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Finally, Mike Morgan breaks his silence on Friday’s storm coverage…

As you probably know, it has not been the best week ever for KFOR Meteorologist Mike Morgan. After we published a round up of tweets that were highly critical of the sparkly bedazzled tie wearer’s Friday night storm coverage, The OklahomanGazette and even Reuters piled on with their own write-ups of Get-out-of-the-way-gate.

To make matters worse, Mike has been noticeably absent from KFOR’s recent news broadcasts. His disappearance from television has led to a lot of speculation in the Ogle Mole Network. Theories and rumors have ranged from the simple (suspended by KFOR) to the elaborate (kidnapped by KOKH’s Jeff George) to the sickening (eloped with one of Dr. Reed Timmer the Scientist’s Dominators).

Fortunately, it was none of those things. It looks like Magic Mike is (or was) simply on vacation. We know this because he responded to a question about his whereabouts that a viewer left on KFOR’s Facebook Page. If you’re looking for Mike to admit that he made or mistake or give an apology, you’re going to be disappointed. Check it out:

Hi Linda, and everyone else showing concern for my well being. I am here….all is well. I am taking a couple of days off, which was already planned before the terrible day on Friday. Folks in the weather office all have time off coming (summertime!) so I had to take the time while it was available. I took my kids to the movies today!! I do want to say a couple of things to you all….The tornado fatalities from last Friday were ALL out near El Reno. I was REPEATADLY telling folks to AVOID I-40 completely….do not travel westbound out of OKC into Canadian County! Also, I want to say, full well knowing that tornado was a very large violent monster, and Reed Timmer in full agreement, and moving directly towards OKC, I was, for lack of a better word, desparate to help you in any way I could. With I -40 already shut down on the west side of town, plus visions of Moore tragically burned into everyone’s mind from May 20th, the advice of “if you do not feel safe where you are, then get out of its way” blew up into a conjested nightmare of folks trying to get safe. I have cried over this more than once since Friday. Your safety is my/our number 1 priority, and that will NEVER change….ask Reed, ask Emily, ask Jon Welsh. I cherish our relationship….lord knows Oklahoma weather has put us all thru too much lately, but we will never stop giving you the information you deserve before and during severe weather. See you soon , Mike Morgan

Yeah, don’t worry Oklahoma. Mike’s just on vacation. And that whole “get out of the way” thing? It was nothing but a big misunderstanding. How was he supposed to know that people would actually take his advice? He was just desperate to help, and wants to continue to help. Please feel sorry for him. That’s all.

Actually, I think Mike is giving himself too much credit. His advice to flee south sure didn’t help things, but the highways would have been a clusterf*ck regardless of what he did or didn’t say. I was out and about at 4:00pm and the streets were already crazy. You would have thought the aliens from Independence Day were hovered over Devon Tower. People were floating stop signs, swerving in and out of traffic, cutting each other off, hopping curbs (not really), etc. Mike Morgan could have told everyone to stay at home and eat roast beef and the highways still would have been at a standstill. Also, were the people fleeing the storms really that surprised by the congestion? Have none of them ever driven in Oklahoma City during the rain? All it takes is one little sprinkle to fall from the sky and traffic slows to a standstill.

That being said, perception is reality and the reality is the Mike Morgan screwed up. And he did. He advised that Oklahoma City residents disregard standard tornado safety procedures and put some of them in harms way by doing so. Instead of trying to defend his actions or make us feel sorry for him, he should swallow some pride and just apologize. He’ll win back a lot more trust by doing that than by coming up with excuses and / or putting on a sparkly tie pretending the whole thing didn’t happen.

Anyway, some of other random thoughts and observations:

1. Remember when the Oklahoman asked each local weatherman about their approach to tornado coverage? In case you forget, this was Mike’s response:

“I’m a basket case and I’m a basket case for days ahead of time. I don’t think I’m ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). I would argue I’m definitely post-traumatic stress. I try to really regulate where I am these days at the age of 49. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I have been a basket case many, many times in this state because I see these things coming. I can see the future, I can.

And we’re surprised by all of this?

2. I can’t believe Mike didn’t refer to Reed Timmer as a scientist or doctor.

3. Emily Sutton’s on vacation, too. Please respect our privacy during this time.

4. This probably deserves its own post, but check out how Mike Morgan, then with Channel 5, covered a tornado that was heading down a similar path on May 15th, 1990. For better or for worse, there is no hype, no panic and no bionic stormchaser running around the thing in a Dominator. It’s your “Moment of Zen.”


    • Actually, I kind of respect him more for not apologizing! If people put their lives in the hands of a weatherman, they get what they deserve. People need to use common sense and stop blaming others for their own dumb decisions!

      • They get what they deserve? Kind of disrespectful for people that died in the tornados?

        • I didn’t mean that people deserved to die, I meant that if people found themselves between a rock and a hard place it was their own fault for not thinking ahead! You shouldn’t have to have a weatherman tell you what to do.

          Really though, I place a lot of blame on the NWS. They didn’t give adequate warning… they issued a PDS tornado watch less than an hour before storms formed. That’s ridiculous!

          They should’ve issued the watch several hours ahead of time and should’ve put us under a “high” risk!

          Had people been more aware of the danger, they could’ve planned better.

          • I agree… The Storm Prediction Center as well as the local stations said that it was going to be a rough day. There were some places that closed early (Such as OKC Zoo) to let people get home. The NWS SHOULD have issued this watch EARLIER in the day, or at least made a public statement about their forecast… :/

          • We wouldn’t even know there was a tornado if it weren’t for the weathermen. That statement is asinine.

  1. Contrary to various claims, Reed does *not* have a doctorate. Feel free to check OU…degrees granted are a matter of public record.

    • Interesting. Reed is part owner of Extreme Tornado Tours, which is a disgusting entity in itself. I have no respect for someone profiting in this way. However, I’m more interested in the fact that the ETT website states that Reed has a PhD. He doesn’t?

      • Even more interesting is that Reed’s dissertation isn’t even in Meteorology but Climatology. Which makes the claims they are out there doing ‘tornado science’ seems highly dubious at best, if the lack of any actual data or peer reviewed papers wasn’t enough to sound the alarms.

  2. That video of Mike Morgan on Channel 5 is interesting. The style of coverage is so much more sparse. Today because of technology he would be saying:

    “Tornado on the ground on I-40, we have 11 people on the ground, a chopper in the air and 38 camera angles. Tornado-Bob is on the line, tell me what you see….”

    • “Yahoo” and “news” together still makes me do the dog head tilt. I found the article on Huffington Post (yeah – still funny, yet refined).

  3. Am I the only one that has noticed how the weather has been awfully nice since he has last been on air? Coincidence? I think not…

  4. This video has confirmed my long held belief that Mike Morgan’s bedazzled severe weather tie does not have a symbiotic relationship with Mike, but is indeed a parasitic organism, possibly of alien origin, similar to the Marvel Comics creature, the Symbiote, known for spawning Venom and Carnage after an earlier bond with Spiderman.

    This weather tie has obviously given Mike Morgan incredible powers; not only see the future and attend A-list movie premiers at the Penn Square Mall theater, but also exert control over his Channel 4 watching minions, forcing them to do his bidding, such as venture into roadways and vote his coworkers to prestigious titles on obscure local blogs.

    Similar to the Symbiote story, Mike’s bedazzled weather tie is on him at all times, and only shows its true, radiant sparkles, in times of heightened aggression, such as during early stages of tornadogenesis or when Gary England mentions a mysterious “Lost Ogle.” The bedazzled weather tie is firmly in control of Mike now, and can only be removed from him via a direct hit from a debris ball from an EF-4+ mega-wedge, multi-vortex, super grinder.

  5. I was awake during the morning news today and tuned in to kfor to see if Emily was on. She wasn’t. Disappointed I channel surfed and found out that MTV does still play music videos! It’s just in the morning when there is no one watching.

  6. Mike Morgan, who is not a meteorologist, should never have become a weatherman. Here in Oklahoma we have to take the weather serious. Having a computer geek, who acts like he’s on a mission in WOW against the storm god Twistor, has no business being on camera since he began crying wolf and sensationalizing every tiny cumulus vapor. He is getting paid big bucks to act like the sky is falling and get viewers hyped so they will keep eyes glued to that channel. I am not saying the other channels don’t do the same now days, but I am saying Morgan is unqualified and the worst Chicken Little by far.

  7. Let it go Patrick… there are some things you shouldn’t bulldog when you have a platform like this. He doesn’t need to become the scapegoat of tornado deaths. Yes, he should apologize – but this is a classic case of intentions vs. consequences and the consequences were far more severe than anyone would have hoped; but it clearly wasn’t his intention to put anyone in harm’s way and it clearly WAS his intention to try and help – and because we have lived through multiple F5 tornado’s, most of us have witnessed that staying in your house may still cost you your life. The only reason my 2yo daughter and I survived May 3rd is because I WAS NOT HOME and my place caught on fire as the storm swept through. I chanced leaving NE OKC to get to my daughter’s daycare before the storms hit, then headed home (to seek shelter). When I was at the intersection of 119th & Western, as I was about to turn South – I heard on the radio that the storm was already at 139th & Penn & heading NE. I lived at 127th & I made the decision to go North to a friends house & attempt to get ahead of it. I only had a few minutes. And you know what – if we’d had the conditions that were present this last time and I was wading into already tornado damaged, congested traffic… I likely wouldn’t have ever even made it to pick up my daughter and could have been in my car – but it wouldn’t have changed my intention to try and get to her and take responsibility for MY OWN ACTIONS. Further, we have a BIGGER issue in Oklahoma with the inability to have basements, the challenge of building any kind of mass shelters underground (and not risking flooding due to ground movement), and just a general lack of shelters, COMBINED with already existing congestion (which you mention) due to an F5 hitting the week prior. All of that combined, unfortunately did create “the perfect storm” that otherwise, wouldn’t have been as big of a risk or an issue. Unfortunately – in a very high stress moment, he gave advice when he would have been better not to. The reality is, we live in a screwed up, sue-happy, low context society in which we blame everyone else for our actions and as I type this, someone is probably looking for a way to sue KFOR and sue Mike Morgan and make them liable for advising people to SEEK SAFETY. Next thing you know, meteorologists will only be able to report on just absolutely facts, no speculation, show no emotion and have their butts puckered for fear of lawsuits…. and the result will likely be that we get more and more inadequate, bare bones weather coverage…. and a few more people will die than should have. Isn’t that just a little screwed up??? Hide & watch…

    • Seriously? Did you not read anything?

      1. I’m not “bulldogging” this story. As I mentioned, it’s been covered on NewsOK, the Gazette, and just about everyone’s Facebook Wall and Twitter feed. Hell, the fiasco is even on the front page of Yahoo.

      2. I’m one of the few people actually sticking up for him. If you would have read the post, you would have realized this. Just like you, I don’t think he should be a scapegoat. But guess what? That’s what he’s become and he needs to deal with it properly. He’s just making it worse.

      • You know your own audience right? One of the rules of journalism is to assess your audience and you know damn well that your readers are accustomed to you blatantly tearing others down (as pointed out by Spence & I agree & is why I said what I did). So while you did give some concessions in your post, your nature of writing clearly doesn’t let you actually stick up for someone. Try writing a solid intro or concluding paragraph that makes it CLEAR to the reader what you are trying to say. I know how much attention it is getting, but by the nature of your post (“intended” taking up for him or not) you actually end up contributing to the frenzy of making a scapegoat in a terrible situation that was tragic, regardless of Mike’s statements.

        • Do the rules of journalism say anything about being honest about a journalist’s credentials? If a plane were to crash, and the pilot’s training credentials were exaggerated, then the media would be all over it. Censuring inquiries to this only shows the media cannot police itself.

    • Intention versus consequence??? A drunk driver doesn’t “intend” to get in a wreck or hurt anyone, but sometimes it happens. Does that mean that because someone who gets behind the wheel drunk shouldn’t pay the consequences for their actions?
      Also, if you’ve never visited this site before, “bulldogging” people is kinda what TLO does on occasion. But Patrick didn’t say anything in the post that you didn’t say in your response. Mike screwed up, as you said, “he gave advice when he would have been better not to.” But ultimately we are the ones that are responsible for our own actions.

      • Hey Spence, I’ve been here before and is why I said what I did – because of the volatility of his readers. Regardless, at the end of the day – a drunk driver with good intentions is still the one driving the car. Last I checked, Mike Morgan wasn’t.

        • Sorry, Carrie…bloggers aren’t REAL journalists, so they’re not bound by the same rules (fact-checking, balanced reporting, AP style…fahgetaboutit.)

          What you’re reading here is commentary; one man’s opinion. Take it for what it is.

          • Actually bloggers can be sued for their posts and the number of them that do is increasing. You can’t just write anything and not expect legal repercussions. In many ways, when TLO reports something, it must publish, like regular news outlets, in a way that does not violate the rights of its subjects (aka libel). So, yeah, TLO must maintain the same legal standards as traditional media.

    • Hey Carrie, actually most people who stay in their houses during F5 tornadoes do in fact survive them. As we have seen recently, driving during a tornado may also cost you your life. A car is a much worse place to be in a tornado than a house.

      • Forest for the trees… I am not debating the merits of the safety of a car over a house, nor advocating that a car is safer. But simply pointing out that in MANY cases, we’ve seen time and again that people lose their lives when their home takes a direct hit in a storm of that magnitude (as I likely would have). Reality is that it will never be a definitive, all or nothing situation, but past experience and probability create a situation in which I think we can all agree, that being in your car OR your home during an F5 (anywhere above ground) generally isn’t safe if you are in a direct path. Period. The point of my post was this: We’re vilifying a newscaster who did the best he could under the circumstances, and as a society – we have a tendency to want blood in the form of punishment and lawsuits and lay blame at the feet of whoever. What’s sad is that for all the people who come together in times of crisis and are able to be supportive, loving and forgiving – we have the other end of the spectrum of people wanting to hang or blame someone else. Mike Morgan didn’t create the tornado. Mike Morgan didn’t drive the cars. Mike Morgan urged people to seek safety and suggested that if they were in the path of this 2.5 mile wide monster and they didn’t have underground shelter, that it was safer to not be there at all. Did he go overboard with telling people which direction and advising them to leave their homes? Absolutely! Was he in a high pressure situation and concerned for the safety of thousands of people? Absolutely. But as others have pointed out, the people who died likely weren’t the ones who left their homes as a result of what Mike Morgan said…

        • As a former behind-the-scenes broadcaster, I felt that Mike Morgan make a huge mistake and he needs to own up his mistake and apologize.

          Plus, OKC had 10,000 visitors for the Woman’s College Series, some of which took Mike’s advise and headed south like an Nebraska sports reporter covering the Huskers during WCWS thus creating traffic jams on the south side of OKC.

          Mike should make an public apology…..

          • I think he should stand his ground and NOT apologize! I hope he doesn’t cave to the whiners. He told people to head South when the tornado was 2.6 miles wide. That was a good call as far as I’m concerned. I don’t care if he’s a jerk in “real life”, he seems to have more common sense than some other so-called weathermen.

            And Damon Lane needs to quit acting like people can survive above ground if their home is hit by a 2.6 mile wide tornado with 295 mph winds. It’s ridiculous that he thinks people can survive that!

            • Why do you it was a good call to create an traffic jam in South OKC????

              What’s wrong with Damon’s blog post on KOCO web page????

              My point Mike Morgan is a drama King who thinks he world’s best severe weather “meteorologist”, I think that Mike Morgan is a good daily forecaster, but when there is severe weather he is worthless.

            • TGHDarthVader – When Mike told people to drive South, it was when the tornado was ginormous. If I was in his shoes, I would’ve told people to run for the hills too! Seriously, you think people are going to survive a 2.6 mile wide tornado in their bathtubs?

              Contrary to what Damon Lane believes, you can’t survive above ground if the tornado is almost 3 miles wide and has winds that are almost 300 mph.

              I like Damon’s demeanor, but you can tell that he’s still an amateur weatherman if he honestly believes you can survive a tornado like that in a closet or bathtub!

    • Carrie, about as well said as anything I have read in awhile. The easiest thing for many to do is to criticize or make fun of anyone who makes a mistake. I heard Mike say it and could not believe what I was hearing. They all make mistakes. David Payne, a good weatherman, often goes bananas when chasing. Sorry to say Gary and his Thunder Lizard don’t do anything for me. That being said, he, as well as others, have the interest of Okies at heart. They all want ratings so they can draw the big salary.

    • Cut the man some slack. He’s a weatherman, he predicts the weather not the traffic. The reports rated this as a large violent tornado, the roads congest easily in Oklahoma, it was a Friday evening and everyone was on edge because of May 20th. Even if Mike begged people to stay in their homes, there still would be traffic problems.

      The sad fact is, violent tornadoes ripping through populated areas are going to kill people. And it’s pointless to start pointing fingers at the weathermen/women for these tragedies. We need to be careful and make sure we don’t censor them or sue them over issues like these. Else we might end up with lawyers giving us tornado updates.

  8. I’d like to point out that the only tornado fatalities were in El Reno. 4 storm chasers (3 researchers and one amateur) and a mother and baby that did not speak English and most likely didn’t understand what was going on. All the others were from flooding. Mike Morgan never said to hide in a storm drain. Every article I’ve seen omits these facts in order to make it seem like he made a call that people actually died from.

  9. I just want him to explain wtf the phrase “gate to gate” is, why he decided to use it, and why it’s burned on many people’s souls now.

    • Gate to gate refers to the Doppler radar velocity reading that measures wind shear and shows the tornado vortex signature (TVS). Gates are the individual pixels on a radar display.

      In the simplest terms, a gate to gate tornado vortex signature is a measure of wind shear (wind speed and direction) between the red pixels (wind velocity moving away from the radar) and green pixels (wind velocity moving toward the radar). The higher that value (i.e. 50 knots inbound + 60 knots outbound produces 110 knots of gate to gate shear) is what determines the strength of the TVS and hence, the probability and possible size and strength of a tornado.

  10. I still like Mike. Patrick, the piece does come off as beating him down just a little more. But hey, maybe I can’t fucking read.

  11. Maybe, just maybe out of the horror of the tornados, lost of life and devastation, putting Mike Morgan (and the other stations) under the microscope will turn out to be a good thing. I’m not going to debate who said what, when, where, but I am going to say that the intense scrutiny has certainly opened the eyes of not only the general public but hopefully the TV stations. Maybe, just maybe this little kick in the nuts will result in them really doing some review. My hope is the coverage and process gets better for it. Just in case I won’t hold my breath.

  12. If, Mike Morgan did state, to the Oklahoman, that he is a basketcase for days before a tornado and that “I would argue I’m definitely post-traumatic stress.” my question to KFOR would be: Why on earth do you put this guy on the air during serious weather events? His comments about his approach to tornado coverage would raise concern about his fitness to act as an on air meteoroligist at times when the public need a cool head on air providing weather coverage and advice to the public. Oklahomans do not need basketcase, PTSD people on air when we are experiencing traumatic weather events.

  13. He isn’t going to apologize because he thinks he’s right. Screw probability and statistics. Every tornado will be an EF5 and will kill you so you better run.

  14. Maybe I missed part of the coverage, but in the clips I’ve seen it sounds like Mike is telling people who are already in their cars to turn south to I-44. “You people in Bethany and Yukon…” I do not believe he would tell people to leave their houses. If you have a clip of that can you post it?

    I was not watching KFOR on Friday night. I was watching another station, and the coverage was so confusing because there were so many tornadoes they could not keep up with them. It was difficult to know if our family was in the path of destruction or not.

    Anyway, there were other less serious problems with media coverage during the storm. Never before has the shrinking news room been more evident to me than it is now. The Red Sea has parted for independent bloggers and photographers, etc. By the time the next F-5 rolls across the prairie, all these power structures will have been challenged to a much greater degree than they are now. Some will have been dismantled and the smart ones will have tweaked their models. By then, we will see major talent in the form of on-air personalities emerge — the video version of Patrick and The Lost Ogle — if you will. =) These reporters in a new media landscape will be independent of conglomerate media and traditional brands. And we will face a whole new set of problems with journalism and political campaigns. It’s enough to make me miss hot wax, paste-up and hand-delivered press kits. But, I also think there is potential for a big up-side.

    Also, not to beat upon anyone, but I was stunned by the headline in the Oklahoman the day after the F-5. “Worse than May 3.” It’s one of the worst headlines I’ve seen. No verb driving it; no awareness that people under 20 or those who didn’t even live here in 1999 would even know what it meant. If that wasn’t bad enough, the headline after the F-3 was even worse. “And, again…” I have some good friends who work and write for The Oklahoman. I have a lot of respect and admiration for their talent. What happened?

    Sadly, an underwhelming headline was not even close to being the worst thing I saw in media coverage. I’ve lived in Oklahoma for 30 years and I’ve seen a lot of disasters and a lot of reporters go live from scenes. I can always tell when they’re reporting with a new demo tape in mind. How crushing for everyone watching to think they were performing.

    I guess in light of all this, I really don’t feel like beating up on scientists who try to save our lives; meteorologists. They were ALL freaking out to some degree and who could blame them? When I went to take pictures Moore, the buildings directly north of the 7-11 where four people died were still standing. If they could have just gotten out of the way…

    • “we will see major talent in the form of on-air personalities emerge — the video version of Patrick and The Lost Ogle — if you will.”

      A possibility more frightening than any tornado.

  15. I call BS on Morgan’s assertion that he’s on vacation. Any chaser/”meteorologist” worth his salt knows Oklahoma’s storm season can stretch into mid June and there’s no way in the world someone with Morgan’s ego would take himself off the air during a period when severe weather potential existed. Further, I find it suspicious that Emily Sutton took vacation at the same time. In effect, that leaves KFOR’s weather coverage in the hands of what is pretty much their third string forecasters during a period when severe weather is still possible. Throw in the fact the KFOR knows their ratings would plummet if people tuned into for severe weather coverage and saw Troy Christenen or Chase Thomason and I think we’re not getting the whole story.

    Vacations for your two top weather people during storm season? Don’t think that’s SOP for the station that promises to keep us “4-warned” during severe weather…

  16. Mike was never honest with the public about his credentials, which is the foundation of receiving any credibility. No meteorology degree! Holds no active seal with the AMS, yet claims he does? This can all be verified through OU and the AMS. How can he claim to be a meteorologist (or weather scientist), or be qualified to tell people where to go during a weather event? Selling advertisement for 25 years for a television station hyping up NWS public statements is not credible to make the claim (as KFOR puts it) as being your weather lifeguard.

      • I believe that the ** = not active.

        As I said, he holds no active seal with the AMS, yet still displays it as his credentials. Am I not being honest?
        Show us evidence of him “completing” his educational training as a meteorologist.

        I’m not being hard on him. I just want him to be honest with the public about his credentials, like Emily and Rick Mitchell are. Am I asking too much of a public person?

      • Except that the double stars indicates he is “not active, renewal not received,” Also note that England, Lane, and Sutton are not listed.

        • Apparently Lane at one point got a certified broadcast meterologist seal of approval. I don’t really know what the difference is in all these certifications from the AMS. Lane and Sutton both have meterology degrees though. England is so old Meterology wasn’t really an option yet. He is kind of like Gates or Jobs in the tech sector. He helped write the books on a lot of this stuff.

        • You are correct. I didn’t say anything that was inaccurate, dishonest or untruthful. Sometimes not candy-coating the truth can hurt. If the media say “the people have the right to know,” then that should include their own.

        • Right! No active seal. A meteorology degree certifies an individual has completed their meteorological educational training. Emily and Rick Mitchell have one. No seal or degree = no credibility as a meteorologist. Mike should just call himself a weather reporter and take his vacations during severe events- It would improve the odds of people surviving these storms!

  17. Except for three years when I was a child, I have lived in Eastern Oklahoma all my life. My mother and grandparents were in the 1960 tornado that leveled the main street of Wilburton. I have ALWAYS known that the worst possible place to be in a tornado is a car. Just like Gary England is OKC’s voice of authority, Don Woods was ours on this side of the state when I was growing up; he was absolutely NOT an alarmist—so when he came on and told us to get to the cellar, everyone started digging. Here’s my theory about part of what’s wrong: after the 1999 Moore tornado, ALL the weather stations started sensationalizing their coverage. I remember the helicopters in the air shooting pictures of a stray CLOUD in the sky (I am NOT exaggerating) here in Tulsa. I was concerned for the people who had just moved to the state—if they thought, based on the insane over coverage, that a tornado consisted of a few raindrops and lightning flashes, they would never have the proper respect for them. I really think that’s part of the problem—people have been so saturated by storm chasers talking about what Don Woods used to call “garden variety thunderstorms”, they really didn’t know what a tornado was capable of—and the saturation coverage has not helped. Then when three monster tornadoes hit within 10 days—panic ensues.

  18. With respect, I disagree with Patrick on this one. This was recorded as an F5 with a storm track 2.5 miles wide. If this storm has stayed down and this powerful, countless lives would have been lost by staying in their houses. When dealing with these kind of storms, it’s always a guess. Also, not even the revered saint Gary England expected that tornado to turn south.

    Here’s the rub. I personally know 2 people who would NOT be alive today were it not for Mike Morgan. On May 20, Mike correctly surmised that the Moore tornado was un-survivable if you stayed in your house above ground. My friends were in their “safe” closet but had left the TV on. When they heard Mike say that they had to leave, they gathered their two aging dogs and left. 2 minutes after they left their house, the tornado obliterated their house, and 12,400 others. In this case, Mike’s a hero. So, I say cut Mike, and all of the other weather guys some slack. Tornados are not an exact science….not yet anyway.


  19. You know what really bothered me on Friday? After telling people to get in their cars, MM was not advising about flooding. In fact, one of his chasers brought up flooding and MM shut him down fast – “I don’t want to talk about that.” Maybe, he should’ve thrown in some flash flood precautions while he was working everyone into a dither…..

  20. 6PM news just over, seems the strategy will be to pretend it never happened. Only acknowledgement of any of it was saying that he had been on vacation and that Emily started hers today.

    • “Get out of here and move forward. This never happened. It will shock you how much it never happened.” Don Draper

  21. I did just come up with a new KFOR weather slogan:

    “If Mike wears the tie, you could die! Stay tuned to KFOR!”

    Geez I should work in advertising…

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