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Channel 4 has hired this guy from Tulsa to be their news director…

Back in January, we let everyone know that Mary Ann Eckstein was stepping down as the news director at KFOR Newschannel 4. The report came as a shock to many. Mary Ann had been with KFOR for 33-years; long enough to remember when Mike Morgan wore regular ties, the Ogle men were just the Ogle boys, and Gene Wheatley had a farm report.

Via NewsBlues.com, we’ve learned that KFOR has hired Carlton Houston from KTUL 8 in Tulsa to be Mary Ann’s replacement. Here’s his Twitter profile pic along with the NewsBlues story:

carlton houston channel 4

Carlton Houston, who worked his way up through the news ranks as a reporter and anchor to become news director at Allbritton’s KTUL-8-ABC in Tulsa (Market #59), starts May 28 as news director at Local TV’s KFOR-4-NBC and KAUT-43-MyTV in Oklahoma City (Market #41).

He replaces Mary Ann Eckstein, the longtime vice president of news at KFOR, who unexpectedly resigned in January, ending 33 years at the station. Natalie Hughes and Steve Johnson have been filling in as co-interim news directors during the selection process.

Houston is a RTDNA board member for Oklahoma and Texas.

This sucks. If you remember correctly, I threw my name into the ring as a dark horse candidate for the position. I promised a new style of local news that was basically a reality show starring Emily and JoJo mixed with a little weather and sports coverage. As Mike Morgan would say, I guess KFOR brass didn’t have the balls to go through with it. Instead, they went the safe route and decided to stick with the typical KFOR schtick. Need proof? Just check out this pic Carlton posted to Twitter last year:

Yep, he’s going to fit-in great. He’s probably going to force Ashton Edwards to abandon “Frugal Friday” for “Where’s My Pet Wednesday.” Hopefully nobody tells him about Maddox the Missing Pincher. I bet he sends Scott Hines to Lake Hefner to join a search party. Granted, I’d do the same thing if I were in charge. The only catch is I’d make Scott go as J’Ordy.

Outside of all that, I don’t know a thing about Carlton Houston. I would make some jokes that he looks nerdier than Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bell Aire, but that would probably get me in trouble. Besides, Carlton from the Fresh Prince was kind of cool and dated Ashlynn Brooke for a little while. I’m not sure if this Carlton would be able to pull that off.

I tried to search KTUL.com to see if I could dig up any information, but I got distracted by their morning show host Laura Moss. Here are some pics:

laura moss 7

laura moss 6

laura moss 5


laura moss

Well, at least Carlton has an eye for talent. That’s probably the best trait a news director can have. We wish him the best of luck in the Big Town. Maybe someday he’ll let us ride around in the Dominator.


  1. Is it just me or is the “joey” trying to pull a “beaver flash” or a “moose knuckle galor”?
    And is his/her hand/paw on the reporter’s boob?

    You wait Lance West will top this with him holding a turtle pic talking about antiques………mwahhahahahaha

  2. Well, KTUL kicked ass at the SPJ awards a few weeks ago and was named the SPJ station of the year in OK (not saying much when you consider the competition). So, maybe he’ll bring something fresh to the screen. KFOR didn’t place in any of the SPJ categories. May explain why KFOR was non-existent that night.

    • And their ratings suck. KTUL is becoming a 4th place station. Carlton is bailing out of a bad situation. Enjoy the awards though.

  3. I hope he can turn KFOR around, because lately, their news coverage and story selection has become so…so…I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s somewhere between disappointing and crappy.

    I even did some creeping with 9News last night and caught a few minutes of Ms. Iwasinski (boom, goes the spellchecker)…lo and behold, here she is on your blog the next morning!

    That must be a sign from the media gods.

    • The media gods’ taste is entirely in their mouths. Strange how they smile on 9 and not on 6. Backwardly inverted?

      • Well maybe Chelsea can spin off this blog..but wait, we don’t have any Ogle(s) in Tulsa. Nor (yes I said nor) do we have interesting people..well maybe Kathy Taylor but she doesn’t have a “Christina Fallin” type kid.

  4. Laura Moss is our Emily Sutton (if there is such a thing) in Tulsa.

    KTUL used to be top station and it was strict competition between 8 and 6 (which is now an almost exact clone of News 9 just missing a Gary England scream into the mic guy). On the other hand KJRH seems to be pulling up for 2nd (get it?) and Fox of all 4 channels is vying for 3rd.

  5. I’ve been to some of the news stations in Tulsa, granted many moons ago and to this day I still wonder how they were ever able to do news with some of the lowest budgets in the nation. Especially KJRH.

  6. “I promised a new style of local news that was basically a reality show starring Emily and JoJo mixed with a little weather and sports coverage.” Um, I still contest that you are describing Rise and Shine. Throw in the opening to Mary Tyler Moore and force the facebook fan of the day to stop by as the land lord or goofy love interest and it would be exactly what I think you want.

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