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Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam is upset at the f*ckers in Oklahoma City… (video)


For a brief stretch in the 1990s, before they helped change music history and make flannel cool, Pearl Jam briefly went by the name “Mookie Blaylock.” Yes, that Mookie Blaylock. The same one who played point guard for the University of Oklahoma during the Billy Ball craze of the 1980s. The name didn’t last long – you can read the back story behind it here – but to pay homage to Mookie, the Seattle rockers named their debut album after his jersey number. That album was “10,” and it helped changed the future and landscape of rock and roll.

Well, it looks like that’s not the only weird basketball-related connection the band has with Oklahoma.

On Wednesday Night, Pearl Jam played a concert at Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte for their Fall 2013 Tour. It’s the same tour that will make a stop in Oklahoma City later this month.

The Charlotte Observer published a review of the concert, which includes a strange note about Oklahoma City:

Vedder’s patter was kept to a minimum, but left an impression.

He made light of the fact that Pearl Jam hadn’t been through Charlotte in 10 years: “To be honest, we might be a bit upset because you have a basketball team and we don’t,” he said, lamenting the SuperSonics’ move to Oklahoma City in 2008.

Through the far-reaching arms of the Ogle Mole Network, we’ve acquired video of Eddie’s “lamenting.” Let’s say he’s not too happy with all those fuckers in Oklahoma City.

Check it out:

Come on, Eddie. If you’re going to trash our city and our championship caliber NBA basketball team that you no longer have, at least get the name right or sing about it with your ukulele. Calling them “The Thunders” would be like saying your favorite Pearl Jam song is Jeremies or Blacks. It just doesn’t sound right.

I’ve mentioned this before, but it doesn’t bother me that hardcore SuperSonics fans like Eddie Vedder and Macklemore or whatever dislike Oklahoma City. I guess I don’t blame them. We did heartlessly take their beloved basketball team. Imagine how you’d feel if Warren Buffet bought the Thunder and then moved them to Omaha. I’m sure it hurts enough to lose your team to a different town, but to seem them bolt to a lesser city would burn as bad as Pearl Jam’s new album.

Anyway, I think we should have a little fun with this. Maybe we can arrange to have Rumble rappel down from the ceiling of the Peake during the guitar solo in “Alive.” I’m sure the band would get a kick out of that. Or better yet, what if we all wore blue Thunder playoff t-shirts and chanted “O-K-C” whenever they played any song released after Yield. That’s actually a pretty damn good idea. We should do it.


    • I’m sure he’ll be heartbroken at the sight of such gear on all the people who just gave him stacks of money.

  1. Remember that the people in Seattle did not want to support the Sonics when they were there. Attendance had dropped, no new stadium, no pay increases. It was only when the threat of them being gone did they do anything to try to stop the move. The city actually voted not to build anything for them. Oklahoma did.

    • I lived in Seattle for a couple of years and moved back to OKC a three years before we got the team. No one cared about the Sonics, and if they did, they didn’t admit it out loud.

  2. Everyone should wear OKC ‘Thunders’ jerseys or t’s the night of the concert. What a f*cker Veddar is!

  3. How about expressing our anger by NOT attending the show? Eddie Vedder is a typical whiny assbag who considers himself above criticism, so let’s show him just what “fuckers” we can be.

    • Exactly! That assbag is going to talk shit about our city then come here and make money! Hit him where it hurts! In that wallet! We don’t want his ass in our city! If I want to listen to their shit I will pirate it! hahaha

  4. Maybe Eddie should channel his hatred for the f*ckers who didn’t show up to Sonics games and support the team when they sucked in Seattle.

  5. Grunge dudes think everyone is a fucker. It’s nothing personal. It’s just a part of their angst.

  6. “Or better yet, what if we all wore blue Thunder playoff t-shirts and chanted “O-K-C” whenever they played any song released after Yield. That’s actually a pretty damn good idea. We should do it.”

    That’s line itself is freaking comedy gold.

  7. Better yet, maybe no one should go see them until they’re playing at the Diamond Ballroom with Hinder in about 2-3 years.

      • Oh, you bet. They just released an album that debuted at #1. Again. Sold out Wrigley Field earlier this year quicker than anyone ever has, including Springsteen. I’m not a big fan of Pearl Jam at all but to say they are on a downward trajectory and to compare them to Hinder? That’s either being ignorant or arrogant or both. Just say you don’t like them and leave it it at that.

  8. agreed, that the best protest to this it to have a blue-out for the concert. can still enjoy the music and quietly give him the finger at the same time

  9. I have always caught flack for this, but I have always hated Pearl Jam and have always said they were one of the most, if not the most, overrated bands of all time. This only gives me another reason to hate them even more.

  10. Someone needs to make Vedder’s comments known to everyone in OKC and hope that no one shows up to his concert. We don’t need to be supporting this kind of a$$hole!

    • So you think the peak of their creativity was a crappy song by some other band?

      You sound like you are knowledgeable about the genre.

      I thank you, and President Romney thanks you.

      • You are apparently unfamiliar with facetiousness. You must live in Candyland, I’m guessing somewhere near the Lollipop Woods. Bless your sweet, naive heart.

        Oh, and you can keep white-knighting Vedder all you want, but he’s not gonna have a hotel swipe badge waiting for you after the show.

        • I am very familiar with “facetiousness”. It requires humor. Which is precisely what would have been the result of your comment, if it had been Pearl Jam who sang that awful song.

          It is disingenuous to claim you were pretending to think that was the their song, just because you were called on it. It brings your credibility into question.

          Humility is not such a terrible thing, at least not here in candyland, where I live with, and bang, your mom.

          • And the creative apogee of your humor is apparently a reference to having intercourse with my mother. Now, why don’t you show me on the doll where the Pearl Jam hater touched you. Actually, don’t. I’m all out of give-a-damn.

            • I’m not here as a fan of Pearl Jams music, because I’m not a fan.

              I’m just someone who dislikes misinformation, and uninformed comments.

  11. I’m fine with sports smack. It’s the other offensive stuff he blurts out that’s the problem. We are f*ckr’s… f*ckrs with a good team!

  12. I think he was using it as a term of endearment. Hah don’t think he meant any harm… Whatever, don’t care, still love Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder. My dog’s name is Mookie Blaylock, and not for basketball player. Go Pearl Jams.

  13. One of the best things about west coast jazz is intense, polite civility and its Oklahoma presence. Top trumpeter Chet Baker, from Yale, tragic death from heroin, and guitarist Barney Kessel, hometown forgotten, but definitely native, are two I recall from my early radio days when I used to spin some of the best jazz.
    Music has fallen so far when it no longer allows people to enjoy and forces listeners to endure.

  14. For the record, I don’t think Eddie is talking about the people of Oklahoma City but rather the shitty politics of Clay Bennett and his cronies.

    • I agree. He was likely referring to The Professional Basketball Club, LLC. Eddie, along with every other bitter Super Sonics fan, needs to realize that Stern and Schultz are the real reasons the Sonics left. Schultz wanted out and he needed a buyer. I am sure the team sat on the market long before Bennett and Co. sought out a team. So when Bennett approached the league, the NBA had 2 options: expansion or move an existing team. Expansion is hated by all other team owners because it dilutes the fan base and value of any/all teams. The Thunder owners would have probably taken ANY team, expansion or existing, so long as they could set up shop in OKC.

      Eddie is still OK with me and I can understand his misguided anger.

  15. Interesting. I didn’t expect them to be in the local news until after he preached gun control at their show here. Vedder is a hypocrite.

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