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12 amusing and funny pics from OKC’s Westboro Baptist Church counter-protests…

The lone bright spot in the Thunder’s terrible loss to the Houston Rockets was the Westboro Baptist Church protesting in downtown Oklahoma City.

Wait a second. Did I just call a Westboro protest a “bright spot?” Yes, I did.

Normally, I hate giving those crazy attention whores any attention or publicity, but this time I’m breaking that rule. Last night, people from all over OKC crashed Westboro’s party with their own counter-protest. They brought funny signs, dressed in Daisy Dukes, and even sent over a few glitter farts. The whole counter-protest was funny and amusing, and for the time being, has helped distract me from the Thunder’s piss poor performance against the guys from Houston. That’s why I’m calling it a “bright spot.”

Anyway, we spent some time searching Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the web to find some of counter-protest pics. Here are some good ones we found:

westboro thunder pics 1

westboro thunder pics 2

Via @yadnulsirhc

westboro thunder pics 3

Via Busted Coverage

westboro thunder pics 4

Via @UnicornSpiral

westboro thunder pics 5

Via @Andrew_Kalman

westboro hand job sign oklahoma

Several different versions of this sign have made the rounds over the Internet. I believe the sign was made by the guy on the left, @bigwillokc.

This one is doctored, but funny:

westboro thunder pics 8

westboro thunder pics 13

Submitted by Ogle Mole Nathan

westboro thunder pics 10

westboro thunder pics 9


westboro thunder pics 11

Via CloversMama

westboro thunder pics 12

Via Lex1026

Update: Here are a few mor pics emailed to us after this post was published:


westboro thunder pics 15

westboro thunder pics 16

westboro thunder pics 17

That’s it. Once again, I hate giving the Westboro terds attention, but I felt these pics deserve to be seen. If you have any photos that you’d like to see added, drop us an email or find us on Facebook.

Also the next time Westboro protests outside of a Thunder game, lets hope it isn’t the lone bright spot…and that Kevin Martin isn’t on the Thunder roster.


  1. Wow, this just proves that if any city can still another group’s Thunder, it is OKC! (Amirite!?)

    • Do you mean “steal?” As in “steal another group’s Thunder”? Because if you are one of those Seattle trolls that just hates on Oklahoma and OKC, consider learning how to spell, and pronounce the word “steal.”.

  2. All this HOOP-LAH over some out of town holey roller Anti Gay(TE), Anti-Gate Attendee’s?!! Oh brother! I’m just upset that some unscrupulous Basket Ball Player deliberately injured Russel WestBrook and should have been deep pocketed fined for unsportsmanlike misconduct and suspended from playing 5 games in a row!!

  3. As for the young man? Proudly but misguidedly displaying very rudely an American flag around His neck,is very unpatriotic(He’s more like very pathetic!) So what exactly is He trying to be? Hmm….Let Me see? What rhymes with flag? Maybe a f_g flag?Well anyway He needs to stop hiding ( Pardon the phun,please),Behind the flag! If You know what I mean?They used to hide behind closed closet doors,and now They are hiding (Behind) flags,right?All for an agenda of acceptance,for sure,I think?!

    • USMsee, sorry you love life at the truck stop has gone to crap. Since dateline to catch a predator is off the air, maybe you can try your hand at online dating.

      • Awe!!! Is that the best insult One can hurl at One? Wah! Hurry up and telephone for a Wah-bulance! Don’t
        stand outside too long be cause Ewe might catch a Cody!

    • Oooh, you must not have heard. We have this thing called the First Amendment and it gives you the Constitutional right to freely express yourself, even if you decide to use the American flag as a cape. The fact that you mentioned this and not the bigots behind him (who are also protected by the same amendment) is interesting. No, not really, but….

      • That’s right! Even the Bible Thumping haters are allowed to assemble right near a valiant Service Member’s burial service after said American Hero voluntarily shed Their blood and gave the ultimate sacrifice,just so said Bible Thumpers have the right to assemble in a lighted shade of disgraced Demon-strations! Then the good hearted Patriotic Biker Veterans have to counter demonstrate and assemble!Unfortunately that is the American way-Assemble and hate,by Hypocritical Bible Thumping Busy Bodies Who need to get a life,and should stay home and worry about problems in Their Own back yard,Right?

    • Black, white, red, yellow – America loves anyone that calls this land their home. So, quit it with the flag/cape display rant, even our most patriotic Olympians proudly display our flag around their neck after a victory. It’s called victory. The counter-protestors are all victors!

    • 0.5/10

      A lackluster effort, this hamfisted troll attempt strives for, and fails to attain, mediocrity. Its pedestrian struggle to elicit disdain falls short of even so-bad-it’s-good levels of dreck. If you have to miss one troll post (or poster) this season, you won’t find a more worthy target for your inattention.

  4. So am I the only one who got a little turned on by the “I Eat Cat” sign? It helps that the girl holding it is a hot lesbian, which I mostly thought was a myth.

    • +100 and I’m now curious to see who “cat” is after seeing the sign holder!………………..we are just wrong, but it feels so right. LOL!

      • +1,000

        why do some of the open ones like that bat for the other team? I rarely see hetero women flaunting it…I guess the Flying J is the wrong place to hang out on a Saturday night?

      • I’m not sure if I actually need to point this out or not, but she’s not talking about a girl named Cat. Think of another term for “cat,” and how that may pertain to what a lesbian might eat…

  5. I was surprised not to see Mad Mary Falling with her twitter friends the Westboro Douchebags!

  6. I hate that we lost game; the pic or poster of the we want Westbrook not Westboro is good though. It would be nice if all towns & cities would jail these hateful people; like they did in Texas at funerals for the first responders.

    • I Wikipediaed these West boro Idiots who hate just about everybody under the Sun and it said that the U.K. and Canada,I Believe,banned these Fanatics from entering Their Countries,besides the distance restrictions on Their Demon-strations at military funerals in bills passed by legislatures. Is it West Boro, or West Burro?

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