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Some nutty Facebook weatherman troll does not like Aaron Tuttle…

aaron tuttle

Over the past 24 hours, we’ve received lots of texts, tweets and emails regarding a strange spat between Aaron Tuttle and a Facebook weatherman troll from California. As a loyal service to our TLO readers, I thought we’d break it down for you.

The whole fiasco started when Tuttle took a break from over-dramatizing the local weather, doing push ups and eating whey protein to warn his followers about a website called “TheWeatherSpace.com.” Here’s a screenshot of one of the now deleted posts:

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 1.07.59 AM

Yep, Aaron Tuttle is warning his viewers about a nut job weatherman on Facebook. At first glance, that may seem a little hypocritical. It would be like me telling our Facebook fans to watch out for a guy who’s a little too obsessed with Emily Sutton. But in this case, there wasn’t any hypocrisy. It was all accuracy. Not too long after Aaron posted his status update, he was contacted by this guy:

kevin martin

That’s Kevin Martin. He’s a famed Internet troll, the owner of TheWeatherSpace.com, and one of the most popular Johnny Depp with AIDS impersonators in the world. After Aaron warned his followers to watch out for the “nut job,” Martin sent these personal messages to help confirm that he is, in fact, a nut job.

kevin martin aaron tuttle

kevin martin aaron tuttle FB

Yeah, notice that last one? Martin published an article claiming that Aaron Tuttle is a child molester. Here’s the article from The Weather Space:

Meteorologist Aaron Tuttle is formally the KOCO-TV Oklahoma Weatherman.  He has since left the industry, but there are interesting things to talk about.  Meteorologist Aaron Tuttle is questioned on being a child molester.

Meteorologist Aaron Tuttle follows other Facebook pages that are ran by inspiring beginning weathermen.  Children’s pages are what he enjoys following.  One such young forecaster got a message from Tuttle.  “I said he wanted me to come over and he’d show me more of his gadgets,” he said.   Tuttle is likely soliciting young boys to come over to his house for other reasons, or so we think.

Investigations are ongoing at this time on Meteorologist Aaron Tuttle.  Rumors are he left the station in pursue of his own business in teach children in his own house.  Be vary alert when around this person.

He allegedly posts these photos to everyone he meets, even young kids.  What kind of respected meteorologist posts photos like this?

On the topic of molesting, that’s exactly how my brain feels after reading that article. Hopefully Martin used his Johnny Depp Tonto voice when he typed that up, because I’ve seen more eloquent prose on KFOR’s Facebook Page.

In case you can’t tell, I’m taking the slanderous claims written by a weirdo who impersonates Johnny Depp about as seriously as I would a Facebook weather forecast from Aaron Tuttle. This is because A) The Weather Space guy is a classic internet troll with an extensive rap sheet, and B) he tried to pull a similar stunt on a science website called Rational Wiki. In response to a very detailed and thorough article on the site that discredits and exposes him, Martin sent this to the Rational Wiki admins:

If this is not taken care of we will put an article out with libelous stuff on it about your company, including hosting child p-rn-gr-phy. We are connected to Google News at TheWeatherSpace.com and we will most certainly make your site a living nightmare for not listening to us.

You are to REMOVE what we tell you, and I am the CEO of the company and I have that power to publish a libelous article about your site. We will accuse all staff members of child p-rn-gr-phy and it will go on the top search engine searches for your site. We will further encourage all to not associate and/or donate to your site.

Do you really want to start a war with me, son?

Kevin Martin TheWeatherSpace.com CEO

Martin eventually went through with his threat and published a piece that was similar to the one about Aaron Tuttle. Know what that means? Expect an article in a few days on Weather Space that I, Ryan Tate, the founder and publisher of The Lost Ogle, once freebased cocaine with a male prostitute. Or will that be in The Oklahoman? Who knows and who cares. I guess that’s what I get for defending Aaron Tuttle.

Anyway, realizing that a fight with a professional troll isn’t worth the trouble, Aaron removed all the posts and references to The Weather Space from his Facebook Wall. In a tweet he sent to us yesterday, he also mentioned he is pursuing legal action:


Anyway, good luck to Aaron in his lawsuit. Hopefully this thing passes and he can get back to denying global warming and scaring people on Facebook. Writing about that stuff is much more fun than defending him on bogus child molester allegations.


  1. I watched this whole thing unfold.. out of morbid curiosity. It was insane. I hate to defend Aaron.. but.. this guy, at one point, was stating that Aaron is bullying him because he’s autistic. He continuously posted pictures of Johnny Depp on his comments (so weird) and started randomly threatening other commenters on the page.

    Now, out of morbid curiosity, I want to see how everything unfolds with him pursuing legal action.

  2. I don’t know…. This guy might be kind of fun to have broadcasting the weather at 5, 6, & 10.

    I can just see it now….

    Tomorrow’s high will be in the mid 80’s and that weatherman over at doesn’t keep those goats in his backyard just as pets.

  3. This is almost as dopey as Sally Kern wanting to allow kids to take toy guns to school (see channel 4’s website). Geez.

  4. I sure wish that douchebag Martin would quit imitating my style. Check out my new flick Edward Scissorhands 2, coming to a theater near you.

  5. Looks like Tuttle started the whole thing. Don’t bite off more then you can chew I say. I’m sure Joe Cooper loves their wonder boy who replaced Kevin Foreman (also a fake meteorologist at one time) locked up in internet drama fights. Way to go WeatherSpace.com I’m ready for chapter 2.

  6. Telling someone you are going to post something libelous about them, and then going ahead and doing it is pretty much the definition of actual malice. This guy may not have much money to justify a lawsuit against him, but I can’t believe the Rational Wiki folks didn’t do it anyway.

  7. Kevin Martin did the same thing to me back in November. The wheels of justice turn slowly but they do turn and I will have justice one day.

  8. Funny that Tuttle is cozying up to TLO….. the best part is I know FOR A FACT he sought legal advise on suing TLO over a previous post directed at him.

  9. Reading that Kevin Martin article makes me only think of one thing, “All your base are belong to us.”

  10. AT also tried to have another Oklahoma weather page owner investigated because they called him out on some of his over the top HYPE-cast. This guy can dish it out then has an attorney on speed dial when he gets the repercussions. Way to go Joe Cooper you have a real winner this time around.

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