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So, it may be time for us to throw a TLO Princess Party…

little mermaid

Yesterday, I was browsing through some local YouTube videos and stumbled across one of a girl dressed up like the Little Mermaid. She was promoting something called “My Princess Party of Oklahoma.” Apparently, it’s a business that sends costumed Disney characters to your kid’s birthday party.

Now you can have your favorite princess, prince, or character come to your  birthday party to play games, tell stories, take pictures, and have ever-lasting memories! We have one of the largest selection of princesses and characters to choose from in the state of Oklahoma!! Choose your princess, prince or character and your package and schedule your party today!!

I brag about this every now and then, but I can say with about 98% confidence that I don’t have any children. That means I get to basically do whatever I want, whenever I want, and not feel guilty about it later. It’s pretty awesome, but it does have a couple of drawbacks. For example, I’m going to die alone. That blows. Also, I had no clue that you could rent a hot princess to be your friend. That’s more fun than getting stoned and watching Yo Gabba Gabba. How much does it cost?!

The Basic Princess Package price is $195,  in which she will spend approximately one hour for up to 15  participating children (if there are over 15 participating children, there is an additional fee of $10 per child). This includes the story, games, treasure hunt, face painting/make-up/nails, party favors for everyone, and a princess gift for the bday girl!

If you would like to add a little more to the party, you might want to choose the Premium Princess Package for $235.   Your princess will be there for approximately one and a half hours!!!  It will consist of everything that is in the basic package, but your princess will also bring a princess craft for everyone, where they would either get to decorate their own princess crown with princess foam stickers and jewels, or make their own beaded necklaces and you could have your choice for everyone to get a balloon animal or you could choose for the birthday girl to receive an additional birthday gift of a pink crown-shaped princess pillow, autographed by the princess!

If you would like for your princess to stay for 2 hours, this is the Grande Package for $250 and would include everything in the Basic and Premium Package, but your Princess could also stay for cake and presents too!

A Customized Princess Package for $195  might be the party for you,in which your princess would be there for the amount of time you choose and this is also a great choice if you just want to simply customize your own party.

Remember when those guys placed a Craigslist ad offering to pay a clown $50 to get drunk with them? You don’t? Well, it happened in 2008 and those guys were awesome. It makes me wonder how much they’d pay to get drunk with a princess. $100? $200?? $300???

Seriously, this group is missing a massive marketing opportunity. Instead of focusing on kids and desperate parents, they need to go after the bar crowd. Name me a bachelor or bachelorette party that wouldn’t pool together $200 to have the Little Mermaid and Cinderella get drunk and party with them for a couple of hours. That would be awesome. Hell, I may contact them about co-hosting some TLO Trivia Nights. I’d like to get the chick from Aladdin so we can sing “A Whole New World” together.

Anyway, here’s the video that originally got my attention. It’s of the Little Mermaid chick showing off her new mermaid seashell bra:

Well, that’s some authentic craftsmanship.

Anyway, there are plenty of other awkward videos and photos of these parties on the internet. For example, you can have Sleeping Beauty come sleep in your bed:

Cinderella leave her shoe:

Or have the Little Mermaid and make out with the world’s scrawniest prince in your lawn:

Yeah, that’s one thing I forgot to add. They have dudes that do this, too. It doesn’t have the same impact. It’s easier for a girl to look like a princess than it is for an OCU musical theatre major to look like Thor:


Or, uh, Superman:


When Superman has a camel toe, there’s a problem.

Anyway, if you want to book a princess or the world’s least impressive superhero for your kid’s birthday party or guy’s night out, I guess go over to their website. Tell them you heard about it on TLO. Maybe they’ll give me a discount for a trivia night.



  1. If I was a kid and that superman showed up at my party I would have kicked his ass and sent him home.

  2. The sleeping beauty vid is pretty creepy with the “little person” or “child” climbing into the bed to kiss her……EWWWWW……….one last thing, how long before Josh Cockroft is on their website as a “performer”…….double ewwwww!

    • My thoughts exactly! I don’t have kids, but if I did, there is no way I would allow my son to climb up on a bed and kiss a grown woman dressed as a princess. It would scar him for life!

  3. $10 says one of these things ends up being a prostitution ring which is kind of awesome if you think about it

  4. Disclaimer: Father of two girls under the age of 8.

    I don’t know if it’s this company, but one of the local companies who does this is legit. I’ve only met the Cinderella and Ariel characters, and they did a great job. The kids love this stuff and it take a ton of work of my (and more off my wife’s) back.

  5. What compels one to work as a Prince/Princess and do these parties? It could be an attention-getter on their resume, I suppose.

  6. I can see that this concept would be way weirder if you didn’t have young daughters. But if you do, it makes sense – mine spend half of their waking time talking to fake Cinderella, pretending to be Ariel, etc. To them, having a party where a princess shows up is akin to someone bringing Barry Switzer and KD to YOUR birthday party. There are a couple groups that do these parties in OKC, both of them are great. They are expensive because they have to pay the girls, who really do pretend to be the princess (with backstory and sing-song voice). Both groups do tons of charity appearances at children’s hospitals etc., but i’m sure most of the snarky commenters on here are on their way to entertain kids at the burn unit….

  7. It’s easier for a girl to look like a princess than it is for an OCU musical theatre major to look like Thor

    Speaking of OCU, I wonder how many of their aspiring drag queens male theatre majors tried out for the female roles? I mean—-aren’t most of em better suited to playing a Disney princess rather than a comic book super hero?

  8. Disney has enough people to chase, so these types (low impact, low income businesses 1000 miles from a Disney property) typically fail to get noticed until they make the news, or piss someone off. If they do get something from Disney, it’s typically a C&D letter, and the princesses have to take off the names (i.e., advertise as “Blue Princess” instead of Cinderella).

    • ACTUALLY Its OK to use Cinderella. And Snow White. And Belle and Aurora and Pocahontas and Mulan, And Rapunzel. Know Why? They are ALL names used in stories with PAST copyrights. A copyright will only stand for 75 years. By that time the author is normally dead and there for can not reinstate the rights to it, There forth it becomes “Free game” for other people. Names NOT ok to use? Ariel, Jasmine, Merida, Tiana, etc…. These are names that DISNEY came up with, so they cant be used. HOWEVER Disney DID NOT come up with their STORIES. ARIEL was created by Walt DisneyStudios in 1988. HOWEVER, her story, The Little Mermaid was written by Hand Christian Anderson in the 1700′s.

  9. Whoever wrote this blog is very immature and disrespectful, you have no life to take to write all this…..
    One of the main reason why we do this job is because not all children have the opportunity to go to Disney World. This job is not all about money like you say , its about making children happy.

  10. For one, this princess party group is legit? How I know?? Ariel is my sister in law.. Also, I don’t see how having a character show up to a child’s party is anything to trash talk? A little girls wants a princess at her party who cares. A little boy wants a super hero, who gives a crap. It’s what they want. And it’s what their parents will pay for.

  11. First off, I wanted to say you are a perv. You are a lifeless person who really needs a life. Fuck you for twisting things
    these are people making a living, while you sit at home, probably alone like last night and blog about how you can twist things. You are so disrespectful.

    • Ms. Gregory,

      Build a bridge, get over it and realize that this is an “obscure” social blog that offers their “2-cents”, “rants” and “morning news styled opinions” on a variety of subjects. The writers are entitled to their opinions just as you are entitled to yours.

      Now put on your big girl panties and stop taking things so personally!

      • Even it they are entitled to their opinions, if you were to be in my position you would say the same as Ms. Gregory. The only reason why to defend the person who blog this is because this isn’t about you.

        • Ashley, get a lawyer and get them for slander. I’m not kidding. You can. It can hurt your business, which is a perfectly legal reason for you to have a lawyer tell them to take this down.

      • When you own a business and your business is atacked, YES, it becomes VERY personal.

        And when you post something so twisted and dirty about a sister business, YES it becomes personal. ALL of our companies are the same. We ALL have the same goal. MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE. And when we are put in this kind of light, it makes us ALL look bad. So yes, its personal.

  12. Umm rude much? Not only are you being disrespectful to this performers & company owners, but you’re also being disrespectful to parents who hire this entertainment services for their kids. Though it may look easy, it is a hard job… so please stop making rude comments about it.

  13. The attempt at “humor” here is terrible, and just as unfunny as Family Guy. It’s classless, creepy, rude like most of the comments on here are.

    This is a legit business that caters to little girls that are 5-7 years old. The girl that does the Ariel character is very sweet, very good with kids. I don’t think they would do business with sleazebag bachelor party-types.

  14. Oh My GOSH. This is SO OFFENSIVE! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED. This company should sue you for being so harsh! You have NO IDEA what it is like to own a company, do you? OR to make dreams come true?! The people here are making a living by performing and making dreams come true for children. They work their butts off Trying to create magic for kids. And here you are, exploiting them for being “Different?” Their are so many families that don’t have the money to go to disney. For a family of four it’s almost $2,000. And that doesn’t include plane tickets. So yes, $195 is a pretty fair bargin to have a professional performer come to YOUR house and visit with YOUR child on their birthday. I would have killed for this as a kid. I feel so sorry that you’re old, decrepit and have MUCH to dirty of a mind to EVER consider that these are GOOD people, just wanting to make a child’s dream come true. You wont believe how many performers when they leave the Walt Disney World Corp. start their own companies. Why? Because hugging a child who KNOWS Cinderella is their ROLE MODEL is the greatest feeling in the entire world. Why give that up? Do you really believe that an actor should give up WHAT they LOVE doing, just because one job ends? Or what about the children who are to sick to visit the characters in WDW or DL? Is it SO WRONG that a PROFESSIONAL should WANT to give of their time and WANT to visit those sick children? To give them HOPE??

    Sir, You’ve just offended the entire world of actors. This made me want to cry. You have NO IDEA how much goes into making dreams come true for children. NONE. I hope that 2% chance is you DONT have children…. Because making dreams come true goes far beyond ANYTHING you can fathom.

    • Wait wait wait you just said they lost the ENTIRE WORLD OF ACTORS?

      How are you an actor again? Some weirdo cosplay person, yes. An actual actor? Hell no. You are dressing as a fictional character, this is hardly anything someone would call acting.

      Other than acting like a child who is mad their odd hobby is exposed.

      • ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Do you have ANY idea what you’re talking about? ? Oh I guess those people who just made… what’s it called? Oh right the hobbit. They’re just people in Costume running around in front of a camera, right? Just entertaining people cosplaying elves and hobbits, right? Because it’s not like they’re acting out a story written by a famous author or anything.

        Because God forbid you’d call these people across. And God forbid any of these people who own companies were actors BEFORE they started this endeavor. . .

        • Did you really just compare acting in a major Hollywood Motion Picture to………….entertaining children on a Saturday afternoon in someone’s backyard?????

          I have a question for you: why did you skip your meds today?

        • You are totally crazy to think a film actor would say they were the same as someone who calls THEMSELVES and actor.

          You are the same as the guy who dresses up as Chuckee Cheese.

          You are the same as the people who go to conventions dressed as anime characters and video game people.

          You ARE NOT at ALL the same as a film actor OR a stage actor.

          Please get over yourself and your ridiculous job.

    • blockquote>Sir, You’ve just offended the entire world of actors.

      Lol! Get real, no actor of note has a clue who you people even are.

      I’d hate to be a cop who pulled you over for a traffic violation. Man, talk about the drama! “Do you know who I am? Seriously, like, if you had any clue you’d get back in your little patrol car and like, get out of here.”

  15. I’m assuming you do not have permission to use these images?

    You may find it funny but making posts like this about companies who work with children can be very detrimental, particularly if clients google the company and this comes up (which it most likely will as you were rude enough to not only share the name of the company but also link to their site)

  16. Now, while I must preface this with the fact that I have a warped sense of humor and found this funny, its really demeaning to the princess party business and not very polite. Princess Party company’s are a legitimate business and they are trying to bring joy to childrens lives that may not ever meet a princess or other costumed character at disneyworld. We spend lots of time rehearsing and practicing and building costumes to make the dream of meeting a princess a reality for a little girl. A lot of us also do charity work as well.

    If you weren’t such a dick, I’d get drunk with you as a costume character. Shit I’d even sing a song. But you made fun of my fellow princess performers and that makes you not cool.

    Next time if you want ariel to drink with you or host a triva night for adults, why not just inquire by email and not say nasty things on a blog. yesh.

  17. These kids really aren’t anything to make fun of. They’re branching out all over the country and even though through being hired for parties and events is how they make their money, it’s what you don’t see them do that makes them rock stars! They don’t keep the money .
    Most of the kids that are employed are of high school age and in drama or theatre of some kind and there is an audition process to get into these jobs. They are quite busy and it’s not just the parties. These kids frequently go to visit children in hospitals all over the South. The group here in GA is Princesses with a Purpose and these kids travel to hospitals housing sick kids locally, statewide, in Florida, and South Carolina. The money they earn goes to charities. This is a volunteer based group. We are very proud of these boys and girls!

          • You do realize that no one had even heard of this company prior to this article——right?

            Normally a company—-any company—–has to pay for this kind of publicity.

            • Ashley do you think that maybe—-just maybe—–you’re overreacting to this?

              Anytime a person enters the public eye they open themselves up to scrutiny. Did you really think that you were going to go into the entertainment business, appear in YouTube videos and never, ever here an unkind or unflattering remark made about you?

              Come now.

              You’ve lived quite the sheltered life if an article like this is getting you so worked up.

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