to intercept”, “Dominator 4 is close to penetrating”, “Debris ball is visible”, “a fudge swirl” (WTF?!). All heard on Channel 4 last night….Makes you think twice about that bedazzled weather tie don’t it….just sayin..

  8. To get that extremely serious look, the photog, said “quick think of something Christina Fallin has ever said that made sense”……….
    he was able to get over 50 shots with that look on their face………he finally said,
    “got it, you guys can give up now” hahahahahahahahhaha

  9. I only watch Channel 4 now. England’s descent into retirement is entertaining, but less and less useful in a crisis. At least Morgan’s team is as informative as it is dysfunctional.

  10. I’ve seen the Dominator several times in Norman over the past couple of weeks. It’s more lol irl than the pictures indicate.

  11. First of all, every TV station in Tornado Alley has a promo shot of all the weather people with we’re super-duper serious look across their faces because they want you think that they going to save your life in a tornado.

    During the 4pm KFOR newscast, Mike had to show Dominator 4 in Mississippi like little kid in a toy store: “See my new toy, it’s better that than all your toys….”

  12. When Mike Morgan first mentioned “The Dominator”, I thought he was going to whip out his recent purchase from Patricia’s or Christie’s Toy Box so I wasn’t too surprised to see it’s a butt plug on wheels.

    Have to register my disappointment that Emily was relegated to the Twitter/Facebook inane duties. Come on 4, you know we could care less about Mikey (who blocks the whole screen with his body but lets you catch glimpses of the hook echo under his armpit). Put a bedazzled top on Emily and give her some REAL duties.

    • Mark my words: Emily will eventually end up in the Dominator with Reed. It will good for ratings.

      • Mark my words: Emily will eventually end up in the Dominator with Reed while Reed is in Emily. It will good for ratings.

  13. Watching Gary hopelessly try to work his magic touchscreen and showing off his new radar maps & Mike endesly reminding us that Reed has a P.hd (which means he has more qualification then Mike Morgan) I couldn’t help myself from laughing at how much more gimmicky the severe weather coverage in OK has become. It used to be who had a helicopter or who had the best radar it’s now become a reality show with some dude driving into a tornado to get a shot. I thought it was suppose to be warning the public first and not ratings. I would not be suprized if ch. 9 goes out and try’s to get Sean Casey and have there very own TIV. Also, is Reed working for ch 4 full time or do the use him as a freelance? I assume he is doing well by himself with his tornadovideos.net thing.

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