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State Rep. Dennis Johnson used the phrase “Jew Me Down” while debating a bill… (video)


Yesterday, the Oklahoma House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 550 by a vote of 69 – 23. The bill overturns a dated 1941 law that prevents retailers from selling merchandise for less than 6-percent above cost. Basically, what the bill does is legalize those crazy “Black Friday” sales in Oklahoma. That’s pretty good news if you like to wait in line at Wal-Mart to buy cheap Dynex TVs.

Before the bill passed, it was debated on the house floor by state lawmakers. One who spoke in favor of the legislation was House Co-Majority Leader Dennis Johnson (R-Duncan). He owns a small business and had some insightful thoughts on the issue. The most interesting was how he deals with those pesky customers who try to “Jew him down on a price.”

Here’s a clip:

Wow. I’m not politically correct or Jewish and even I found that to be offensive. I hope he never needs a bank loan. Seriously, what was this guy thinking? You’re debating on the floor of the House of Representatives. You’re not drinking a beer in your racist neighbor’s garage. Have a little respect for the venue and keep your prejudiced thoughts in the sheds of rural Oklahoma where they belong.

Speaker of the House T.W. Shannon chimed in on the issue. Here’s what he said via the Tulsa World:

Through spokesman Joe Griffin, Speaker of the House T.W. Shannon, R-Lawton, said Johnson “is not the first person to make a comment they regret. The chamber accepted his apology and has moved on.” Neither the Oklahoma House nor the Senate has a Jewish member.

Uhm, did the Speaker hear the apology? I don’t think so, because that was the most offensive part. It was more fake than the Speaker’s statement. Even a jaded teenager would call it sarcastic and insincere.

One of the other interesting things about the video are the giggly state reps in the background. It’s hard to tell if they are laughing with Dennis Johnson or at him. It’s probably a bit of both. The kid in the glasses is Jason Smalley (R- Stroud), the girl passing notes is Elise Hall (R-Bethany), and the mature dude who had enough and walked away was Ken Walker (R- Tulsa). The laughing you heard off camera was Sally Kern and her army of evil flying monkeys.

Also, I’m sorry for making that one minor stereotypical Jewish cultural reference above. I’m a sarcastic blogger, our contributor Ryan is Jewish, and I have a minor crush on Erielle Reshef, so I should be able to get away with it. Let me know if I need to make a sincere apologize.


  1. If having a crush on Erielle Reshef excuses racism, then I’ve got a lot of room to be a racist. Because I have a crush on Erielle Reshef. Too.

  2. “I apologize to the Jews [for negatively stereotyping]. They are [positive stereotype], too.” All better.

  3. This is absolutely disgusting from an elected representative – even if his constituents are from the most ignorant State in the nation. I’ll bet this a-hole would deny the Jesus he ‘worships’ in his redneck Church each Sunday was Jewish. Unbelievable that he has been allowed to get away with it and shame on Shannon for letting him. I wonder if Shannon would have been so lenient if he’d used the n-word. Would you meekly have accepted his equally racist apology then, TW? I think not.

      • Sorry – most ignorant state in the nation apart from readers of the Lost Ogle. Happy now? Just remember who elects the ‘douche bags’ in the government… if this state’s elected representatives are ‘representative’ of their constituents, can you really argue my point?

        • I was going to put something witty here, but since I’m just an ignorant okie, I’ll just take the low road and go with DIAF. :)

          • Hey, I didn’t mean to offend. I guess I made the oh so silly mistake of equating the reddest state in the nation with the most ignorant.

        • Seriously? That’s your “apology”? Perhaps you and TW could take an etiquette class together…in another state…..asshole. Clear enough?

      • Thank you. I couldn’t have said it better. I would like to have agreed with his point about hoe TW would feel about the n word, but the fact that he prefaced the message with such a charming intro drowned out the only valid point in that comment. I agree. Pack your bags and hit the road….you won’t be missed.

    • When only 10 to 20% of the those in the state who could vote, tend to be older nerdy white folks then this is what you get. Barely 50% of those that could vote are registered, and barely half of those vote. So more of you younger non nerdy white folk need to get out and vote, or the pattern of elecing narrow minded idiots will continue.

  4. I find his attitude highly offensive. As a Jew who moved to Oklahoma I have found the whole state less than welcoming when they find out I am Jewish. It must be that mid-west “Christian” mind set that can only except “good Christians”.

    • As a Jewish Oklahoman, I’m sorry you have had less than favorable acceptance as a Jew in Oklahoma. I grew up here and experienced only one minor afront in over 70 years. It has been the one state where, for the most part, my experience has been anti-Semitic free. At my other home in Seattle, WA, my experience has been quite different. A lot of anti-Semites… mainly from the left politically. Same at the University of Michigan many years ago….only mainly religious discrimination then.

    • I’m offended that you believe you were offended and treated poorly because of being a “Jew”….I get the same treatment from others when I tell them I grew up in El Reno.

  5. Seems there might be a culinary “sneak-a-booger” moment in there too…equally disgusting as well..

  6. Another bigoted embarrassment for Oklahomans. At some point our “leaders” need to leave the state to see what we look like from outside our borders.

  7. Being a Tulsa native and having a partner from Tucson, AZ, we have an on-going competition of who comes from a state with crazier Republicans. I am shamed of how substantially Oklahoma took the lead today.

    Not only did an OK State Rep use a completely unacceptable slur in official legislative proceedings and provide a pathetic “apology” unquestionably accepted by the house leader, but then the “liberal, progressive” publication I tend to use to demonstrate that not everyone my home state are monsters proceeds to have almost equally poor judgment and offense.

    I understand that you’re an irreverent, sarcastic no-longer-obscure local blog, but this is just disappointing. Bank loans? It’s OK because we have [this specific minority] on staff? I like an attractive member of [this specific minority] (who we wrote a really tasteless article about before)? And about possibly the most unrepresented minority in the Oklahoma legislation.

    Make the jokes you want, be as irreverent as you wish. No one will stop you from being equally as tasteless or as racist as your Republican representatives. And don’t with an apology. It’s unlikely to be “sincere.”

  8. So… let me get this straight…If Patrick does a stereotype bit about Edmondites or state fair people, that’s okay but if he does one about Jews, that’s wrong. Thanks for clearing that up you PC hypocrites.

    • You don’t see a qualitative difference between making fun of a suburb and making fun of an ethnic group that has long been the victim of hate crimes and various forms of discrimination. Can you tell your ass from a hole in the ground? Just curious.

      • I sure know a self-important, elitist, humorless, preachy and basically stupid comment when I read one. You must be miserable being so wonderful and angry you can’t make everyone share your views. Enjoy it. You earned it.

    • The difference is, Edmondites and State Fair people haven’t been subject to thousands of years of various groups making every effort to annihilate them from the face of the earth.

      I’m an Edmondite, and I think we deserve the ribbing we get around here! I interpret it as being “all in good fun”, and don’t think for a second that Patrick (or any other writer here) intends anything mean-spirited at all.

  9. Spence: “Has anyone seen Patrick? ”
    Marisa: “Yeah…”
    Spence: “Really, where?
    Marisa: “Front Street.”
    Both: “Bhahahahaha!!!”

  10. You know the bible says “out the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. ” its apauling that he didn’t even realize what he said its like he just believes everyone uses that phrase and yes what I quoted from the bible was written by a Jewish man years ago. But it’s still true today I feel that he shoul resign his post somethings are excusable but this is not one of them!! Hate speach like this never belongs in any govt. branch weather it’s state or federal a simple apology is not enough for racism.

  11. Where’d you guys get this video? I’ve often thought that perhaps a good first step to cleaning up the goings-ons in our state legislature would be to record it all and play for all to see on a CSPAN-like cable channel. Sadly I can’t think of the last time I’ve seen any video coverage like this from any of the city’s major media.

  12. It’s sad to think that language is acceptable on the floor of the OK State House – just imagine how they talk when they know nobody can overhear them.

    His smirking half-apology to “the jews” only made it worse.

    I’ll stay out of the “dumbest state in the union” argument raging above, but I would like to hear how someone that fucking stupid reflects well on our state.

  13. Let’s not worry about this moron’s racism
    As it , looks like if he eats one more meal he will either explode or drop dead from a heart attack….would someone please buy him a triple cheeseburger…..

  14. It’s pretty obvious that the “kids” are laughing at him, not with him. Like when your crazy uncle pulls yet another boner at the Christmas party. They knew immediately what he had said. He had to be slipped a note before he even realized it.

    • What “kids” are you referring to? I didn’t know there were kids on the floor of the Oklahoma State House of Representatives.

  15. Many brave people, excluding Jews, fought, sacrificed and died for our Democracy and our First Amendment freedoms. Any insidious ingrate who is too fragile for our cherished freedoms should return to the country from which their people emigrated.
    Just read the Trail of Tears, then complain!

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