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2013 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest: Finals

boomer sooner on my back

And now things get really tough.

After a week of record-breaking viewing and voting, it’s time to select the winning pic for our 2013 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest.

This year’s field is perhaps the strongest we’ve ever had. The numbers show this. To date, the first two semi-final rounds (Semi-Final Group 1Semi-Final Group 2) have received 75,000 page views, 8,000 Facebook shares and 7,600 voters. Hell, it even made Dave Barry’s blog. I don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed about that. Maybe next week we’ll make Reader’s Digest.

Once again, the grand prize for this year’s contest is a $250-value feast for you and some friends to Picasso Cafe in the Paseo. We’d like to thank Shaun, Kim and their hippie gang for being good sports and providing prizes for these silly contests. Go there and grab dinner and a beer sometime. You will not be disappointed.

Anyway, here are the six finalists. One of them will be our 2013 champion.

B 2013 OK State Fair - AHHHHHHHHH


I have no clue what’s happening in that pic. I would guess the kid is either motorboating his mom or trying fried breast milk for the first time. He could also be scared that his sister is apparently eating a small owl. I don’t know. Either way, I think I’m going to start a petition to get undercover DHS agents to start roaming the state fair midway. That would be a good thing.

Photo by Twyla

A 2013 OK State Fair - Ewwwwwwww

Baby Got Barf

I showed this pic to a very high-level girlfriend and the first thing she noticed was the fake Gucci bag. The second thing she noticed was the pile of vomit on my carpet. After that, things got as hazy as a pool of sweat near a butt crack.

Seriously, that’s just disgusting. Thank God the technology to smell photographs doesn’t exist. They should arrest that lady for indecent exposure and ban her from wearing clothes from Justice.

Photo by Erin

A 2013 OK State Fair - That poor bench

Bench Warmers

I’d like to trade places with a bunch of different things in life. A state fair bench is not one of them. That would be awful.

Also, can someone please explain how a person can sit on a bench, have a rod wedged between their ass, and not seem to care or notice? I’m asking for a friend.

Photo by Anon

B 2013 OK State Fair - daisy dukes

Daisy Dukin’

I can’t tell if this guy’s a super redneck weirdo or just a big Arrested Developmentfan. Since he didn’t paint his body blue, I’ll go with super redneck weirdo.

Anyway, here’s a bit of advice. If your girlfriend’s jorts are longer than yours, it may be time to reconsider major life decisions like being born or waking up in the morning. Then again, maybe this guy’s a genius. When you wear jorts like that, no one really notices when you feel up your girlfriend.

Photo by Eli

B 2013 OK State Fair - Hanging Out

Hanging Loose

You can tell this guy takes the State Fair seriously. Not only does he properly stretch out his legs, but he also gets in the “zone” before the 20-yard walk over to the corn dog stand that’s nestled behind him. Someone should remind him that he’s at the fair. He’s not about to run in a half half-marathon.

Also, I should probably note that we try to take steps to protect the identity of children in this contest. That’s why we put a black bar over the girl’s eyes. If only we could have done the same for that guy’s junk.

Photo by Erin

A 2013 OK State Fair - Too Many Corndogs

Too Many Corndogs

That kid is not impressed.

Photo by Eldric


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  1. When the one you picked is in last place, it hurts a little. I don’t get what is so great about the Bench Warmers anyway. It’s okay I guess.

    • I think it must be the thought that this woman “freakin has to know that she has a bench stuck in her ass” and if not then “oh my gawd if she can’t feel that then the cat, dog and small children are at great risk of danger”.

      I mean look at that photo-look close, all she had to do was move 8-12 inches either direction and “NO BENCH BAR IN ASS”……….I think she likes it and so does the guy with her……you know he’s thinking “better the bench than me”

  2. A friend told me that they saw the guy in Daisy Dukes at the fair. He was telling everyone he dressed up as a joke, with fake buck teeth in, “Joe Dirt” style. One of his friends did it too. Everyone was laughing at him but he was totally in on the joke.

  3. How can Hanging loose be in last place. Look at that dude! The Headphones are tucked under the sweatband. Eyes are closed knowing all the ladies are looking at him. Dude is legit!

  4. come on benchwarmers should not make it because that is standard fare for the fair. how many times do you see a man lying with his head inside an outhouse when most of us can barely go inside at all. it’s a classic. the kid seems to be saying please help me

  5. Not sure how a monther can have her 10 yr old underneath her sweaty shirt and not win over a woman with a bar stuck up her ass.

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