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Update: Gary England is out as News 9 Chief Meteorologist…

Maybe Kelly Ogle was onto something and the rapture is upon us.

Via an internal News 9 email, we have learned that Gary England’s final broadcast will be on Friday, August 30th. At that point, Lord England will accept a new role as “Vice President for Corporate Relations and Weather Development” for Griffin Communications. He will be replaced by David “Scream Chamber” Payne.

Here’s the email that Griffin Communications CEO David Griffin just sent to company staff:

We wanted you to be the first to know that our own Gary England has been named to a new role with Griffin Communications in September.

Gary is an Oklahoma icon and the impact that he has had on our state and the field of meteorology is unparalleled. Since joining News 9 forty-one years ago, this Seiling native has revolutionized severe weather systems and coverage not only in Oklahoma but around the globe. When you see television weather, you are seeing the results of Gary’s work.

Throughout his career, Gary has relentlessly pursued the goal of improved systems and warnings; all for the safety of Oklahomans. He has never hesitated in his quest and we are all safer because of his hard work. Gary’s experience and dedication is unmatched and we feel much better knowing that he will be watching out for us. Gary will always be a part of the News 9 family.

After his on air duties end on August 30, Gary will assume the new role within Griffin Communications as Vice President for Corporate Relations and Weather Development. Gary’s mission in this role will be to continue to improve and develop enhanced weather systems and procedures to help keep Oklahomans safe.

Gary will also be developing a new signature on air franchise named “Gary’s I’ll Keep You Advised,” which will focus on long term weather patterns and events. He will also continue to represent News 9 at weather safety talks and industry conferences.

Later this fall we will be celebrating Gary’s career when he is inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame and are planning a prime-time celebration of Gary’s career. Many of you will be called on to share your favorite memories of working on air with Gary.

Please join me in thanking Gary for all his hard work. David Payne will be adding the 6 and 10P to his current duties in September, as we announced in January.

David Griffin

Wow. I guess we should have seen this coming like wall cloud on the horizon, but I’m shocked. Like, very shocked. This is like finding out Santa Claus isn’t real, but only worse.

Obviously, we need to let this sink in for a while before we do anything silly like burn David Payne’s truck. I’m asking the entire Ogle Mole Network to remain calm, cool and collected, just like our savior is on a Friday Night in the Big Town.

Stay with The Lost Ogle for more developments on this story. We’ll keep you advised. :(

Update 1: News 9 has confirmed what we first reported. Yes, we somehow scooped the station regarding their own personnel move. I guess they were too busy patting Amanda Taylor on the back. There’s still been no statement from Gary England. I heard he’s been busy on the Gentner calling all of his friends and colleagues.

Update 2: An Ogle Mole sent us the following video. If you’re from Oklahoma City and can watch it without either laughing or crying, there’s something wrong with you.



  1. Your first action item should be an updated David Payne drinking game. Actually, you should do one for all of the local weather freaks.

  2. New David Payne drinking game: drink every time he comes on tv until the tornado gets you.

  3. Blasphemous as it is, I never really watched him more than a handful of times in 30 plus years. Channel 4 4ever

  4. Crud.

    I’m really not okay with this David Payne thing. That’s like replacing William Shatner or Jean-Luc Picard with Avery Brooks – kinda close, but not really-at-all-any-in-the-whole-world.


      • DAVID PAYNE: “I’m your News9 Weatherman.”
        THE OGLE FOUNDERS: “You are not The England.”


        • . . . and David Payne emerged from wormhole vortex as a Sci Fi writer in 1955 Harlem.

    • David Payne wears me out with the constant pacing and charging toward the camera. Always feel like his panic mode has a hair trigger. Deep breath, Dave.

  5. Wow, I’ve heard how great this guy is. Wonder if the viewers do what the Tulsa viewers, they stop watching the channel or switch when a meteorologist leaves for a new station.

    Though this doesn’t change the fact Gary England is still awesome and is going to “rain” on Lord Travis’ turf.

  6. As the reporter’s asked Gary England for his prediction on the upcoming weather wars between the stations. Gary thought for a long second and then said “you want my prediction? You want to know what I predict, well I’ll tell ya, I predict ……………PAYNE!!!! and lot’s of it!!!!!!

  7. I knew Gary was powerful, but…Vice President for Weather Development? I mean, wow! He’ll rank right up there with Mother Nature.

  8. I am greatly saddened to hear this. I always watched Gary England or Rick Mitchell on 5, because I couldn’t tolerate the screaming and yelling from David Payne, and the over-exaggeration of the weather situation by ‘sparkly tie’ on Channel 4. Now there will be screaming and shouting on two of the three stations in town. Guess I will have to switch to channel 5. I hated it when Rick Mitchell left for TexASS.
    Maybe if you give David Payne a chill pill before broadcasting, and keep him off of the road it will be okay. Why can’t Jed Castles become the new head-weather guy? At least he is calm during broadcasting.

  9. So Gary is in charge of developing the weather after Aug. 30? Who’s in charge now?

  10. Another heart breaking wind alert from Ch. 9. The Aeolian Gods are rejoicing, Donner und Blitzen will leave the Claus first team in sympathy and Thor will have to find new targets for his bolts!

  11. Is this a typo, or the worst name for a segment ever?

    “Gary’s I’ll Keep You Advised,”

  12. I Think Jed should get a shot at the prime time slot. Jed is the reason we started watching 9 in the morning…

    • Jed and Stan Miller are the reason I stopped watching 9. Well and Robin Marsh too. 9 has the worst staff of “reporters” in OKC as well.

  13. Poor Jed Castles. He put in his time, only to be passed up by a guy who may be better suited to announce soccer games.

  14. We will surely miss Gary….my family has been depending on him for weather information ever since he started his career with Channel 9…….he is the lone reason the state of Oklahoma has the best weather broadcast’s in the United States. We will never be able to thank him properly or enough. He has however, left a standard for every weatherman to look up to.

    • If you set aside Mordooms lack of both a meteorology degree and active certifications, then I would agree with you. Mordooms experience is scaring viewers to watch advertising by sensationalizing public weather information issued from the NWS. I would agree that Mikey is the most dangerous and reckless weather reporter on local tv, but meteorologist-NOPE!

  15. Gary came on the tube in 1972 i think. ive watched him ever since then. no other weather man to watch when oklahoma weather gets upset. tv will just not be the same.Gary, you will be missed by all oklahomans

  16. “Gary will also be developing a new signature on air franchise named “Gary’s I’ll Keep You Advised,” which will focus on long term weather patterns and events”

    That’ll prove to be interesting as England is one of Inhofe’s anthropic climate change denying “scientists.” Has he had a change of heart? Or will these segments be really boring?

    As a transplanted Tulsan, I don’t understand the reverence afforded to him, but my condolences on your loss.

  17. moved to OKC in ’01. watched Mr England a couple of times … changed the channel. Back to Gary after ‘killer’ Mike Morgan’s latest problem … now, who knows what’ll happen to my viewing habits …

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