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TLO Restaurant Review: I had lunch at Little Mike’s Hamburgers. Thanks Obama.

It turns out Meers isn’t the only Obamaphobic restaurant in Oklahoma.

A few weeks ago, we told you about the nutty anti-Obama rant posted by the famous Meers hamburger dive located outside Lawton. The CliffsNotes version is that Meers changed hamburger buns, bought a new bun slicer, raised prices, and then wrote a manifesto to customers claiming it was all Obama’s fault. You know, because of the Obamacare tax on carb-loaded oversized hamburger buns that doesn’t exist.

After we published the story, we received tips from several Ogle Moles that there’s a hamburger joint in Northwest Oklahoma City that also has extreme views and in-your-face political messaging. The name of the restaurant is Little Mike’s Hamburgers. It’s located in a rundown little strip mall near Northwest Expressway and Rockwell.

Coincidentally, the same day we posted the Meers story, a stereotypically heated political debate flared up on the restaurant’s Facebook page. I guess some customer vocally complained about the decor in the restaurant. She was banned from commenting and eventually “Little Mike,” the owner, left this post:

little mikes facebook

So he blamed the IT guy? That’s a pretty good excuse. Middle managers and executives have made careers out of doing that. Little Mike obviously knows how business works. I’m just surprised he didn’t blame Obama.

Intrigued by the Facebook debate, I stopped by Urban Spoon to read some reviews. There was a common theme. Decent food. Crazy political messaging:

If you’re in northwest OKC, then try Little Mike’s which is located in a strip mall on NW Expressway…The burgers are great, and I also like the grilled chicken and salad, too. There are lots of political quotes posted on the walls, so be prepared if you are easily offended.

The hamburger is delicious! As for the decor….I have more moderate political views but I definitely appreciate that the owner is standing up for what he believes…..It’s nice to know that someone still cares so much about the direction of the country. I’ll definitely eat there again….

Not a huge place. Not shiny and new. No hip and trendy decor. I’m sure the political prints turn some people off. But none of this takes away from a great burger and rings.

It’s hard to visit Mike’s without walking out feeling like you’ve just been accosted by Glenn Beck. Politics and burgers don’t mix well for me. That being said, if you can look past the political nonsense, it’s a pretty good burger place.

After reading the reviews, I knew that I had to try Little Mike’s. Not only do I get a good laugh at ignorant tea party rhetoric and like a good burger, but I’ve always wanted to pull a Video Vigilante and write a restaurant review. Obviously, Little Mike’s seemed like a good choice for my first attempt. So I called one of our trivia hosts – local band groupie Ryan Drake – and off to Mike’s we went.

When you arrive at Mike’s, you get the crazy uncle vibe right when you walk to the front door. Not only does the place look dirty and a bit run down, but you’re greeted with the following sign:

little mikes restrooms

Nothing says “Welcome” like an ALLCAPS sign that the screams only customers may use the restroom. What does it say about your restaurant when you have a problem with people just stopping by to use the bathroom? Makes me want to order hamburgers.

Once you enter, there’s a walkway to a counter where you place your order…but you don’t notice it. You’re immediately surrounded and overwhelmed by anti-Obama messaging everywhere. It looks like a bucket of bald eagles exploded in the place. The windows, walls, TV’s and pretty much everything are plastered with cheap 8.5 X 11 inkjet print-offs of fair and balanced political messaging. It’s so bad that Snopes should open a field office next door.

Here’s a poster board that covers a window by the entrance. You walk by a couple of them on your way to the order counter/register:

little mikes obama hate entrance

You place your order at a counter. The menu board is located above. I heard they give you a 5% discount if you recite the Pledge of Allegiance or denounce Islam:

little mikes menu

The restaurant was pretty slow when we got there at 12:45. I asked the guy who was taking our order what was good. He recommended the hickory and caesar burger. Ryan ordered the hickory burger with fries combo. I went with the bacon cheeseburger and rings combo. In all, the two combos cost about $18.

After placing your order, you head down to the soda fountain. It’s hard to figure out what drinks they have because all you notice is this:

little mikes coke machine

After we filled our drinks, we searched for a booth. We passed by this TV, which oddly enough, was tuned to Food Network instead of Fox News or the lunatic channel:

little mikes obama hate wall 5

We found a booth near the entrance. Every one of them had this hastily put together list of Obamacare jokes.

little mikes obama hate letter

little mikes aolitical aphorisms

That was nothing compared to the rest of the restaurant. They have an Obama hate wall that takes up the entire west wall. Here’s what it looks like:

little mikes obama hate wall 4

Hey, free wifi! I think that’s the only non political sign in the place.

2013-11-20 12.54.11 HDR

little mikes old people

Here are some random close-ups:

little mikes obama hate wall 3

little mikes obama hate wall 2

little mikes obama hate wall

With all that around you, you’re supposed to somehow enjoy a hamburger, and that’s what Ryan and I tried to do. After about 5 – 10 minutes, our name was called. The burgers are served open face with nothing but meat, cheese and sautéed diced onions. They have a little salad bar area where you add toppings. Not that it mattered to me, but they don’t offer tomatoes.

little mikes toppings bar

I wanted to actually taste my burger, so I left it dry other than a squirt of ketchup. Here’s what my burger looked like:

little mikes nasty burger

I was alarmed by three things:

1. The size. I didn’t want or expect something huge, but it was pretty small for non-fast food burger. I don’t think we have to worry about his bun supplier changing things up on him anytime soon.

2. The bacon. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t fresh. In fact, I think it was pre-cooked.

3. The onions. Diced? Really? My old perverted roommate’s family owns the JW Grill in Chickasha. I know what an onion burger is. Mike’s doesn’t appear to market themselves as a true onion burger stand, but dicing them up and tossing a few onions on a burger is a waste of time. They don’t have the flavor to melt your taste buds. If you’re going to offer grilled onions on a burger, do it right.

After examining the burger, I closed it up and took a bite and, well, maybe Little Mike should focus more on making a good burger instead of hating Obama. Just like Fox News and the restaurant’s atmosphere, the patty was tasteless. It lacked flavor. I’m not sure the beef had any seasoning. In fact, the only thing I could really taste was the bacon. It may have been pre-cooked, but pre-cooked bacon is better than no bacon.

Even though the burger sucked, these were pretty good:

little mikes onion rings

I’m pretty sure the onion rings were made fresh and they were not too greasy. They were not as good as Johnnie’s, but they sure beat Sonic’s onion rings. Then again, every place beats Sonic.

As I mentioned, Ryan ordered the Hickory Burger. His wasn’t much better than mine. The one saving grace was that it was drenched in Little Mike’s Hickory Sauce, or as Ryan called it, Fox News Semen. He also like the Diet Dr. Pepper. It was actually syrupy and good:

little mikes ryan drake

Don’t worry. After taking that pic, we checked on the lady in the back. She was alive.

Overall, I would give Little Mike’s a 2 out of 10. Once again, the onion rings were not bad, but you don’t go to a burger place for the rings. Ryan was a little nicer and gave it a 3 out of 10. He really liked that Hickory Sauce, but had similar complaints about the burger. The burgers lack taste, seem cheap (they give you terrible heartburn) and are not any good when compared to other places around town. You can get a better burger that’s cheaper at Braum’s or Sonic, or a better, more expensive burger at McNellie’s, Irma’s or even Republic.

What you can’t get at those establishments, though, is the quirkiness that comes with eating at a place that doubles as Glenn Beck’s masturbation chamber. That’s why I gave Little Mike’s a 2 instead of a 1. It was kind of like eating at Medieval Times, Rainforest Cafe or Chuck E. Cheese. You don’t go for the food, you go for the show and the atmosphere. In fact, the the former marketing guy in me would like to applaud Little Mike for promoting his Derplahoman side. It’s actually a very smart tactic because…

A. It provides free advertising and exposure. This write-up helps his restaurant. For example, now that you’ve read this post you probably do want to stop by and see how bad the food and atmosphere really is. You’re just curious, right? Worst case scenario, the pics on the wall would make a funny Facebook status or two.

Also, now that we’ve covered Little Mike’s, expect other media outlets to do the same. Then the dominos will fall and Little Mike’s will get more exposure. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised to see something in the Gazette on Wednesday. They’re always a day or two behind.

B. It helps fellow Derplahomans forget the food is below-average. I think this is a big reason why the restaurant’s Yelp and Urban Spoon scores are kind of high. Derplahoman’s get such a sugar rush from the anti-Obama rhetoric that it makes their burger taste 10-times better.

C. It gives a great retort to negative reviews. If someone complains about the food quality, Little Mike can always say “They just don’t agree with my outspoken politics.” I’m sure some of you think that about me. You probably think that I have a bias or grudge or something. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The Obama Hate Walls didn’t make the hamburger tasteless or pre-cook the bacon. Once again, I laughed off the political stuff as a weird novelty. It was like walking into a living freak show exhibit. Also, who cares what’s on the walls as long as the food tastes good. They could display dead fetus anti-abortion posters at Braum’s and I’d still eat there and complain when they get my order wrong.

On that note, if you want to see Little Mike’s Derplahoman Emporium and get a good burger, I have an excellent idea. Go to Little Mike’s, look at the walls, take a few pics, and then cross the street and go to this place:

little mikes 2

Just don’t get hit by a car when crossing the road…especially if you don’t have Obamacare.


  1. First time poster looking for my free Johnnie’s…

    Anyways, I couldn’t help but notice it says “Just across the street from Johnnies Charcoal” on that menu / menu poster. Seems like an odd place to mention a competitor. What do I know though, I voted for Obama.

  2. If you think that Little Mike’s makes a good burger, wait until you try McDonald’s. Or Burger King. Or Carl’s Jr. OR ANY OTHER BURGER EVER.

  3. I never understood why people must let the world in on their politcal/religious/sexual/whatever views when their business depends on it. I don’t think it’s good marketing. In fact, I think it’s quite the opposite.

    Also, why would someone say it’s a good place for a liberal flash mob? I get tired of hearing the conservative derp agument when there are liberal derps who mirror inflicting their morals on others too.

  4. I go to Abrahams at 63rd and Western for onion burgers. They’re not open for dinner, just breakfast and lunch, but good burgers, fresh cut fries and no fuss. Not “trendy” and tasteless like Tuckers.

  5. If Lil’ Mike didn’t agree with the ban that his I.T. guy did on his behalf, why didn’t the poster get reinstated? Can’t Lil’ Mike control his employees?

    • Hey, they banned me too. Funny how they try to get away with “Well gawrsh, we have no idea why the ONLY two people who write any critiques on our wall got banned at the same time!” The weird part is, when Cheryl wrote that she didn’t like their decor because it distracted her from her lunch, they accused her of “censoring our first amendment rights, just like a Liberal.” I didn’t argue, I just told them it was weird that they would go out of their way to make sure that some customers would feel unwelcome and uncomfortable, when all we want is a damned burger.

      • Yeah, “conservatives” love the Bill of Rights.

        They also love wildlife. That’s why they kill deer and mount their decapitated heads on their walls. Because they love deer. Just like they love the Constitution. A whole lotta love going on.

        • Hey man… I’m a gun owner, and a hunter, also I’m quite liberal. You can hunt and still believe in equality for all and we’ll Ya know, being a sane, rational individual.

    • Little Mike’s IT guy here. Little Mike isn’t computer savvy enough to ‘un-ban’ anyone from facebook. Hence, his IT guy (me) takes care of his fb presence.

      Little Mike hasn’t asked me to ‘un-ban’ anyone. For what its worth, we allowed her to rant on an on for several days, however, when asked which meme she found ‘slanderous’ (her word, not ours) she was unable to identify even a single item.

      Little Mike offered to remove anything ‘slanderous’ as she put it, however, she could not (or would not) identify which item on the wall she found ‘slanderous’.

      Clearly the guy who posted the review didn’t see the “Ask for Tomatoes at the counter” sign, nor did he use one of the new to-go menus available at Little Mikes. Not sure where he found the old one, but since Pepsi® demanded to be the only ‘cola’ Mike has since gotten rid of his Pepsi machine and now has two ‘decorated’ Coke® machines. (This will probably get him labeled as a Pepsiphobic, but that is a risk he is willing to take.)

      A common theme with liberal detractors of Little Mike’s free speech is that he ‘hates’ Obama. This simply is not the case. While he may hate this administration’s disastrous policies (and they are disastrous), the Lahams do not hate the president. Being minorities themselves, they don’t hate other minorities.

      Political disagreement does not constitute “hate” but nice try anyway. It shouldn’t be a surprise that in a predominantly “red” state, a burger joint can be found that is pro-freedom and pro-liberty (and pro-life for that matter) and willing to be outspoken about it.

      The truly surprising thing here is that President Obama apparently still has some loyal supporters. Perhaps the “lost” Ogle is more lost than he realizes.

      • I never saw the posts in question. But why delete them unless they had profanity? If Lil’ Mike and you are all about free speech then leave the posts and unban the posters. Otherwise, you and Lil’ Mike are talking out of both sides of your mouths.

        • Defamation of character is NOT protected under free speech. People were accusing Mike of being “a hater” without even so much as giving ONE example of something Mike said or did that was ‘hateful’. Simple disagreement does not constitute ‘hate’. It never has.

          Those posts were deleted — but only AFTER giving those accusing Mike of ‘hate’ ample opportunity to back up their accusations with actual facts.

          The disingenuous act of calling people you don’t agree with ‘haters’ is complete and total bullshit. Free speech is great in that it allows us to convey our beliefs and opinions, it does not allow anyone to say any defamatory things that we want without consequences.

          Or do anti-defamation laws not apply to liberals and progressives calling people who disagree with them ‘racists and haters’?

          If liberal policies were so awesome for society, then why must people who disagree with them be subject to unfair and undeserved character assassination?

          • From what I saw on the postings the only ones spousing hate were the ones attacking the woman who merely posted a complaint about the postings on the wall. She never said a thing about “hate” and she acknowledged the owner had the right to “freedom of speech”.

            You keep repeating things about “freedom of speech” yet you banned people from Little Mike’s FB page who agreed with the woman and who said they didn’t like the food or the postings. Why is that? Where is their “freedom of speech”, Mark. You, sir, are a hypocrite! And you continue to verbally attack people who state they don’t like the food or the postings. Great way to handle complaints. Is that why Little Mike’s has one little location and Mike is on tv begging people to come to his restaurant? Since your an IT guy you might find it helpful to google “how to handle customer complaints”. Bet there is no mention of verbally attacking people on social media when they voice a complaint.

            • The woman was given THREE DAYS to make her point. She failed to make one. Her freedom of speech was not denied. She has a facebook page for her business and on it she can say anything she likes.

              When I responded to her on HER page, my comment was immediately DELETED.

              Those that want to scoff and claim that I am ‘intellectually dishonest’ can do so all they want in response to my comment about a liberal double-standard. I am in no way surprised that you all fail to realize you have one.

              Did I mention she was allowed to rant and rave about hate and intolerance for THREE FREAKIN DAYS.

              My comment on her page was instantly deleted.

              If you don’t like that then I would suggest telling someone who cares. Whine all you want. I don’t give a rat’s ass.

              If someone came into Little Mike’s and started urinating or defecating on the floor in the middle of the dining room, they’d be asked to leave. Doing the digital equivalent on his facebook page is no different. (Except on the facebook page, she was allowed to piss and bitch and moan for three days. We asked multiple times which post on the wall was ‘slanderous’ and she was unable or unwilling to identify one. We eventually had our fill. It happens.)

              You guys want to think that me or Little Mike is ‘against’ free speech. That’s completely fine by us. Knock yourselves out.

            • Mark, the woman had already given her comment when she posted a complaint on Little Mike’s FB page. You did deny her “freedom of speech” when you set up a post to attack her and then didn’t give her an opportunity to reply to ALL attacks against her. Again, you DID NOT address the FACT that you banned anyone and everyone who responded in her favor or complained about Little Mike’s food or that they would never set foot in the place. Why is that? Again, what about their “freedom of speech”? Still haven’t answered that question, have you?

              If you were banned by her how could you make a comment on her page? Another untruth you spew? Care to explain?

              And you, sir, fail to see you have double standards as well!

              And again, you are incorrect in saying she raved and ranted about hate and intolerance? From what I saw she did NONE of that. Why do you continue to speak of things that didn’t happen? As I stated before, what I saw that she said was in defense of herself being attacked by your “supposed” fans. What things did she rant and rave about in reference to hate and intolerance? Care to share? Give me one example?

              Again, how is it you said you were banned on her page but you made a comment and it was deleted? Were you banned or not?

              LOL, it’s ok for you to whine about how a woman got you banned from Lankford’s page, but we can’t whine how you ban people without letting them have their “freedom of speech”. That is precious! LOL

              Again, you seem stuck on one comment that she said something about being slanderous. Is that the one thing that you interpret her as saying that was hate and intolerance. And by the way, Little Mark, she did acknowledge your correction in that it should have been “liable” instead of “slanderous”. So maybe it’s time for you to LET IT GO! You sound like a broken record!

            • Your account of what happened is inaccurate.

              “If you were banned by her how could you make a comment on her page? Another untruth you spew? Care to explain?”

              Not sure why I should give you a lesson in how facebook works, but hey, what the hell.

              She banned my personal fb account, however, she did not (and cannot) ban a ‘business page’. I made the comment ‘as Little Mike’ and she promptly deleted it.

              Don’t believe me? Ask her.

              “And again, you are incorrect in saying she raved and ranted about hate and intolerance? From what I saw she did NONE of that.”

              Then you didn’t see all of the posts. CLEARLY.

              “Again, how is it you said you were banned on her page but you made a comment and it was deleted? Were you banned or not?”

              Not what I said at all. Pages can’t ban other pages. Personal accounts can’t ban ‘pages’. When you comment ‘as a page’ on another ‘page’ the page making the post cannot be banned. The post, however, can and was deleted.

              “LOL, it’s ok for you to whine about how a woman got you banned from Lankford’s page, but we can’t whine how you ban people without letting them have their “freedom of speech”. That is precious! LOL”

              Nobody got me banned from the Lankford page.

              If you’d pull your head out, pay a TINY bit of attention and KNOW what you’re talking about, you’ll look less foolish and make better decisions in life.

              “Again, you seem stuck on one comment that she said something about being slanderous.”

              How is asking someone what they mean by a comment being “stuck”…. I’ve often found the easiest way to prove a liberal wrong is to simply ask them to explain themselves. Most of the time they can’t. (or they post something false from “ThinkProgress” or some other leftie propaganda page.)

              “And by the way, Little Mark, she did acknowledge your correction in that it should have been “liable” instead of “slanderous”. So maybe it’s time for you to LET IT GO!”

              I *have* let it go. The only reason I brought it up was to explain why she was allowed to drone on and on for three days. She was only blocked because she refused to identify what it was she found slanderous/libelous.

              Typical liberal bullshit. Twisting facts, twisting words, super twisted logic. I’d make more progress debating wallpaper than trying to explain the intricacies of the inner workings of facebook to a liberal.

              You should really find a hobby or something.

            • Yes, your account of what happened is inaccurate and I noticed you never addressed those inaccuracies that I have brought up. And yes, I know exactly what was posted on Little Mike’s FB page because I watched it, out of curiosity, as to how a business could respond so rudely to complaints, and still continues to do so.

              “She banned my personal fb account, however, she did not (and cannot) ban a ‘business page’. I made the comment ‘as Little Mike’ and she promptly deleted it. Don’t believe me? Ask her.”
              – You never said whether it was a business page or personal page. Kind of you to clarify, that doesn’t mean you are giving me a lesson in how FB works. I did ask her since you were being inconsistent in your comments. She informed me that you had posted a political comment on her BUSINESS FB page. Why did you do that if you could make a comment via Little Mike’s business page on her personal page? You did know her name, right? Looked like you did since she posted a complaint and you posted a link to her personal page on your attack comment. And why would you make a political comment on her FB Business page? Were there other political comments on her business FB page from other people? Did she have any political comments on her business FB page? I just checked and there isn’t in either cases. Have you been to her business? Have you received any service from her? Then why would you make a political comment on her Business FB page? Yes, I can hear you now saying it’s because she made a complaint on Little Mike’s FB page. But she was there as a customer, doing business, you weren’t. There is a difference. And, for that, I can see why she deleted your comment. Your comment had nothing to do with her business, it was a political comment that had nothing to do with her business. Little Mike’s has all kinds of political comments on his FB page and all over his business. So your comment about her deleting your comment on her page was not 100% accurate, was it?

              “Not what I said at all.”
              – Really? Here is exactly what you said previsously – “Yeah, she got me banned for simply stating my opinion on the James Lankford fb page. ” So which is it? And since you are such a FB expert you should know she can’t get you banned from a page, only the administrator can do that. Another inaccurate statement you have made.

              “I *have* let it go.”
              – Really? Considering the fact you have repeated the “slanderous” comment over and over again on this review it is pretty clear that you haven’t “let it go”.

              Seems that you can’t answer questions that are directed to you. One in particular is the one I’ve continued to ask you several times is why it was ok for you to ban everyone who sided with the woman or posted negative reviews on your post asking for comments about her complaint? Especially when Little Mike’s is all about “freedom of speech” and please come chat with us about your political thoughts. Seems one sided to me.

              And yet, it was ok for you and Little Mike’s fans to continually attack and harass her for days? Droning on and on for days!

              There is not twisting of words. There is only asking you questions, to which you won’t answer, and you giving inaccurate information as to what transpired on Little Mike’s FB page. That is were the twisting is. Interesting how you turn everything that is directed to you, based on facts, and make them about the other party. This situation isn’t about what party you believe or belong to. It is about YOU not stating the actual facts as they happened.

              And how do you know I don’t have a hobby or what party I am. You sure do a lot of a$$uming, don’t you? LOL I would say this has been a laugh but harassing someone is not a laughing matter and not stating the true facts as to what happened isn’t a laughing matter either. Shows someone’s true character, that’s for sure.

      • Mark, I watched what happened on Little Mike’s FB page. You have not stated the correct facts about what happened in reference to the woman who complained about your propaganda postings on the walls on Little Mike’s FB page.

        1.) You state that Little Mike didn’t tell you to unban her. It clearly shows that he said he wouldn’t ban her. Does that not mean to not ban her, which would mean to unban her? And what about all the comments, that disappeared, made from people who sided with her or said they didn’t like your place or food. Did you ban them, too? You, and the fans, who attacked her kept saying “freedom of speech”, but yet when those who don’t agree with you, either politically or about your food, aren’t allowed to have “freedom of speech” on the FB page, or anywhere else, it seems? Why is that?

        2.) From the postings I witnessed the woman didn’t rant for days about the postings. She was posting comments in response to accusations against her because you did a full out attack on her for her posting a complaint on your FB page. Childish, at best of you! Seems you had a personal grudge against her since I saw you post a comment about how she had banned you on FB from previous political arguments you had with her. And after she repeatedly told you that she didn’t want to get into a political debate with you on Little Mike’s FB page, you continually tried, over and again, to get her into one. After witnessing that I can see why she would ban you.

        3.) “Little Mike offered to remove anything ‘slanderous’ as she put it, however, she could not (or would not) identify which item on the wall she found ‘slanderous’.” This statement is also false/incorrect. Mike responded with a comment on her complaint post about being dissatisfied with both parties and saw her point about not having postings on the wall that were derogatory towards Democrats. He said he would take those down. You also stated in your attack post towards her that she asked that all the postings be removed, which was also incorrect. And you also kept saying that she complained over and over again. From what I saw she made ONE complaint.

        4. “Political disagreement does not constitute “hate” but nice try anyway.” But, when someone posts a complaint about political propaganda postings on the wall, you attack that person on a BUSINESS FB page. The actions from you indicate a hate/attack mode when someone doesn’t agree with your “way of thinking”. Maybe your actions speak louder than your words?

        In ending this comment I will have to say that I have come on occasion to eat at this restaurant. I saw both sides of the situation, but after the way you verbally assaulted this person on a public forum, acted totally unprofessional in handling a complaint, I will NEVER, EVER set foot again in Little Mike’s place of business. You may have gotten some “fans’ out of this situation, but you will NEVER know how much business was lost because a lot of people don’t speak up, they either leave or never come. And you are the one to blame for that. Little Mike handled the situation varily well, in a professional manner. You, sir, did not!

        • In response to your ‘points’.

          1. [ yawn ]
          2. Yeah, she got me banned for simply stating my opinion on the James Lankford fb page. She sent me a private message then blocked me so I could not respond.

          I, on the other hand, let her rant on and on for days before I had my fill. So, on the ‘free speech scoreboard’ I was quite a bit more tolerant of her ‘free speech’ than she was of mine.

          She had her chance to make her case and she failed to do so. The clutter was deleted. So sue me.

          3. I suppose it is possible (albeit highly unlikely) that I missed it. Just out of curiosity, WHICH item was it that was ‘slanderous’? Since (according to you) she obviously answered that question and I missed it. I’d still like to know.

          4. So now debate is ‘attack’. You’re just PRECIOUS Anne.

          Until liberals and progressives stop with the double-standards there will be no civil debate.

          • 1. Not surprised to see no comment about banning anyone who sided with her or spoke up about how much they disliked “Little Mike’s”. Where is their “freedom of speech” that you profess so loudly, for them? Mark, is more hypocritical than anyone else in reference to this situation. And interesting to see that he didn’t address, acknowledge or correct any of the incorrect statements you made about the woman he verbally attacked.

            2. Wahhhhhhhh, poor little baby Mark, crying about something that his buddy Lankford did who banned him. She has no control over banning Mark from a politicians page. The only thing she can do is have the comment removed. That is the administrator’s duty or FB’s responsibility. Could it possibly be because he again either verbally attacked someone or was ignorant in following guidelines that are set when you sign up to have a page on FB? Did she verbally attack you, Mark, on Little Mike’s page? No, she did not. From what I saw she was defending herself from the assault you perpetuated with fans. And again, you wanted to get into a political debate with her, to which she chose not to do on a business page. She stated what she disliked about Little Mike’s and it could have been left at that. You decided to attack her, just like you do to anyone else who says they don’t like the food or the place, which you have continued to do so recently. Maybe you need to take some classes on customer service and how to handle complaints. You are no better than the tea baggers who instill fear and hate in others to control them. Unfortunately, you have learned well from them. So, maybe you should quit crying about what one woman did and “Get Over It”, little cry baby!

            3. Please point out where I said she answered your question about “slanderous” postings? Hung up on one thing, uh? You have nothing else to stand on so you keep talking about that like a broken record. Extremely pathetic! Why is that you don’t address the incorrect statements you keep spewing about what she did or said? Ignoring those little facts, are you?

            4. Debate: a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward; argue about (a subject) in a formal manner. Key word here is “formal”.

            Attack: an aggressive action against a person or place.

            Seems you need to look up some definitions so you can better understand what you are talking about. You took AGGRESSIVE actions by posting comments about the woman and what she said on Little Mike’s FB page which instilled others to “attack” her and you continued to throw insults. That is called a “verbal attack”.

            And yes, I am precious. Thank you!

            5. And of late, anytime I drive by on the weekends, during this busy time of year, I see NO cars in front of Little Mike’s, while other restaurants around the area have lots of cars parked in front of their businesses. Wonder why that is? Could it be because of the way they handle complaints? Seems Mike’s pleas to come visit aren’t working! lol

            And until conservatives/tea party/republicans quit saying one thing and doing another there will be no dealing with them.

  6. Seriously, if Little Mike is dumb enough to stick up all that anti-Obama crap, then do you really think he’s smart enough to run a kitchen that passes a health inspection. Read: boogers in the burgers.

  7. Two questions: Were you offered a discount if you agreed to squeal like a pig? Did you hear any banjo music? WOW.

  8. They can post whatever they want weird ass crap they want on their walls. They can post nazi propaganda for all I care. But no tomatoes or properly done onions? Now they can kiss my ass.

    Honestly, they used to be really good but they took a downhill slide a couple of years ago. Oh and they used to offer tomatoes. Fascists!

  9. Amazing how after the Soviet Union fell, the Republicans were so effective at routing the paranoia of the average retard straight from the commies to the Democratic Party. They were relatively effective at holding their attention with Clinton if only because his scandals involved sex, but then Murdoch had the brilliant idea of using their insatiable addiction to television coupled with their wide-eyed gullibility to push them completely over the edge. Intermittent blips for concern over Islamic terrrorists but these halfwits really are convinced there’s a cabal of other Americans who want to enslave them and, I suppose in this case, force them to grill hamburgers or something.

  10. This is the managers fiancee and she is the most negative bitch I’ve ever met. She went to Platt “culinary school” and thinks she’s hot shit. Says horrible things on urban spoon about everywhere she eats and this is the shithole the thinks is good? Looks like her and Mikes are perfect for each other!


    • I am “hot shit”. Hot enough to use my real name, Huck! I’m only negative to those that deserve it. Guess you didn’t graduate LOL

      • I read some of your reviews and you must have the worst luck in the world at restraunts. Or you just like to complain. Which could it be?

      • Yes a steaming pile of hot shit Sofia. Funny the first thing you do is write a positive review on urban spoon. First one from you ever! And “graduating” from Platt is a real honor….almost as good as jr high. You’re right I didn’t make the cut. Maybe you should learn how to make a good burger

          • Love my haters :) It just goes to show everyone how amazing I am that this guy is STILL hating on me 5 years later! Thank you for reminding me of what a dynamic and memorable woman I was, am, and always will be! Happy Holidays to you and your family

  11. I don’t get it. You find a burger joint in which you disagree with the owner’s politics, and make a bee line there. You then trash his place because he is a conservative and doesn’t care for Obama. You tell people that he shouldn’t be allowed to post such things. I guess it’s below you.
    Why did you go there I the first place? Just to rat out someone who disagrees with you? Johnnie’s is across the street? Why not go there?
    It’s Little Mike’s, not Little Ogle’s. He can do what he wants in his restaurant as long as it passes health code. If people are offended, they won’t go there. If he wants those people’s money, then he should back off the politics.
    I enjoy reading TLO, really enjoy sarcasm, but when you are going after someone’s business because they disagree with you, then you are in the wrong.
    I know I’m going to be assaulted on here by those who disagree with me. Go ahead. I can take it. I just doubt you would want to do so face to face. Sitting behind a keyboard is so much more comfortable. And safe.
    You really wasted your time that day. If you know about JW’s, and have ever eaten there, why the hell would you eat in the City?

    • So it’s okay for you to go after folks who disagree with Mike’s politics, but anyone who would do the same to you is merely hiding behind a keyboard? Are you supposed to be some tough guy I’m supposed to be afraid of? Look, the guy is clearly a dick. He deserves whatever blowback he gets. He could have those those views and choose not to share them. That would be called NOT being a dick. If being a dick gets him the clientele he desires, fine. I just hope that when the time comes for those folks to get their angioplasties, etc., they thank President Obama for the fact that they can’t be denied care for a pre-existing conditon — that condition being, in this case, an unwillingness to stop stuffing greasy, cholesterol-laden shit down their maws.

      • Really?

        Little Mike is “a dick” because he has beliefs that differ from yours and he makes them known in his business?

        Gee, then if that is the rule of thumb, someone who doesn’t agree with you — especially if they make their views known as a routine way of doing business — is “a dick” then our GOP/Tea Party world is filled with dicks.

        A> NBC News
        B> ABC News
        C> CBS News
        D> MSNBC
        E> CNN
        F> PBS

        Then of course there is Hollywood. Don’t get me started there. So that leaves Fox News and Little Mike’s that a number of the posters on this story ‘don’t like’.

        Well, you have lots of other choices. And your world has less dicks. I don’t really see what the problem is here. We have to deal with way more dicks than you.

        I find it funny that the facebook site “Being Liberal” says the following on their cover image:


        “But if by a ‘Liberal’ they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people…”

        Wow. Just wow. A lot of the posters here probably ‘like’ the memes on the fb page called “Being Liberal” yet none of the ideas embraced by this quote are actually being practiced by most of you here. Why is that? Are you not the kind of liberals this site is talking about? Are you progressives? What’s the difference?

        But I digress.
        That was bound to happen.

        Let’s see. Where were we… OH YES.

        1. Looks ahead and not behind. (So the Bush bashers constantly blaming him, I guess, are NOT liberal. Yes?)

        2. Someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions (Really? Some of these reactions seem a little rigid to me. Those with rigid views are NOT liberal. Yes?)

        3. Someone who cares about the welfare of the people. (Writing bad reviews based on political differences? Do liberals only want to care about the welfare of other liberals? or are the Mike bashers NOT liberal?)

        Hey, I watch MSNBC (especially Al Sharpton) for the same reason some people who think Howard Stern is an idiot listen to Howard Stern. HE’S FUNNY!! Chris Matthews is a hoot too… Everything is about racism. EVERYTHING. Hilarious!!)

        If nothing else, I would think people this politically active would WANT to see what ‘the other side’ believes. A great deal of the stuff at Little Mikes is just patriotic memes of the founding fathers. Is that stuff ‘hateful’ too? Were the founding fathers terrorists? It is all so confusing.

        The hate card and the race card is really, REALLY starting to get boring. It trivializes real racism (or is that the goal?)

        I say we all just need to get along. The guy who was elected to bring the country together with no red states and no blue states, just the UNITED STATES doesn’t seem to be doing much of that.

        If everyone was as politically active as Little Mike we could turn the country around and get it heading in the right direction.

        If anyone knows where I can find an Obama worshiping hot dog stand, unless the food tastes genuinely bad, I truly want to go there if nothing else for the entertainment value.

        • Yes, Little Mike is a dick. And a racist, to boot. It’s the simplest explanation for his irrational animus toward the President. You can piss storm after storm of false equivalencies here if it makes you feel better. Yes, your GOP/Tea Party world is indeed filled with dicks; racist dicks who cannot stand the fact that the President is a different color AND happens to be about 10 times smarter than they are. If Obama has been so bad for the country, and is the socialist/communist/etc. so many on the right say he is, why is the Dow setting record highs almost daily? Why is the deficit shrinking? Why is productivity at a record high? Why are people still able to enter Little Mike’s and pay good money for mediocre food? Oh well. Maybe soon enough we can elect another rich, white dummy President who’ll get us into some more needless wars so more troops can die meaninglessly while we destabilize a region for the sake of enhancing the fiduciary status of well-connected government contractors. Then Little Mike can replace all the Obama hate shit with American flags and pictures of Freedom fries, and all will be well with the country again.

          • Ignoring the rest of your liberal propaganda and lies I thought I would point out that Mike is a minority, SUBSEQUENTLY, not a racist LOL

            • Hold on. Are you under the impression that minorities can’t be racist?

              I know you’re in a trolling mood here, but please don’t be ignorant on top of it.

            • Then again, you can always get a McJob in another “pro-freedom” country if you think this one sucks so bad. Seriously…you’re an underpaid, bitchy little man who is part of the problem, and too fucking delusional to understand that it’s the fucking RED welfare states – like Oklahoma – that are dragging this country down. Stupid fucking coward moron.

            • Oh, it’s OKLAHOMA that is dragging down the nation. That’s just adorable.

              And what is California doing in your world… leading the way? How do you explain the mass exodus from Cali?

              Oklahoma City has the lowest unemployment numbers of any large metro in the country.

              How’s Detroit doing? Chicago? DC? All liberal utopias.

              Liberally run cities are the BEST places to live in the country ~ said no one ever.

              “Stupid fucking coward moron.” ????

              Its a good thing you’re part of the tolerant and inclusive crowd. God help us all if you weren’t.

          • Quote from above:

            “racist dicks who cannot stand the fact that the President is a different color”

            Of course minorities can be racist. I would wager MOST are. However, the president is actually more Arabic than anything else. And so is “little Mike”. The end of this bore fest. You have your answer, no go have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Uhm, I didn’t go after his business at all. Hell, I listed the Republican freak show atmosphere as the only positive. If you read the post, maybe you’d understand all that.

        • jesus you sound like a bitch…

          if little mikes can post whatever they want in the restaurant, lost ogle can post whatever they want on their site

            • “Until liberals and progressives stop with the double-standards there will be no civil debate.”

              Mark Mumma, poster boy for intellectual dishonesty and inconsistency, 24/7

            • Well, there is certainly no argument with sound facts.

              Gee Kaye, thanks a million for setting me straight.

              Off to worship Obama I must go now.

              Thanks again! You’ve really saved me from my evil conservative ways.

    • “but when you are going after someone’s business because they disagree with you, then you are in the wrong”

      I agree 100%. All boycotts of any business, for any reason whatsoever, should be illegal.

      …wait, I’m sure that isn’t the point you intended to make, because that’s beyond stupid.

    • I think the largest part of this review relates to the food, which is mediocre. Above all else, this is a restaurant. I don’t care if the owner posts whatever crazy they want on the walls, they need to make a good product or I’m never coming back. I went here once, and I was amused by the walls and underwhelmed by the food.

  12. The place was better when they had the old concert posters on the wall….hot dogs were good too but I haven’t been there in years….onion rings still look the same….and so does the TV.

  13. This place is clearly not as red-blooded ‘Murican as they’d have you believe.

    They sell veggie burgers – FIVE different kinds!

    Tom: where did the writer say Little Mike’s shouldn’t be allowed to post his political messages in his restaurant? I must have missed it.

    Mocking it is not the same as saying it shouldn’t be allowed. And, he clearly said he was underwhelmed by the quality of the burger, political messages or not.

    If I ran any store, restaurant or whatever else that was in the public eye, I’d keep it politics free. Money is, after all, green and I’d be just as happy to take yours if you’re a conservative, a liberal or whatever else.

    Posting political messages to this extent suggests you might not want people of a certain political leaning to be your customer.

    Then again, there’s a certain element of society that’s willing to drum up support for a place they feel is unfairly singled out for their politics. See: Chick-fil-A.

  14. The beauty of owning your own business is the right to express your views. Obviously he is not worried about it affecting his business. Actors, actresses and musicians express their views all the time. Their business is themselves. I do remember an acceptance speech last night on the AMAs that was politically centered and no one is going after their business for expressing their view. If you don’t want to eat there, don’t eat there. He’s not hiding what causese he may or may not be supporting. Just as I am curious about the causes big businesses support (with money from my expenditures in ther place) what makes it different for a small business?

  15. I agree with Tom. Bitch move by TLO. Pansy ass liberals can’t stand it when someone disagrees with their views.

      • Yeah, an opinion is only an issue when it disagrees with conservative/paranoid/Jayzus-lovin/Neegrah-blamin/God-loves the straights only/blame the poor/Ermuhgerd GO Sarah Palin and der Teee party logic.

        Yes, the owner has a right to his opinion and everyone else has the right to make fun of said opinion and spend their money elsewhere. Isn’t that the Merica the tea party is fighting for?

          • Another whimsical mantra of the left.

            “Because conservatives don’t want to PAY for birth control for others means we want it BANNED.”

            The first time I heard it, I couldn’t imaging anyone being stupid enough to actually believe it.

            Zarkon has proven me wrong.

            Bravo Zarkon. Bravo!

  16. The one thing I go out of my way to do regarding my small business is not PO any segment of potential customers. Whether it’s politics, religion, or even bedlam, why would I want to chase away a segment of the population to make sure everyone knows my stance? Sorry, but I don’t get it. If I remember correctly, before Obama’s election LM’s bent over backwards to make sure everyone knew he was rode the boomer sooner bandwagon, even going as far as posting derogatory OSU stuff on his marquee out front. As a politically moderate OSU graduate, Johnnies is as close as I’ll get to LM’s.

  17. The Little Mike’s defenders don’t seem to understand capitalism. Anyone can criticize or choose not to patronize a business for any reason they damn well please. Whether a small business succeeds or not is determined purely by the free market: people spend their money the way they damn well please. How is that a “bitch move”, exactly?

    Because The Lost Ogle is publicizing material that Little Mike’s chooses to display in their establishment? So what? What are you, a bunch of communists?

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